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Dante Kelevra

Has a car!!

2/1/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 98
  • from Branksome
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 5,800
  • Member since: January 2006
  • Last active: Jun 13
  • www.bebo.com/D4nte69
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Does any really use bebo anymore theses days?

Soo... life is getting compicated again.

Mainly dur too me thinking about things too much i think...


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Pretty badass if you ask just about anyone!

Famous colleagues include Jack Sparrow and a bunch of the Caribbean crew, Captain Morgan, Sir Francis Drake, and Captain Hook
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  • 'Muffin

    thanks for the add who this ? wb x

  • Abi Denison
    Abi Denison

    :L pretty cool ! (Y) your kean !! byeee

  • Abi Denison
    Abi Denison

    :S owchhh !!! when was this?? yeahh from your pictures ..Lymington sailing (Y)

  • Abi Denison
    Abi Denison

    I could probably ing it off heart bby now :@ lol :L At Lymington ?? lol x haha..you got hit by a lorry :S :S

  • Abi Denison
    Abi Denison

    No!! i dont care about my hair .. i lvoe every other sport just not sailing lol but i think i am going to be doing it in the summer ...:( thanks o my dad lol !! Your bebo christmas thing is soooo annoying !!! You sailing in he summer ?? :)

  • Abi Denison
    Abi Denison

    Thanks :) lol ..It's About Fucking Time Too Im 14 In March :) xx xx fuck no do i sail :L jeez It kills me !!

  • Abi Denison
    Abi Denison

    Yeah ,that would be me........ The really fat one / and i on the mud fight !!

  • Abi Denison
    Abi Denison

    Sailing Club :L (Y)

  • Ti Amo
    luv Ti Amo

    I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU FOR A RIDICULOUSLY LONG TIME!! :( alright there? :D p.s hows dave? :D x

  • Piink And Liime.
    luv Piink And Liime.

    Annddrreewww :D Havent Spoken To You In Aggessstt. How Ave You Been..??. Hope You Ave A Gd Chriistmas...:D CommentBaccSoon..MuchLove..xxxxx

  • Das

    its ur last chance to vote on the dirty bitch, dirty male bitch and biggest barsterd awards for 2008 or request to be in next years pollx

  • Captain Slow
    Captain Slow

    oh good one andrew, now you got my mrs to beat me up, she hurts :( . :L :L im doing good mate, you? exciting, in winton, dont be silly, nothing has changed really. how is work?

  • Piink And Liime.
    Piink And Liime.

    Lol...Woop XD I Do Say So...:) Oh...OKaii....I New Tht. Yepp Tee Doo..:) OKaii I Feel Great Chatting To You :D Lol. Been Up To Much Then..??. CommentBaccSoon...xxxx

  • Piink And Liime.
    Piink And Liime.

    Yepp I Am A Gal Indeedo...Well Done. Am Ur Cool Gal Alex...Hehe. Yerr Yesterday Was Agest Agoooo. Gurrddd....Yerr Am Alriitteeeeeee I Suppossee :) CommentBaccSoon...xxx