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Marky Mark

i am the definition of cold steel, solid, sturdy... PRD

7/23/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Ngaruawahia
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Ko Tainui te waka
Ko Pirongia, ko Taupiri ngaa maunga
Ko Waipaa, ko Waikato ngaa awa
Ko Waikato te iwi
Ko Ngaati Maahanga, ko Ngaati Hape ngaa hapuu
Ko Te Papa o Rotu, ko Te Awa Maarahi ngaa marae
Te tini i Kawhia, te mano i Waikato
Waikato horo pounamu

Ka ngaue Pirongia, ka ngaue Karioi, ka ngaue te papa o Rotu, ka hinga ngaa kahikatea e tuu ki Omaero me ngaa kaakaho i Te Kaharoa... aue taukiri e!

E tooku poutokomanawa, e tooku tokatu moana. Kei runga kei raro kei roto kei waho kua whakatinanatia katoatia e koe te toki whakahirahira, ko te ukaipoo, ko te whaea.

Ka whakakaakahutia koe e te korowai aroha o too pare kawakawa. Aana, e kore rawa te puna roimata nei e mimiti. Me kore ake ki te tangi o te tai, ka haruru tonu, ka ngunguru tonu! I a ha ha!
Dance With My Mother Vince...
Words will never express what Im feeling, your influence is too abundant to describe... but you and Mum had something very special, higher than the starry skies above, so how prophetic is it that you are together again so soon... I love you with all my heart my brother and I miss you so much already... I never knew you as a dancer but I bet your dancing the night away with our mother now.... I love you Vince...
The One & Only...
... there can only be one poor righteous dude, a guiding light for us all... from our great grandchildren to my grand mother, you will be forever reveered...
PRD... its not the material things that you leave us... its the inspiration and will power to always keep our headz up high... to always evolve... you would never expect any less ...
The X-Factors...
... my mum and my brother vince... rocks in the never-ending surf... provided for a solidarity that even the never-ending crashing tides couldnt break...
Happiest When...
... my mum, my brother were still with us... together they taught us to always go forward, to be strong and we shall... But life will never be the same...
Poor Righteous Dude Says...
... grasp each day for new experiences.... i stand amid the roar of a surf- tormented shore, And I hold within my hand Grains of the golden sand... (and guides us still...)
Farewell My Sun Sun...
... tha bestest mate, a bundle of joy, hapiness and innocence.... his love was constant and unconditional... provided for friendship 24/7, no matter what... miss u ma boi... say hullo to nana & uncle... farewell and love always my sun sun...

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  • .TroyWade.

    hello uncle mark :) where do you fullah live noww? its the holidayss so no school for agess ayee i wanna come up n stay with you fullahs for a littlee becozz its boring down here haha oh how did you think i played in the maoris game? when you watchedd haha i thought i playedd dumb as! i won best back btww for queensland :) :) good aye haha miss you uncle n love you sayy hello to auntyy pamm for me aswell xxoo

  • Sonny Waemate Rangiawha
    luv Sonny Waemate Rangiawha


  • Sonny Waemate Rangiawha
    luv Sonny Waemate Rangiawha


  • Tracey Wade
    luv Tracey Wade

    Kia ora Mark & Pam. Congrats, heard your working. Hope you both enjoying it in Gold Coast with all the whanau. Happy Birthday for the other day. Arohanui, bye for now. Take care

  • Sonny Waemate Rangiawha
    Sonny Waemate Rangiawha

    chur my bro long time bratha. thers so much i would luv 2 yarn about wif you ae. i feel a little bit home sick but ive established a good position at my mahi and i cant let all my hard work go to waste i had plans to come bak but they fell thru much to my dismay.but that korero is best left in person ae. luv you ma bro will allways and forever be my most loyal and unconditional freind JUNKIES 4 LIFE! the lyrcs still flow like liquid. hot enuf 2 melt a million hearts. still i miss fairfeild and spittin lyrics after dark. NGA all day will hold a place in my heart. Grafic illa , Marky Mark , Richie Rich n brutha Vince. man i miss you! life has changed but we will alwayz REMINICE! PEACE G I LOVE YOU BO

  • Mali - Julz
    luv Mali - Julz

    U got mail up top!! Sharing some much hearty luv cuzz!!! Uncle!! :L

  • luv Richye Rich

    Kiaora bro, Chur 4 da code dvds, we r good, how r uz? Watched dem all once it came in tha mail, Tke care, peace out...

  • luv Nikolah

    Hi unkle mark. Sharn sum love with yah & untee pam. C yah

    3/3/09 via Mobile
  • luv Joyleen

    Hey Marky Good to hear from you..!Pams been filling me in on your guys trip ova..Choice one, hope yous have time to come up these ways & stay, heapsa room. We all good..Slowly finding our feet...Tad homesick tho..We might be coming back for xmas tis year.. gotta see how the funds go lol! I see you stole my water pic thing ow! :L Nah sweet az..I stole it off someone else anyway haha.. We'll talk wit yous soon aye! Give our love to Pam! Take care to yous & Much luffs, J. X

  • Pam Te Wara
    luv Pam Te Wara

    Hey my babe, Miss you heaps, hope you having a good time in Welly... Well will see you in a few days, man its hot here... i'm sweating sitting at the computer... love ya..

  • Lyndal Taurere
    Lyndal Taurere

    Hey Cuzzy, Just checking out your bebo and saw your photo of the boyz with the World Cup...awesome!! Not a peep been said about the World Cup over here (sore losers)lol Anyways Xmas comin up again and I guess you guys will be getting together to reflect on whats happened over the year...happy and maybe not so happy. We'll be thinking bout you at that time too. Take care Your cuzzy

  • .TroyWade.
    luv .TroyWade.

    hello uncle wat u up 2 2day im playing golf probz im on the internet on my PS3 newayz uncle byebye


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    State of Origin Champions again... for the 3rd consecutive year the State of Origin sheild stays north of the border.

    "These guys win 3 years in a row, how gud is that! These guys deserve all the accolades they get..." Mal Meninga

    Too true there Mal... go you good things!


    0 Comments 264 weeks

  • Yngwie Malmsteen

    Yngwie (pronounced "ING-vay") Malmsteen was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1963. When seven-year-old Yngwie saw a television special on the death of Jimi Hendrix he became obsessed with learning to play the music of both Hendrix and favorites Deep Purple.

    Eventually, he became arguably the most technically accomplished hard rock guitarist of all time. Combining a dazzling technique honed over years of obsessive practice with a love for such classical composers as Bach, Beethoven, and Paganini, Malmsteen's distinctively baroque, gothic compositional style and lightning-fast arpeggiated solos rewrote the book on heavy metal guitar.

    His largely instrumental debut albums immediately upped the ante for aspiring hard rock guitarists and provided the major catalyst for the '80s guitar phenomenon known as "shredding'.

    Such is Malmsteems legend he patented his own unique style of guitar playing, "Neo-Classical".

    0 Comments 318 weeks

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  • Jingle Bells
    Jingle Bells

    Merry Xmas cuzzy!! This 4 u!!

    Mali - Julz 1 Reply


    Happy Birthday my baby, hope u have a good one.
    Love you,

    Pam Te Wara 0 Replies

    Hey Unks, Well as you can see this looks like a 2 year old did it haha!!! but coudn't make it much better with the mouse haha. Yeah bebo is cool I love catching up with all ma girls & you guys on here...it's abit addictive too! so WATCH OUT!!! haha..Well hope alls well with the whanau, missing ...

    Miss Whitz 1 Reply