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Talima And Oceanaz Mama

eff u

3/3/12 | me too! | Reply

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R.I.P my beautiful niece!! Luv u 4 eva KYLIE!!!
Me, Myself, and I
* K E L Z * T A L I M A * O C E A NA

=`L O V E`=
+`H A T E`+
Fake peepz!!!!!
=`L O V E`=
+`H A T E`+
Peeps talking SHIT!!!
=`L O V E`=
Fam Bamz, Mah Frendz, Troll Famz!
+`H A T E`+
fake ass bitches!!!!!!KAP IT B4 I PUT YA TEEF N THA GUTTER!!!!
= LIVE 4 =
Myy babies!! They r tha reason I breathe!!!

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  • !!!R.I.P in KYLIE!!!!!

    There are so many things to say but where to start from I have no idea.....u were my eldest niece, best m8, bro nd twin sister....u were always hea for the kids nd me...no matter wat time of the day/night i knew i could always depend on u 2 give me advice....my world felt like it had come to an end the day u passed nd since that i haven't been the same...i'm going to miss the late nite texts, gossip sessions, going 2 tha beach in summer, hanging out being egkz...u have now made me realise KYLIE 2 live life as much as i can nd enjoy wateva happens along the way.....Lima and Oceana will miss thea BIG CUZ a great deal....They will neva have a BIG CUZ like u who cared so much bout them, loved them for who they are and was always true to them neva fake....even thou ur not hea in the flesh i know ur hea in spirit watching ova all of us.....u will neva b forgotten koz u always hold a place in my heart...



    0 Comments 208 weeks

  • !!!BIG UPZ!!!!!

    mum nd dad - i know i haven't been tha "perfect dawter" ova tha yearz - we have had our upz nd downz but str8 up THANK U both 4 being thea 4 my kidz nd myself - my kids r lucky 2 have u both in thea lives nd i'm lucky 2 have awesum folks -

    nama - bro just wana say THANX BRO 4 being thea 4 me thru thick nd thin - my kidz r lucky 2 have such an awesum chick in lives who is going 2 maori them out - lol :L :L :L - mean maori mean - make sure they carve me awesum shyt k -

    big sis nd famz - str8 up u guys rock - THANX heaps 4 helping me nd my kidz out wen we needed HELP hardout - THANX 4 having my back thru all tha rough shyt i'm going thru @ tha mo nd 4 always having my back - :)

    tha trolls - granz, grandad, mama, baby nd slapper - ur guys support has got me thru everything - BIG UPZ u guys -

    caz - thanx heapz 4 being thea 4 us esp oceana - i can c that she will look up 2 u a gr8 deal wen she gets older -

    f i have missed anywun out totally soz aye but deep down u will know that i'm thanking u -

    !!BIG UPZ!!!!

    these pepz who have been mentioned aren't fake 2 me nd haven't made a promise 2 any of my kidz which they can't keep - these pepz will b in our lives 4eva nd who mean a gr8 deal 2 talima, oceana nd me!

    0 Comments 230 weeks

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