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Ll ' H

high school musical 3.....omg wasss FAB =)

10/29/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • who u wona b?

    Mah lover = Mr robling...:]
    Mah Mummy =charl:D
    Mah Daddy =
    Mah Daughter =
    Mah Son =
    Mah Big Sista =rosie
    Mah Lil Sista =meggie!!
    Mah Big Bruva =
    Mah Lil Bruva =Benny
    Mah Bestest gurly fwend = kath:D
    Mah Bestest guy fwend =
    Mah wife=
    Mah twin= chelsie..=]
    Mah Guardian Angel = catrin
    Mah Babeh gurl =rhi e!!
    Mah Idol =
    Mah Babe =emileeeeeeeeeeee:D
    Mah Hoe = laura
    Mah funny cunt beens=kyleeeee
    Mah Barbie =
    Mah Gangstas = Andieeee
    Mah Baybee G =
    Mah Sxc Gurl = katie**kev
    Mah Sxc Boy = brett baby
    Mah Secret Admirer =
    Mah Bad boy =
    Mah Bad Bitch =
    Mah Slave = Lew:P
    Mah Babies God parents =Jody...=]
    Mah Pet = chloeeee
    Mah Emo/Goth =griffy.....=]
    Mah Aunt =
    Mah Uncle =
    Mah Manager =
    Mah PA =
    Mah Dirty Dancer = Carla:D
    Mah Bit On The Side = parfy...
    Mah Hardcore Gangsta = lauz!!!:D
    Mah Partner In Crime = jadeeeeee
    Mah Bitch/Girlfriend/Babeh =
    Mah LiL Shadow =
    Mah Funny Cunt =¢ℓαяєу Fαιяу
    Mah Drinkin Buddy=rhi
    Mah dancing buddy = rhi y!!:D

    23 Comments 347 weeks

  • .>+*what dose ur name mean?*+>.

    A- Damn good in bed.
    B-You are always fun when it comes to meeting new people.
    C- Your wild and crazy =thats me !!!!!! lol
    D-You have trouble trusting people.
    E-You're loyal to those you love.
    F-People totally adore you
    G-Love is something you deeply believe in.
    H-You have very good personality and looks.
    I-You have a nice ass ;-)
    J-Everyone loves you.
    K- You like to try new things
    L-You have big boobs.
    M-success comes easily to you.
    N-Have a big warm heart.
    O-You love foreplay
    P-You are popular with all types of people.
    Q-You are a hypocrite.
    R-You are very hot and sexy!
    S-People think you are so sexy
    T-You are the best in bed.
    U-You are really chill.
    V-You are not judgemental.
    W-You are very broad minded.
    X- You never let ppl tell u wat to do
    Y-One of the hardest gangsters alive
    Z-You're Super cool.

    L---->You have big boobs.
    L---->You have big boobs.
    I---->You have a nice ass ;-)
    N---->Have a big warm heart
    O---->You love foreplay
    S---->People think you are so sexy

    10 Comments 364 weeks

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  • Chloee X
    Chloee X

    good nite larz nite wern ir lol :P x i was soo tired tho i gor home n slept till alf 3 :D x

  • RhiannonKathryn

    have a llun cause we're mint!! Caru ti!! xxxxxxxxx

  • Jarred H

    hiah long yime no c hope everything is gd wb xxxx

  • Zowiee
    luv Zowiee

    Sharing The Lovee (: Thanks For Your Hospitality At 2am :L :L Lovee Youu xxx

  • Kathii
    luv Kathii

    Right back at ya! xxxx lyyyyyyy

  • luv Jack Hodson

    nahh i went to scotts lol alrite then butty? xx

  • Kirsty
    luv Kirsty

    Hey (: Havent been askeeed haha! Im going up Charls for a fancy dress party though :D What you doingggg? (: Hows the holidaysss been? Indiiiiii (: xxxx

  • O 'H
    luv O 'H


  • Jordan Parfitt
    Jordan Parfitt

    Hahaha everyone's said that! Good ole' geek ai! I hate school! Not doing nothing much mun to be honest!:L I'm good thanks:D How's you and Lewis? xx

  • Rhiannon

    Thank You Looooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee =) xx

  • Rhiannon

    I won my trampolining competiton:D and qualified!! LY xxxx

  • COnnah

    hey u ok?? been up to much l8ly?? wb

  • Jordan Parfitt
    Jordan Parfitt

    Llinooooooos! Alright buddy! Ain't spoke to you in yonks! How's things? You doing much these days? xx

  • Megan Seren
    luv Megan Seren

    cheeky git! x haha love you xxxxxx

  • Kirsty
    luv Kirsty

    Well we've been asked up Ryahs! We can go if u want :P lol! Like get ready first and then have a drink up Ryahs maybe! :P Yeh asked Ol, hes so laid back about everything his answer is yehh whatever lol! typical Ol! :P Love you xxxx