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im one of your friends......

4/26/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 33
  • from In monkey land
  • I am Single
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About Me

sooo one of my rats died and now im sad...
Me, Myself, and I
Hey im Elly. Im a pretty normal gal. Just a lil scene kiddy, but istnt half the worlds population these days... anyway. LOL ^^:) ^^

My freinds are many people you know who you are.


You Have Been Hacked
My Dear :-] -x
Ambey x x x x

<<<< Changed Your Pic Cause This One Is Fawkin Stunning :-]
LoveYou x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x <3

The Other Half Of Me
I Love James Doyle

I Love James Doyle

&lt;&lt;&lt; Fawkin Ledge ! Love Ya ! &lt;3 -x

I like a whole range of music but heres a few ...
Army of freshmen, forever the sickist kids, all time low just stuff like thta you know how it is lol.
Well what can i say about this wild child right here lol.
Well she wants to spend the rest of her life with me n i wanna do the same.
(oh yeh and the sex is great lol)
hee hee shes my one n only n shell always be there to tell me that theres stuff on my back lol.
She tells me all about the world and stuff(she knows what that one time i geography lol)
yeh love u for life.
well what can i say maths oh maths this is my life ha ha ha ha ha ha
love you loads and loads.
Well wat is there to say about this plastic surgery patient. Shes well funny n how many times has she sed she was gonna stop smokin lol. Besides that she is lush n i love her to bits and peices.lol
Well sh eis amazin we have so much in common it srid iculus. we butt heads sometimes but i love her all the same she is mazin. she takes me shoppin to the lushest places she is lush lush lush. Wat else can i say but mine boob squeeze buddy for life.
omfg alice
THis girl has left us now but will always remember her if she ever sends her letters back anytime soon. lol
Well she is the funniest most randomest person i no but at least we can have convos together cuz she understands wat i say lol. Luff u 4 life bbz miss u lds.
My msn is...
 o.uk so add me as long as your not wierd...

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this thing is sooo cute, adopted from bunnyhero labs
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you no how much i love monkeys., adopted from bunnyhero labs
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  • Abbzz.

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  • Danni

    <i><b>Smelly elly who lives in a welly comes from dehli and has her sandwichs made by kelly ! lol much ? </i></b>

  • Meghan
    luv Meghan

    Elly Smelly Belly looked beautifulllll. Today (: XXXXXXXX

  • Meghan
    luv Meghan


  • Jaye Oliver O'Farrell-Stevens
    luv Jaye Oliver O'Farrell-Stevens

    cuz i have been away ill be back this afternoon u no me people to c places to go i am a very busy man u no MUCH LOVE JAYE W.B

  • Jaye Oliver O'Farrell-Stevens
    luv Jaye Oliver O'Farrell-Stevens

    how long are u going the United states of America for and how are u getting around the country ????????????? im just interested because if they give a American car what one it will be lol MUCH LOVE JAYE W.B

  • Rainbow.Trash

    Heyz ♥♥♥♥ Thiz iz an OFFICIAL invite to join "RainbowSmile" cuz we think your'e HOT! put you're photo in a comment and join, and your'e photo will be up =] Thankz xxxx♥xxxx x

  • Jaye Oliver O'Farrell-Stevens
    luv Jaye Oliver O'Farrell-Stevens

    i am glad u are glad that i wont your children can i have them please ???????? and i mean when i wrote that it was the night after the camp out for your sister lol i tack it, it went a head as planed ??????? MUCH LOVE JAYE W.B

  • Jaye Oliver O'Farrell-Stevens
    luv Jaye Oliver O'Farrell-Stevens

    hello Mr ellly person my life is fine how is yours good night last night ??????????????????? I WONT YOUR CHILDREN U SEXY BABE MUCH LOVE JAYE W.B XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX THE SHEEPSTER

  • Danneh

    Hey hey! Nice to meet ya! I will see ya later then! :) Im all good tbh! How are you? cya laters xx

  • Glasses
    luv Glasses

    hehe :) so wubu2??? lol...heard you lot were having a camp out tonight...:P lol cya munday babes :) xx wb x loveyou xx luvage

  • Glasses
    luv Glasses

    im good tah :) niall's hair looked preety cool after u fluffed it up lol :d hehe.......... loveage [[agen :) ]] xx wb x

  • Glasses
    luv Glasses

    heey....yhoo ookay??? ....loveage..:) loveyou wb x