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  • Female, Luv 41
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  • Member since: October 2006
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
heliw im enz! not much to say ....... im 17 still not learnt 2 drive, u no coz im soo organised! not! wel i live in the middle of nower! love all the people i have living by me called trees! lovely people always ready to listen! lol! ok lets stop da stupid talk now hehe! anyway i love my girlies 'doughies', and im even lucky enough to get 2 work with one of them! im training to be a hairdresser in h2o in town, startin my final year now. love spendin time with my PUNK! nothing more 2 say so chow blud! lol!
if u wna chat den add me

------00------PLease put
----00-00----this on
---00---00---your bebo
---00---00---if you
----00-00---- no someone
-----000-----that has
----00-00----died from cancer.
any dance music, cascada!
special people
BARRI, my sweetie! means so much too me! neva felt so comfortable around someone as i do with him! love my munchkin lots nd lots!!!!!!!!!!! NIA, what a silly billy! not much more to say! alwys makes me laugh with our getto talk hehe init blud!!!! HAYLEY, make work a fun place! 'bein single nd all' hehahe! love you both you doughies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOULDNT BE ABLE TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU 3 XXXXXXXXXXXXX
couldn't live without
BARRI! DOUGHIES! FAMILY! nd other shit!
Scared Of
nothing im frm the getto init! hehehe!
Happiest When
punkin around with my punk xxxxxxx mwah xxxxxxxxxxx love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and cant forget my little sweeties nia nd hayley! your the best at gettin me in a gwd mood u lil comedians! xxxxxxxxxxxx mwah xxxx phwoar xxxxxxxxxxxx

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    You have a cute______.

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    We could __________ under the stars.

    My love for you is like that of ____________.


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  • Wat does your name say bout u?

    A- u have troble trusting people
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    X- u never let people tell u what to do
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    E- a hottie
    N- great in bed
    F- people totaly adore u
    Y- u make evry experience great
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    18. How much do you think im worth?
    19. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    20. R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?
    21. Anything 2 say b4 u go?

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  • Nia Jones
    luv Nia Jones

    enz my fave trifeyspottinparnter!havent left you a comment for 10 whole weeks but not been on for about 9weeks so that is why!thought id leave a comment to say ..hope u have a class christmas!and we shall exchange presents in the january sales ye!hehe!loveya loadsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmerry christmas!xxxgoing to watch elf in bed tonite seein as we watched it 3 times in one night but i still do not know what happens.im thinkin that maybe we dont talk enough.anyway bye now, love ux x x

  • Nia Jones
    luv Nia Jones

    well enzarooni im thinkin we need to morgan cafe it again!what du reckon?need to see ur new hair aswel bet it looks proper nice!haylz did my hair yesterday finally have no roots havent dyed it since royal welsh what was in like june or july mad or what!what time u gettin it cut next thurs cause if u want i can meet u after col sure haylz said it was bout 3ish or smin?il give u a ring!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlove u

  • Nia Jones
    luv Nia Jones

    hey enzy!howa u u gorgeous headed holigan?mmm jus pondering whether im gonna see u within the next century?when have you next got a day off?guess what i proper miss bein a bum all this college malarky means i never get to see my fellow trife adorer ha!speakin of tha only seen the sexiest boy in the whole world the other day did haylz tell u about it?we seen him in spar then we was parked up in the car and he went past in a taxi... 2 secs later wellll what do u know he only got out the taxi and come to the car phwoary what a phwoar starter he was!!!!im thinkin a big huge chat is in order tomoz so look out 4 the phone ringin ..wel listen out ahh u know wha i mean!!!loveya trilions xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmi  ss u munchkin hehex

  • Nia Jones
    luv Nia Jones

    hi enz just a comment to say loveeeee u!!heheha!how funny was sat night !! didnt expect to see u there anyway hahahah ring u tnite if not tomoz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nia Jones
    luv Nia Jones

    soz didnt meet u today enzy woke up proper late, i'll give u a ring tomoz nite k my fave blud xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Meryl Tandy

    ble wyt t??

  • Nia Jones
    Nia Jones

    p.s LOVEEEEE YOU LOADS!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  • Nia Jones
    Nia Jones

    enzy wenzy woowhooo! how was ur mealy wealy? was it goody woody? xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jozee Biddulph
    luv Jozee Biddulph

    hellooo..... :D i knw miss u 2 hehe! i knw i cant wait 2 come bk :D woop woop :L aww thanx u :D !!! hehe il put u in my top 16 to :D will c u in work monday if ur in then :D xxxxxxxxx n u can have some luv cuz im sooo... nice hehehe... xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nia Jones
    luv Nia Jones

    hey enz!!you ok dude?ive not spoke to you for ages now!whats going on hey?!hows things then,you been upto much?hellish bored cannot wait to start college now only 3 more days!!need my roots doing soon so i shall be poppin in!hairs gone in proper better condition not hardly straightened it and been doing loads of treatments!sis bought a class one so been robbin tha on the sly as you do like ha!what you upto this weekend then enz?we need to go out soon me you and haylz go on a mad one ,put all our money together and iceland it i reckon!ha!well anyway dude just thought id leave you a comment to let you know i do still think of my ghetto girl init blud haha!hopefully you'll go on at baz boi's or something!but i'll defo give you a ring soon have a huge massive catch up!love you loads....missin you more though!xxxxxxxmwah mwah phwoar haxxxxxxxx

  • Nia Jones
    luv Nia Jones

    no comments from me then...ahhh k!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxx

  • Nia Jones
    Nia Jones

    hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll  llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll  lllllllliw blud! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nia Jones
    luv Nia Jones

    hellliw there bredrin! wats gd? haha. u ok? thanks 4 the suprise had the funniest time ever !! defo do summin like tha 4 urs and haylz bday i reckon we should all go away near xmas time or smin!! be nuts! im just in the process of sortin my room out its stressin me out loads from now on im bein tidy...yee right! well nyway gna go bk 2 tidyin it nw i cnt be bothered tho proper i need more space im gna gt my mum nd dad 2 swap with me i reckon then hw class wud that be loads of space then u and haylz cn bring ur beds over evry time u sty mke a big huge king size 1 ...now just gta figure out hw we'd be able to tke beds from house 2 house hmm maybe we shud all just invest in a king size 1 we shud start a savings account wat with me havin a job and all (ye right) we wud be able to get the nicest biggest bed ever by the time were 30 wat with the gd wage hairdressing brings anyway i dnt knw why but whenever i leave u a comment i ramble on loads so im gna go nw blud!lvya loads init!xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Iestyn Evans
    Iestyn Evans

    Hey enzzzz! That tinned salmon was a big disappointment haha. How's the running going! Did nia tell u about our chat ha. xxx

  • Nia Jones
    luv Nia Jones

    cnt wait 4 my suprise enzzyyyyyyyy xxxx

  • Nia Jones
    Nia Jones

    heeliw jus to let you know im not dead however i think maybe tomorrrow should be a sitting down type of day muscles arent very forgiving in my old age hahaha im going for an hour long bath now only gotta get up at 8 tomoz for a morning run with yaz so im just preparing the muscles for tomorrow haha oh ul never guess what i was runnin up to rhiannons and i got embarrased cause all boys were going past in the car and i only did a hayley ahhhh hahah jelly legs .org.notembarresedmuch.com greatttttttttttt hope i never see them again theres another few to add to the 'dodge' list hahah gotta go my baths probs overflowed by now haha ring me later or hav a playter.....i know it makes no sense but it does hav a nice little rhyme to it so uno its a win win situation gotta stop blabbering now chow blud love u loads init like a monkey loves bannans....britains got talent.....ask hayley doughieeeeeeeeeeeeee.mwah mwah phwoar 100% going now byexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nia Jones
    luv Nia Jones

    muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! i was tryna have a nice peacefull moment with my trifey and there was you snoring away dreadfull just dreadfull!! hahaha. see you tomorrow my fave ghetto girl init blud ye man respect boyakasha (can spell haha) ring me with the details of tomorrow im thinkin lunch so maybe we could stop off at pets at home and i could pick up some rabbit food aka my new found diet haha. well must dash this run isnt going to run itself nor am i probs unless i get strength and dont die hahaah love u blud loads init! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmwah mwah phwoar

  • Baz Southgate
    luv Baz Southgate

    i forgot babe soz lv u ldzxxxxxxx

  • Nia Jones
    Nia Jones

    enz what was that text about?i text off my mums phone not my fault i missed the bus was lookin 4 the other shoe 4 u, no need 4 grump texts now is there!!!!! and u sent it like 40 mins later? went to the gym after i got back didnt bother takin my phone, well anyway if you still wanna come round before work tomoz then thats fine x