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Katie Elizabeth


10/9/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 190
  • from SALISBURY
  • I am Married
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About Me

colin titsherpit
Me, Myself, and I
^...me on the left, raidy on the right, we know were fit maytee.

sup losers, go by the name of katie duggan.

mairead sheehan? yes, she is my WORLD.

love my life? hell yeah. :D
animals and babies...
hate them
food and drink...
is what my life revoles around
my family...
kick ass
MARKY POOOOS & the slut i already mentioned

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  • Love It...*

    ♥ LOVE starts with a SMILE, ♥

    ♥ Grows with a KISS, ♥

    ♥ And ends with a TEAR.♥

    ♥ DON'T cry over anyone ♥

    ♥ Who won't cry over you.♥

    ♥ Good FRIENDS are hard to find, ♥

    ♥ Harder to leave, ♥

    ♥ And impossible to forget. ♥

    ♥ You can only go as far as you push. ♥

    ♥ ACTIONS speak louder than words. ♥

    ♥ The HARDEST thing to do ♥

    ♥ Is watch the one you love, ♥

    ♥ Love somebody else. ♥

    ♥ DON'T let the past hold you back, ♥

    ♥ You're missing the good stuff. ♥

    ♥ LIFE'S SHORT. ♥

    ♥ If you don't look around ♥

    ♥ Once in a while you might miss it. ♥

    ♥ A BEST FRIEND is like a four leaf clover, ♥


    ♥ Some people make the world ♥

    ♥ SPECIAL just by being in it. ♥

    ♥ BEST FRIENDS are the siblings ♥

    ♥ God forgot to give us. ♥

    ♥ When it HURTS to look back, ♥

    ♥ And you're SCARED to look ahead, ♥

    ♥ You can look beside you ♥

    ♥ And your BEST FRIEND will be there. ♥


    ♥ Friends are FOREVER. ♥

    ♥ Good friends are like STARS ♥

    ♥ You don't always see them, ♥

    ♥ But you know they are ALWAYS THERE. ♥

    ♥ DON'T frown. ♥

    ♥ You never know who ♥

    ♥ Is falling in love with your smile. ♥

    ♥ What do you do when the only person ♥

    ♥ Who can make you stop crying ♥

    ♥ Is the person who made you cry ? ♥

    ♥ Nobody is perfect until ♥

    ♥ You fall in love with them. ♥

    ♥ Everything is okay in the end. ♥

    ♥ If it's not okay, then it's not the end.♥

    ♥ Most people walk in and out of your life, ♥

    ♥ But only FRIENDS leave footprints ♥

    ♥ In your heart. ♥

    4 Comments 341 weeks

  • Mee...*

    1.Whats Your Name?
    2.Are We Close?
    3.What Do You Think Of me?
    4.Do You Have A Crush On Me?
    5.Would You Meet Me?
    6.Would You Kill Me?
    7.Descibe Me In 3 Words?
    8.If You Had Me For 30 Minutes, What Would We Do?
    9.What Was Your First Impression Of Me?
    10.Do You Still Think The Same?
    11.What Reminds You Of Me?
    12.If You Could Give Me Anything, What Would It Be?
    13.How Well Do You Know Me?
    14.What Do You Like Best About Me?
    15.Ever Wanted To Tell Me Something You Couldnt?
    16.Could You Ever Love Me?
    17.Give Me A Knickname And Explain Why?
    18.Are You Gonna Put This On Your Page And See What I Say About You?
    19.Anything To Say Before You Go?

    25 Comments 352 weeks

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  • Curnow Da Ledge
    Curnow Da Ledge

    I just snagged $761 in 4 days spending time online! Made it with - http://x.co/KTIF trust me, you will be happy

  • Carmen
    luv Carmen

    Ello cheeky!!! Noticed ur online and thought i would comment u ;) Well didnt get 2 speak 2 u much the other night!! We have to meet up sometime and have a catch up!!.... or we could just agree and be like... yeh we will meet up soon... then never get around to it!!! Hope ur alright and college is going well.... i hope a loser like you has been able to make at least a few friends and doesnt have to sit on her own in the corner!! hehehe ;) :L :L :L Well im just talkin shit nw so... ill see u around loser!! (( maybe in windows in random posh cafes :L :L )) xxxxxx

  • Jemmalouise.
    luv Jemmalouise.

    i fucking love you katie duggan thank you for everything lately seriously if you hadn't been there to wipeee the tears i don't know what i would have done ok i sound gay now but i just wanted to no i do love you and want youuu ;) in more ways than one ahaa see you soon cheeky pie xxx

  • Rebecca'
    luv Rebecca'

    Matee . you shuda come you fanny! soz i kinda remember munching on your fce or something, i was absolutly WANKERED! blate we go down the pub or sumfing yer? love youxxx

  • Eva Martina
    Eva Martina

    I saw you last night outside cludo missy !! lol did you have a goood night ?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx loveyou

  • Rebecca Warde
    Rebecca Warde

    new number 07745994024 please text me yours :P xxx

  • L.K
    luv L.K

    well hello missy! long time no see or hear ... hows you been cupcake - what adventures have you been on?? im still waiting for that text loser - when i finally get to see you :D hope your well and enjoying life. love you muchly xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rebecca Warde
    luv Rebecca Warde

    my fingers..................... HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!! actually love u

  • Pretty

    Ahhh. (: Yess It Iss Gunna Be geeniuss (: Yeahh I Will Let You Know Need To Get a Bit Of Money And Stuff But Very Soon (: Yeah Im Okay Youu? Been Up To Much? LoveYouu xxx

  • Rebecca'
    luv Rebecca'

    you geting withdrawel of my alround funnyness lol missing you too buby yer you stying over mine asap i will ring you snage :) ly sexy ringtone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Pretty

    Harry Potter Night Soon Defffo (: I Got The Last One That Is Out On Dvd (: :D :D Do Youu Have a Video Player?:L I Love Youu Miss Youuu xxx

  • Natalia Sturgess
    luv Natalia Sturgess

    I miss you! xx

  • Sweetcheeks.

    yes i did know that, you big prune, you were my first option, feel fucking loved bitch :) do you know if your ma is gonna ring the pair of slapped asses tonight? if not il just ring you at some point, if i can find the time in my busy night, which consists of hollyoaks, eastenders & whatever else i can find to watch on tv:L love peace, not war, & id tickle your tummy any day of the week:D xx

  • Rebecca Warde
    luv Rebecca Warde

    did choo get my text? can i have a link to jade d's profile xxxxxb