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Dean Stewart

donegal rally will be wise:D

1/26/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 379
  • from Limavady
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 9,839
  • Member since: October 2006
  • Last active: 10/9/12
  • www.bebo.com/1234deans
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About Me

deanstewart229@hotmail.com...  ....... if in doubt give dean a shout ;)
Me, Myself, and I

js another young boy loven
-headin out
-reackin stuff
-janspeed wakinin me every moring at half 7
-donkeys corner/fit to diff/windmills
-music (dont know y)
-school (love da fuckin about)
- EOJ on da limiter (hittin 8000rpm)
-jesus handel (ye need it most times when da G-force is hittin ye)

a full of petrol = £ 37

a set o nangkans tires = £48

a set o superlight wheels = £150

going back to jb tires the very next day asking for another set o tires and the workers smiling at u with a very big cheesy grin

kids in back seats dont cause accidents....
accidents in back seats cause kids.
The Other Half Of Me


some pup:D

comedy* or watever. dukes of hazzards, hangover and happy gilmore
footy, rugby, egging cars, steelin signs and diffen:D
Scared Of
wee sis shes a demon.
Happiest When
eggin cars, farming, diffen:D and js arsin about:D
twincam, AE86, or coupe call it watever u want, u plob hate da sight o dem (js wemon) but once ye start blowing wheels in da middle o no whereand havin to figure out how ur going to get home and comin home with peaces o rubber stuck to ur face with da smell o rubber stayin with ye for a week and ur ma askin funny guestions while coming home from anywhere and leavin every T-junction on way back black and learnig how to change wheels like ad men in da F1 pit stops, its pretty class crack and it makes u more noticable in da community espically wiht the police its da passion aswell:D
msn abby

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  • You Know Your A Farmer When....

    You Know Your A Farmer When....
    Getting up at 7am is a lie-in

    You've run over your own cat in a tractor

    When someone says they live on an estate you think of fields and woods rather than a barratts development

    You tut at people in tesco buying danish bacon and french bread

    You don't sit down to a single hot meal in august

    You fall asleep with-in 3 minutes of sitting down in front of the t.v

    Your sun tan ends just above the elbow in the summer

    You've had a live lamb in your aga

    You get more letters from DEFRA than you do from friends and family

    You only take the kids to the seaside when it rains

    You can't drive along a road anywhere in britain without studying everyone else's crop's and livestock

    There is small heaps of grain outside the back door of the house every summer

    Drilling does not mean putting holes through interior walls

    Dress sense means cutting down on nitrogen applications

    Your 4x4 acctually goes off road

    You get frustrated by people calling straw "hay"

    Your ideal holiday is to visit other peoples farms

    Your hands look like they are made with the same material as your boots

    Your bag on your hoover is full of grain from july to september

    The faint (but agreeable) smell of disel never leaves you

    You most valued possession is your pen knife

    A lamb follows the children into the kitchen and no one thinks its unusal

    You confidently walk arround the supermarket in wellies

    Your lawn include hundreds of cattle hoof prints

    You open a bale and discover an old mobile phone (or wallet)

    Your alarm clock is set to farming today, even though you hate it now

    You've got the RPA's number on speed dail in your phone

    When you listen to radio 4's the archers and think how hoppy all the characters are

    A good holiday is a week in the west coast in november

    Track and field has nothing to do with athletics

    You drive your new telehandler repeatedly past your neighbour's yard until someone appears

    You feel naked without baler twine in your pocket

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  • Charmaine Irwin
    Charmaine Irwin

    I just snagged $780 in 4 days at home on the computer! Made it with - http://x.co/KTIW Your going to be so happy!

  • Becksy

    get a topup on yer fone :P xxx

  • Becksy

    thanks for the add! lol :P xxx

  • Maxwell

    Whats the crack jack o_O :)) ? x

  • Kippy McFarland
    Kippy McFarland

    addys gona get fongered by a paedophile at the rate hes goin :L :L

  • Claire McLenaghan
    luv Claire McLenaghan

    hey :D well did u like the wee pics that we drew u :L we just couldn't resist not to do it :) :o lol xxx

  • Jordan Holmes
    luv Jordan Holmes

    ahah spot the pervert, refering to two weins as 'sex' \/ lol

  • Adam McFarland
    luv Adam McFarland

    sex is not the word

  • Laurenn
    luv Laurenn

    Nicee, ;) ayee nothing unusual :L jus random crap :L hows life? x

  • Hannah Montgomery
    Hannah Montgomery

    nd wat mite this funny thing be :L ?

  • Chelsie.
    luv Chelsie.

    nt me:D lol wan bk xx

  • Jordan Holmes
    luv Jordan Holmes

    lol your doin me proud dean ;) here, i had to give up smarties fer some wee skank of ures lol u owe me

  • Mark

    Yes boi how's the form

    4/3/10 via Mobile
  • Laurenn

    Long time no speak, hows you? :)) xo

  • Jordan Holmes
    Jordan Holmes

    you owe me smarties lad

  • Jordan Holmes
    luv Jordan Holmes

    alrite ya cunt :D some love for ya, cause u know i love ye

  • Rhiannon Walton

    hey.......... how u been, havent spoken to u in ages....... hope we can keep talkin to each other lol........ lmao x :) :) :) :) :)

  • Jordan Holmes
    luv Jordan Holmes

    might like my flashbox babe ;)

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    The Bentley Nightclub Advertise

    Ibiza UV foam party details Where - the bentley nightclub/club inferno Ibiza UV foam party doors open @ 9pm all drinks are £1.50 all night!! admission £10.00 see you there

  • Carol Semple

    top 32 :O sort it ! :) RAT :D