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  • Female, Luv 95
  • from at gigs ;)
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: October 2006
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  • www.bebo.com/s2jelzs2
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About Me

Im awesome ! =) ♥
Me, Myself, and I
»___.Shout iT!.___«
My HaiiR
»___.lo0ks ThrUU.___«
My EyeS
»___.Fell FrOm heavEn.___«
HaLf FilO HaLf CrOatiiaN
»___.Stayys Att.___«
hOme! lol

I am awesome.
I use myspace more than bebo.
I have a lip piercing :) ..finally.
I'm friendly .. i dont bite.
I love you .
♥♥SLIPKNOT♥♥ ;; ♥♥ZYGOTIC♥♥ ;; ♥♥GUNS FOR GLORY♥♥ ;; ♥♥AVENGED SEVENFOLD♥♥ ;; ♥♥BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE♥♥ Above All Else, AFI, Aiden, As I Lay Dying, Atreyu, Behind Crimson Eyes, Blink 182, Bloodhound Gang, Bowling For Soup, BMTH, CKY, Closure In Moscow, Coheed And Cambria, Cobra Starship, Coheed And Cambria, Disturbed, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Escape The Fate, Every Time I Die, From Autumn To Ashes, Funeral For A Friend, TGP, Goodnight Nurse, Hawthorne Heights, The Hot Lies, I Am Ghost, Killswitch Engage, Kisschasy, Linkin Park, The Living End, Machine Head, Madina Lake, Mayday Parade, Metro Station, MSI, Mudvayne, Murderdolls, Mushroom Head, MCR, NFG, Ozzy Osbourne, PATD, Paramore, Parkway Drive, Pierce The veil, Pink, RJA, Senses Fail, Short Stack, Sick Puppies, Silverstein, SP, Stone Sour, Sum41, Take The Crown, TSE, TBS, Tenacious D, Thursday, Underoath, The Used, We The Kings, Wednesday 13, 30 STM, 36 Crazyfists, +44
MSN:s2_jelz_s2@hotmail.com Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/xxjelliixx
.:I LoVe My:.
Friends [♥] Family [♥] Pets [♥] Lip Piercing [♥] Food [♥] My ELECTRIC guitar Pandora [♥] Music [♥] Bed [♥] Guitar hero [♥]
I absolutely LOVE !!
Mix's 6x6cm box=)
LALA. We're eating SHAPES x] This chicken puffs-Flavour you can see. I<3JELAaka.JELLY. Jelly fish. WE're gay together.HOMOtotheMAX=D WE had our fun times. Now its ovah. Our relationship has deepened so much that ... we're eating chicken puffs together. OH JOLLY DAY!! x) ROFL. Grr. im gnna rape you =P

Someone pass me the fucken condom=) THANKYOU. *Applies on BANANA.*eats banana. EW?
SEEYUHDENIZ. Mullet is a normal hair[gets lectured] FINEFINE. They're different.
My Chemical Romance - 30th November 2007 ;; Bullet For My Valentine - 7th May 2008 ;; KissChasey - 24th may 2007 ;; The Getaway Plan Free Show - 7th June 2008 ;; The Getaway Plan with GNN and CIM - 12th July 2008 ;; Shimmy A Go Go music Video Filming - 16th August 2008 ;; ♥SLIPKNOT♥ // Machine Head - 26th October 2008 ;; GUNS FOR GLORY// Behind Crimson Eyes - 15th November 2008 ;; ♥BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE♥ - 21st January 2009 ;; ♥SOUNDWAVE♥ - 22nd February ;; GFG Music Video Filming - 28th February & 1st March

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  • jela

    jela yeh i meant draw me a whiteboard not brick:) bricks are gay:) i dunno why pplz draw on it but thanx awwwww man i frogt the answer to ur quiz on how old ur brother is :) lol anywayz u dun hav a brick and um can u do a whitebaord plz:) i always think of u wen i think of kingsgrove..man im wie...

    Katsy 0 Replies
  • dreams?

    why buy you a real can and packet when i can draw em?

    -==-Pyros Shadow-==- 0 Replies

close 69 things About Me

69 Things About Me

Height: *shrugs* i Don't Know .. =/
Weight: Like 50?
Birthday: 3rd June :D
Town you were born in: BlackTOWN :)
Single or Committed: Single.
Favorite band: Too many !
Favorite sports team: ewww. *_*
Favorite drink: atm... Moutain Dew :D
Favorite getaway: Music <3
Favorite pasttime: Music xD
Favorite reality show: uhhmm..?
Best thing to ever happen to you: Got a piercing lol. there are soo many moments =)
Favorite clothes: Skinnies and Band Tees !
Your hair color : Blonde and Browny-red
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
Do you kiss on the first date: Iunno. depends..
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate :D
Favorite restaurant: Ricozza ;D
Favorite movies: Alice In wonderland atm :D
Love or money: Love <3
Blondes or Brunettes: any.. im not fussy xD but brunettes are cooler :D bahaha
Your ambition: Get a job in event management // go to London with maggie !
Ever bungee jumped: Nooo..
Ever swam in the ocean: Yes :D
Ever been in love: mm.. no not love..
Ever broken someones heart: i dunno.
Had your heart broken: sort of-ish
Broke a bone: yes >.<
Favorite TV show character: Homer Simpson xD
Cats or Dogs: Cats <3
Pizza or Burger: Pizza ! BBQ meatlovers w/ stuffed crusts
Your first crush: too long ago to remember x)
Ever lied to your parents: who hasn't?
Worst fear: Spiders ! :(
Your weakness: cute guys >.<
Any tattoos: i wish :(
Favorite subject in school: meh ..skool sucks..
Kisses or hugs: Both :D lol.. well depends on who its from
Done anything you regret: i dont regret things i learn from them.
Passive or aggressive: Passive unless its gone too far.
Morning or Evening: Evening. i hate morings..
Summer or Winter: Winter.
Ever won a sports medal: yes :/
Ever been out of your country: mmhmm :D
Your dream vacation: LONDON !
Best gift you have received: theres a lot :D
Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp
Favorite Actress: i dunno =/
Best compliment someone gave you: *shrugs*
Do you hate anyone: no... i dunno.
Hip-hop or Rock: ROCK ftw !
Favorite perfume: whatever smells nice lolol
Ever been fined by a traffic cop: can't drive xD
Country you: England
Ever been to a drive-in-movie: no .. i want to though
Ever lied to teachers in school: bahaha yes :)
Craziest thing you: jumped into a frozen fountain ... FAIL
Your craziest dream in life: too many.
Ever dyed your hair: too many times to count xD
City you live in: sydney
Favorite day of the week: Fridayy :)
Favorite childhood memory: too many yet again xD
Do you swear a lot: Fuck no..
Ever puked at a party: yes =/ .. i should slow down on the drinking aye.
Ever danced all night long: no... i cant dance.. let alone all night xD
Have a crush on anyone: ;) maybeee.
Your best buddy these days: theres a few and they know who they are <3
Are you a health freak: No.
Vehicle you drive: My invisible lambourghini gallardo :D lols.

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Which Twilight Guy is Your Perfect Match?

Jasper Hale

Your Perfect Match is Jasper! He is a bit shy, but once you break his shell he is warm and caring. "You held out your hand, and I took it without stopping to make sense of what I was doing. For the first time in almost a century, I felt hope." ? Jasper

close Are u an emo,goth,punk,ned or a mosher

Are u an emo,goth,punk,ned or a mosher


u like 2 get down an dirty in the pit u like 2 head bang listen 2 metal music

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  • BelindaMarie
    luv BelindaMarie

    jelaaaaaa! haii :) i re discovered that i have a bebo lol, how are you? muchlove x

  • MadLove.

    Jellieeee checkkk yur facebook ! LOOOL ! hanggouttt and parrtyyy soon love ! missyouuuuu ! its been soo longgg lovee. give me a call wen ever yu can. if i dnt pick up just keep tryinggg hahaha cos like i cant hear my fone sometimes its on silent =| loveyouuuu babycakes .xoxoxo

  • Beautiful Misery
    luv Beautiful Misery

    Hey Not much, what about you? xXGinaXx

  • luv Katsy

    hayyy:) :) damn holz are ova:) :) hav u seeen any movies lately??? h hey on myspace i cant add a myspace layout for sum reason wierd inst it ..? xx

  • luv Katsy

    hey hows ur easter any luv :)

  • luv Katsy

    jelaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! a red heart

  • luv Katsy

    hey anymore:)

  • luv Katsy

    hhay jela hows it going? i get a luv bak:)

  • luv Katsy

    hav fun tomoz:) ( my msn keeps signing out) u hav more luv:)

  • -==-Pyros Shadow-==-
    luv -==-Pyros Shadow-==-

    Yeah im alright, FINALLY 17! Cant wait till I get my P License :P

  • luv Katsy

    hey heres a love for u:) will u send it bak

  • Beautiful Misery
    Beautiful Misery

    Hey How are you? xXGinaXx

  • -==-Pyros Shadow-==-
    -==-Pyros Shadow-==-

    Hey, hows it going? Cya