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Check the new vid people ;) It's gold...

9/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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Rock for clever people...
Me, Myself, and I
Hailing from the small town of Teignmouth in Devon, the rock trio Muse have gone from playing pub nights to entertaining thousands in stadiums across the world within releasing four studio albums, three live DVDs and more.

The band are made up from the talents of guitarist and vocalist Matt Bellamy, bassist and backing vocals of Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard. The three came together with the love and passion to make music and playing live shows. This can still be seen in their performances to this day - especially on their popular live DVDs.

Never sitting in one category of music, the band have changed their style between each album. First album, Showbiz, is full of teenage-angst of the 90's child, while Origin Of Symmetry is extravagently apocolyptic. Absolution is their most political to date, cynical in attitude. Black Holes & Revelations boast of electro-stadium rock material.

To learn more...
muse.mu (Official website)
microcuts.net (Non-official)

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Muse - SIT THE FUCK DOWN (Sparta Remix)

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  • The Resistance - A Short Review

    From French magazine "Judebox".

    01. “Uprising” 5: 02

    Matt Bellamy’s voice is more serious and academic than usual. However it is delivered in a similar vein: Conspiracy, Apocalypse … He announces a “union”, speaks of “victory” that “they do not control.” Sound is still very heavy and dense, accompanied by mounted synthesizers. The structure of the song is simple for once.

    02. “Resistance” 5: 46
    Entry Piano cavalcade battery. We swear that Freddie Mercury participates in choirs.

    03. “Undisclosed Desires” 3: 56
    The thud of metal and Depeche Mode on this plane guitar piece but without votes vocodée

    04. “United States Of Eurasia (Collateral Damage) 5: 47
    Sounds like Bohemian Rapsody (Queen) Lawrence of Arabia (the soundtrack of Maurice Jarre) = Chopin a long trip film classic-rock.
    Matt Bellamy’s falsetto is present. The song ends on the sound of a jet (spaceship? Or a missile?)

    05. “Guiding Light” 4: 13
    The return of guitar solos, one of the trademarks of the fireman’s style in Muse.

    06. “Unnatural Selection”
    Opens with church organ before battery and powerful guitars. A song lyric and epic.

    07. “MK Ultra”
    Electronic sounds and riffs bodybuilder.

    08. “I Belong To You” (Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix)
    A title borrowed from the opera Samson et Dalila (see below). Surprisingly lacking in pace. Like the clarinet, which comes at the end of the song. Matt Bellamy sings some verses in french. Almost incomprehensible.

    09. “Exogenesis: Symphony Part I” (Overture)
    The voice of Matt Bellamy recalls that many of Tom Yorke. This symphony rise to almost the whim of a star by passionate romantic composers: Chopin, Liszt …

    10. “Exogenesis: Symphony Part II” (Cross Pollination)
    The group works on the visual. It is about a man defying the masses. I asked Dominic to write the name of the English artist who bosse dessus: La Bocca. Nothing on Google. In contrast: LaBoca, it seems paste.

    11. “Exogenesis: Symphony Part III” (Redemption)
    Inspirational Matthew Bellamy told me about the Queen of 1984, George Orwell, a big book: The Grand chessboard of American political scientist Zbigniew Brzeninski, the opera Samson et Dalila and other things.

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  • The Resistance

    The Resistance tracklisting

    4. UNITED STATES OF EURASIA (+Collateral Damage)
    7. MK ULTRA
    8. I BELONG TO YOU (+Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix)
    10. EXOGENESIS : SYMPHONY PART II (Cross Pollination)

    Any thoughts about what songs could sound like... etc?

    4 Comments 211 weeks

  • Autumn tour news

    Autumn tour news


    We are pleased to confirm that Muse will be touring in the UK, Europe and North America this autumn. Full details on the UK and European dates will be announced soon, but for now we can confirm that the the band will be special guests to U2 at a number of their North American shows this September including New York on September 24th. The remaining U2 dates will be announced in the coming weeks.

    Source: http://www.muse.mu/index.php?sec=new...

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  • James C
    James C

    haha its not that bad, kinda catchy after a while!:) exogenesis is the bees knees :D

  • James C
    James C

    haha finally! watcha think?;o

  • James C
    luv James C

    Well im allowed see muse in new york but not wembley...interesting.. but MADISON SQUARE GARDEN HERE I COME :D

  • James C
    luv James C

    im so jealous of you.. maybe if im allowed leave the country next time they play wembley :D

  • luv McIlwraith.

    haha, i'm sure he will next time :) WEMBLEY TICKETS BABY!!! :D

  • James C
    luv James C

    Wow, i wish matt pointed at me:( dammit Lol

    11/17/09 via Mobile
  • McIlwraith.

    Both nights of the 02 were immense! On friday Marcus Brigstocke was infront of me and I got a pic, and me and my friend were doing 'hip hop dancing' to ud and matt was looking over so we started pointing at him and he just pointed back to us at 'you are the ooonnnee' no joke.

    11/15/09 via Mobile
  • James C
    luv James C

    :D ooooh yeah!!!!! piano time ;o

  • luv McIlwraith.

    LUCKY!!! He is so looovellly..... Aaaah less than a week for me! Hells yeah!

  • James C
    James C

    OMG!!! I WAS SO CLOSE!!!!!!

  • James C
    James C

    They're so fucking amazing.(exogenesis) and i cant believe muse love lady gaga :L

  • luv McIlwraith.

    Wheyy, Muse won best act in the world or summat at the Q awards! They did an interview with absolute radio and Matt sung a bit of Paparazzi by Lady Gaga :L :L :L I LOL-ed

  • James C
    James C

    when listening to Exogenesis?:O

  • James C
    James C

    i want to burn that new moon mix and dance on it wildly! i love exogenesis, its still my favourite! reminds me so much of origin of symmetry, particularly overture!

  • luv McIlwraith.

    Oh, I love it! It grows on you, promise :P The New Moon 'Mix' is shameful though