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Miss Sakura' Çhan

Im going on Hollidays tomorow everyone, so i will be off for a few days :D i hope you all have a great Vacation ♥

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Me, Myself, and I

    ☇ɑкчгɑ нɑгчno

      Naruto's here
   because he's made up his mind.
My resolve is nothing compared to his
  I'm supposed to be a ninja,
but all I've ever done is lean on         him and cry...
 I was supposed to change that...
  I came here and I thought I was
    But I can't do anything...
    I can't say anything.
 The only thing that remains for me...
    is to believe in them!

The Other Half Of Me


BACON BUDDY!!! ---♥ Oh how i missed you...---♥

€€            OOC :€Pinky
  ғound mr гιgнτ.нe's ɑmɑziinq
    €€Naruto Uzumaki
   чour mч everчтнɪnɢ.

Skin Owner LOGO → ✿

€€  €lOvee Is`Zz PAiiN </3
Reason Why i do€
Naruto may seem like a Hardheaded Bone-Head, But he's still a very strong boy and he believes in himself more then anything. When he wants something he puts his mind to it and Works at untill he gets it right. Naruto had always been there For Sakura and she never really appresheated it, untill they Started to grow up more. She then Reolised how Great he is. That is why i love Naruto Uzumaki. My all time Favrite :D

" I Was Sitting on my Bed Last Night, Matching the Stars with Every Reason for why I Love You
I Was doing Great... Untill i Ran Out of Stars. "

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         L oO v 3 ♥                  
    Friends; Family; Music; Anime; Hollyoaks; Eyeliner; Hugs; Photos; Love; Boys; Laughing; Dancing; Singing; Sleepovers; Birthdays; Shopping; Surprises; Extream Sports ;Happy People; Parties; Chocolate; Jewellery; Teddies; Lipgloss; Perfurm; Snow; Summer; Beach; Good Memories; Straighteners; Tongs; Laptop; Camera; Fluffy Sox; Clothes; Money; Tv; Pink & Blue; Phone; People Who Are Random ;♥    

    RollPlay :Sakura

    Hey, everyone! Um, my name is Sakura Haruno. I am a ninja-in-training at the Hidden Village of Leaf. I'm not very good right now, but I hope that I'll be competent enough one day! I know that I'm skilled at chakra, though! As well as my studies; I know a lot about the written stuff taught by Iruka-sensei... I'm also in love with Sasuke Uchiha. ::giggles:: I want to do some of this and some of that with him..! Oh, Sasuke! I wish you'd just drop that depression act and TAKE ME! And Ino, you'll never have him! LOVE RULES! Oh, and Naruto? You're annoying. But I respect you anyway! ;D

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  • Younger Years XX

     remember when getting high meant </i>
        swinging at the playground
     the worst thing you could get from boys
            were cooties
        your worst enemies were your
        mom was the prettiest girl
              you knew
         dad was the coolest
             guy ever
        race issues were who ran
            the fastest
            war was a   
         wearing skirts meant
         you were a princess
        the only thing that hurt was
       skinned knees and papercuts.
     and the only things that can get broken
            were your toys.
       life was simple & carefree but
         all we wanted to do was

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  • Boys Read This.. it Might serv you with Girl Isues

    I Dont know if This is What all Girls think, But this is From my Point of View

    Tell Her you Admire Her [ A l w a y s ]
    Tell Her you Love her at All T i m e s ♥ When Shes Upset Hold her Tight
    Pick Her Over All the Girls You Hang out With.
    Play with her Hair
    Pick her Up
    Tickle Her
    Just Talk to Her. Tell her J o k e s.
    Bring Her Flowers Just Because.
    Hold her H a n d and Run
    Throw Pebbles At her Window at Night ♥ </i>
    Let Her Fall Asleep In your Arms.
    Sing To her. No matter How Aufull You Sound.
    Get her Mad at You. Then KISS Her.
    Give her Piggy Back R i d e s .
    Push Her on [ S w i n g s ].
    Tell Her she Looks Beautiful . When She's Sad
    Stay on the
    Phone with Her, Even if She's Not Saying Anything.
    Look into her Eyes , And Smie .
    K I S S
    On her Forehead.
    Slow Dance with her, Even if there's No Music.
    Kiss Her in the [ R a i n ]
    And When You Fall In Love With Her.
    Tell Her! ♥

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  • Sluzz - Muffïn
    luv Sluzz - Muffïn

    S `up twinny c;
    been to laaaang.

    4 days ago
  • ᐃ

    have I replied yet?

    6 days ago
  • Hɪssʜᴏ - Ðïvïñïty
    Hɪssʜᴏ - Ðïvïñïty

    hello how are you

    6 days ago
  • Sakura Peaches Uzamaki
    Sakura Peaches Uzamaki

    No he"s not .
    he stop talking to me .

    Jul 23
  • Naoki
    luv Naoki

    Starting to think the bears got you after all xD come back soon lol :)

    Jul 22 via Mobile
  • -Ciel Phantomhive.
    -Ciel Phantomhive.

    It's no problem miss *smiles*

    Jul 22 via Mobile
  • Kαѕαɴe ºº
    Kαѕαɴe ºº

    Hello guess whoo ( :

    Jul 20
  • Sakura Peaches Uzamaki
    Sakura Peaches Uzamaki

    he was rude an main .so watch out for him ur self .

    Jul 20
  • Sakura Peaches Uzamaki
    Sakura Peaches Uzamaki

    Lol hate snakes .

    Jul 19
  • Sakura Peaches Uzamaki
    Sakura Peaches Uzamaki

    HeySakura , no he was looking for someone . But I was not the right Sakura that he wanted . So he stopped rping with me .

    Jul 19
  • - - philophobia
    luv - - philophobia

    I miss you like I miss touching the bubble wrap.

    Jul 17
  • - -
    luv - -

    Aww, thanks dear. Yes, I am doing quite peachy. Things could be going better, but then again least not worse. Lol. What about you? :3

    Haha, yar we've done it in the past, I think we voice chatted more then web cammed, if I am not mistaken..well, maybe one day soon? You've my Skype? I don't have a good enough laptop, so I have to use my iPod for Skype {especially calls}

    Jul 16
  • º- -ℓιℓιтн
    º- -ℓιℓιтн

    zoom zoom
    sorry i got bored with life! xDD

    Jul 15
  • ' ღ yυυĸɪ cнαиツ
    luv ' ღ yυυĸɪ cнαиツ

    Part 2;;

    Yeah Greece. I heard it is going to be red hot and that it is really cheap.; So i can't wait to get a tan! :3 Well thank you~! <3~
    There a lot of things or places to go around here, the only problem with all this advantages, there also disadvantages. The 4-7 hour plane ride. xD~ You are bored easily.~

    Oh. You live in Canada? Is is good living there? ~
    Well thats good to hear, but maybe that's your advantage, you have all the shows and things you want to see, i bet there is a lot of things to do and everything.
    All we have around here is a park and that full of little wanna-be chavs xD~
    Haha maybe it is better US DELETING THEM. see how they like it. :3

    You're welcome. :3~
    I will try but i don't leave until Wednesday, so i have so time on here before i go. :3

    Jul 14
  • ' ღ yυυĸɪ cнαиツ
    luv ' ღ yυυĸɪ cнαиツ

    Part 1;;

    Same here. I am glad that it's going nowhere and plus it is under the protection of Michael, the person that invented bebo with his wife. :3 Means that we might have a lot more surprises coming our way!
    Haha, i am still being lazy when it comes to comments. Sometimes i don't have time to do them all. xD But i am still here~!

    Exactly. That's what i say to the people that complain. xD I am like, ''dude do you want to be me everyday? Do you want 5 pages of long comments plus heart spams everyday? You can if you want. I just sit here and do your job. If you're that bothered. GET FRIENDS.'' xD I am horrible like that but yeah x3~
    Haha EXACTLY. GO BEBO. :3~
    I am tempted to make yet again another skin but i am lazy right now. xD~

    (it's fine. I like these part 1-2 conversations. :3 Looks like we have a lot to talk about haha)

    Jul 14
  • Ø Ülqµîørrã Ø
    luv Ø Ülqµîørrã Ø

    You should watch Evil Dead. ;)

    Jul 14
  • lιттle ᴇʟɪ ツ
    luv lιттle ᴇʟɪ ツ

    HEY! read my BLOG! I put up a new roleplay story on it xD

    Jul 14
  • lιттle ᴇʟɪ ツ
    luv lιттle ᴇʟɪ ツ

    yes indeedie xD
    i am naruto...in a way of a different character xD
    Eli! with a naruto faces... :L

    Jul 14
  • ディノ Đ ι и σ
    luv ディノ Đ ι и σ

    I am lucky! The opportunity arose and I grabbed it =D

    No, I don't live close. It was a 2 hr 10 min flight to Barcelona
    and I visited almost everything that needs to be seen

    I got iPhone 4S
    if i wanna use Android, I got my Galaxy Note 10.1

    xD loser
    i'm replying to my messages n getting off bebo

    whereabouts u going?

    Jul 13
  • Valanne ºthe Wolfº
    luv Valanne ºthe Wolfº

    Thats good to hear. So where abouts are you from?

    Jul 13