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Gavin B

formula vee all the way!.

11/15/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 73
  • from Clonsilla,Dublin.
  • I am Down for Whatever
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Racing is life. Anything else inbetween is just waiting.
Me, Myself, and I
Every day is race day!
The Lord said:
If you deny me in front of your friends, I will deny you in front of my father
alri. wtc my name is gav and i do motor racing. love the sport incase u didnt already notice:p
apart from motor racing i dont have many other hobbies. i love going out with the lads and partying but also love a quiet night in with a few close m8s.I like playin da ft ball wit da lads but i dont realy follow a team if i had 2 chose it would b man-u. i love goin 2 wexford and chilaxin with a few beers. leav a comment if u wana x
Driver Profile:
Racer Name: Gavin Barr
D.O.B: 27-10-90
Hair: black
Eyes: Brown
Height: bout 6ft
Home Track: Mondello
Class: Formula Vee
Car: Leastone
Racing numbr: 13
Helmet: Sparco
Tracks I Race At: Mondello, kirkstown
How I met my car. xxx
i went down to a team garage to find out what the basic budget was for fomula vee. i was shown a car. The car was sitting in a lonly corner, it had no engine it, it had hardly any body work on, but as soon as i seen it I know it was love at first sight. i felt so at home when i sat in her. She was so airodinamic and sxc to the eye. i was told it was 5 grand as it was. I had to have it. i felt so sad leaving it there i all alone in the corner, but i know she was the one for me. When me and my dad got home we know we were going into the formula vee, but we needid my sponcer 2 help us on our way. fortunatly he was up 4 it. and i put a deposit on my car. thats how i meet my love, my car, my everything. now she is all done up and ready 2 race.
every day is race day!!
my favorite sport is car racing. i race formula vees my self and i like michael shumacher and nigel mansell. i race in Mondello park and up the north in kirkinstown. i also like a bit o ft ball 2. love wtchin F1, A1, Nascar , Indy car, Le mans, anythin realy with 4 wheels and an ngine will do tbh.
Scared Of
crashing my formula vee and paying for the damage, how im going to die and general things realy.
Happiest When

Racing my formula vee, watchin racing on tv, E.G: F1, A1, Nascar, Indycar, LE MANS, WTCC, BTCC, Any type of track racing tbh, flaking with my mates, drinkin and of course sleeping:P :P
racer.34@hotmail.com ad me if u wanna
my favorite music is rock, dance, celtic, oldies, country, anythin under the sun realy i like the best of all types of music.

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  • f1 drinking game woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - One drink if the commentators disregard race position to praise a British driver.
    - One drink everytime James Allen blows Lewis Hamilton
    - One drink when Martin Brundle talks about "The good old days"
    - One drink if Coulthard blames his car for a bad race. If this is your driver, take two drinks.
    - One drink for an all Ferrari or all Mclaren front row
    - One drink for an all Force India or Super Aguri back row
    - One drink for each Force India, Toro Rosso and Super Aguri in the top 10. If one of these cars is yours, you take two drinks.
    - One drink each time one of you cars goes off track, spins or retires. Lost positions are ignored. If your driver was in a points paying position, drink double. If you driver was in a podium position, consume vessel.
    - One drink if the safety car comes out and one drink for every lap it completes after its deployment. Eg 4 laps behind the safety car=1 drink for deployment and 4 drinks for laps completed=5 drinks.
    - One drink each time the annoying Bridgestone or Firestone ad comes on.
    - One drink for each time one of your drivers is overtaken on the circuit.
    - One drink for every position Jarno Trulli drops from his grid slot. If he's your driver, you drink double!
    - Consume vessel if your driver receive a penalty of any sort
    - Consume vessel if your driver stalls on the grid
    - Consume vessel if your driver is involved in an incident and does not come out better off. Eg a collision and your car retires, and the other car does not.
    - Consume vessel if your driver rolls, and for every roll after that a drink is added. Eg if your car did a triple barrel roll, that is a total of 1 vessel and 3 drinks!
    - Consume two vessels if your driver receives a black flag
    - Vessel per wheel. If your driver is involved in a crash, the amount of wheels that come off his car is the amount of vessels you consume. Detached suspension does count as one wheel.

    To decide which cars people get, draw names out of a hat. Eg 5 people would draw out 4 names each and as there are 22 cars the two left over are for everyone. These are the "wild cars" and you must drink double if they commit a drinkable offence. OPTIONAL RULE: One driver will be chosen as the Wild Card driver. Whoever receives this driver, will drink double for every drinkable offence they commit.

    0 Comments 274 weeks

  • hah stoned lol.

    Twas the night before christmas
    and all through the town,
    no cops were cruising,
    no narks were around.

    As we all rolled our joints
    to be put in our sacks,
    we knew that soon
    we'd be stoned to the max.

    We drank Jack Daniel's
    And smoked some weed,
    a hit of a bong
    and man I was gone.

    We were all up that midnight
    all of the day, when
    there was a knock at the door
    that gave us away.

    There stood a man
    wearing a smile,
    so we invited him in
    to party a while.

    What to our red,
    glassy eyes should appear,
    two bags of munch
    and a case of beer.

    So we sat down
    and he started to roll,
    filled up a glass
    and lit up a bowl.

    We ask the man
    what was his name,
    he said Santa claus
    and drugs is my fame.

    So as the man
    strutted out of sight,
    he said mari-ju-ana to all
    and to all a good night

    0 Comments 291 weeks

  • hahhahhah

    10. Question: If a blonde and a brunette fell off a building, who would hit the ground first?
    Answer: The brunette - the blonde would have to stop for directions!

    9 The assistant asked the blonde if she would like her pizza cut into six pieces or twelve.

    "Six please" she said, "I could never eat twelve!"

    8 A blonde was walking down the road with a healthy looking pig under her arm. As she passed the bus stop, someone asked,

    "Where did you get that?"

    The pig replied,

    "I won her in a raffle!"

    7 A person went into the office kitchen one morning and found a new blonde girl painting the walls. She was wearing a new fur coat and a nice denim jacket.

    Thinking this was a little strange, he asked her why she was wearing them rather than old clothes or an overall.

    She showed him the instructions on the tin,

    "For best results, put on two coats".

    6 Two blondes were in a parking lot trying to unlock the door of their car with a coat hanger.

    First Blonde:

    "I can't seem to get this door unlocked!"

    Second Blonde:

    "Well you better hurry up. It's starting to rain and the top is down!"

    5 Three blondes were walking through a field when they came across a set of tracks.

    The first blonde looked down at the tracks and said,

    "I think they could be bird tracks."

    The second blonde went to look and said,

    "No, I think these are deer tracks."

    They stepped aside and the third blonde went over to the tracks. She looked down, then got run over by the train!

    4 A blonde asked someone what time it was, and they told her it was 4:45. The blonde, with a puzzled look on her face replied,

    "You know, it's the weirdest thing, I have been asking that question all day, and each time I get a different answer."

    3 A blonde was driving down the road listening to the radio and was quite upset when she heard blonde joke after blonde joke. A little way down the road, she saw another blonde out in a field rowing a boat. The blonde stopped her car and angrily jumped out yelling,

    "You know, it's the weirdest thing, I have been asking that question all day, and each time I get a different answer."

    2 A blonde and a redhead went to the bar after work for a drink, and sat on stools watching the 6 O'clock news. A man was shown threatening to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge, and the blonde bet the redhead $50 that he wouldn't jump.

    Sure enough, he jumped, so the blonde gave the redhead $50. The redhead said,

    "I can't take this, you're my friend."

    But the blonde insisted saying,

    "No. A bet's a bet."

    Then the redhead said

    "Listen, I have to tell you that I saw this on the 5 O'clock news, so I can't take your money."

    The blonde replied

    "Well, so did I, but I didn't think he would jump again!"

    1 A dumb blonde was really tired of being made fun of, so she decided to have her hair she would look like a brunette.

    When she had brown hair, she decided to take a drive in the country.

    After she had been driving for a while, she saw a farmer and a flock of sheep and thought,

    Oh! Those sheep are so adorable!"

    She got out and walked over to the farmer and said,

    "If I can guess how many sheep you have, can I take one home?"

    The farmer, being a bit of a gambler himself, said she could have a try.

    The blonde looked at the flock and guessed, "157."

    The farmer was amazed - she was right! So the blonde, (who looked like a brunette), picked one out and got back into her car.

    Before she left, farmer walked up to her and said.

    If I can guess the real color of your hair, can I have my dog back?"

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    awh well then ur not coming with us! jeff and all get to go i think... just sneak along.. im sure they wouldnt notice!:L

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    What course are you doing again? film with jeff is it? cos graphic design and film get the choice i think..

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    yep i love it :B are you coming to edinburgh with us in december? x

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    oh rite i see...so hows stuffs xx

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    ah jus cleanin d gaf nd all....parents are home 2day :( hw was ur party d othr ni? xx

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    alri bud. me no. is 0863748971. txt us yurs later on man. my test yesterday went well. i kept it on de black stuff so dats de main ting!!!! il b der bout 11:30 2moro. wat tim u hopin 2 get der at?? ye my summer goin gud tanks. i cudnt get a job enywer unfortunately but u cnt beat de partyin tho:P do u go into town partyin much m8??? xx

  • Mark Daniel Comerford
    Mark Daniel Comerford

    was jus ou las ni as usual

  • Mark Daniel Comerford
    Mark Daniel Comerford

    yup grand nt a bother wa bou urself? n e plans the weekend?