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A.J Ramsamy

do my blogs and polls

1/25/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 20, Luv 60
  • from Moree
  • I am Single
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hey, im AJ, i am from south africa, when i was 8 we moved from south africa to new zealand, we spent 3 years there and moved here, i have been living in moree for 2 years. I go to St Phillies, its an alright school, nd im in year 9. ive got a brother named Sachin and a sister named Farah. they awsum as. and all my awesome friends i wouldnt be me with out them!!
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well, i love sports. its awsumm...i love soccer and i wanna be a pro and play overseas, well thts my dream lol, soccer is my favorite sport and then my second favorite wud have to be golf lol its a fun game, but when u hit bad shots u stress ur head off lol

thts bout it for me. leave me a comment or watever and yea

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AFI, 30 seconds to mars, fall out boy, the fray, My chemical Romance, Santana, nickleback, simple plan, timbaland, justin timberlake , chris brown, rihanna, t pain , ACDC, Evermore, Eskimo Joe, Lincin park, 3 doors down, Akon, Gwen Stephani, Black Eyed Peas, Scribe, Maroon 5, Korn, Thirsty mirk, Silver chair, green day, fergie, R.Kelly, Usher, mettalica, iron maiden, bon jovi, gym class heroes, sean kingsten, good charlotte, sum 41.......and KAnye WEst is da best!, plain white t's, last goodnight..........
Batman Dark Knight, Jumper, Iron Man , Wild hoggs, Pirates of the Caribbean, harry potter, spider man, CLICK, Mr bones, Mamma Jack other comedies, action and adventure, Blood Diamond, Casino Royal, Pursuit of Happyness, bob the butler, hitch, epic movie, norbit, transformers, my favourate is the benchwarmers tht is sooooo funny!
golf(tiger woods), cricket(south africa), tennis(Go joe wilfred Tsonga), soccer(Man united), mountain biking, snow skiing, hockey, basketball, athletics(100m, 200m, 400m, long jump, high jump.), footy(TIGERS), squash
Scared Of
creatures that are shaped weird and have weird colors on them
Happiest When
when I am playing sports, with my family, and chillin with my best mates, U know That kind of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) playing my guitar
yeah my msn is ayrtonrulz@hotmail.com, add me!
My best friends
Aussie: Daniel(we cant be beaten when we are on the same team at soccer lol best mate) Luke (teacher me at guitar hero ) (Shane, Angus( TANK), Brittany(ur cool as), Sam, Jacob Collier( awesome friend), Benny Tootel( WHY>>>>>EXPLAIN>>>), me and fayth are hpfl!!<3( faytherry)Lucas Deegz, Jack Evans (hes cool), Asher (funniest guy ), and kate shes mad as lol nd there r heaps of other people tht im not thinkin bout atm . but dw, let me know.

NZ: BJ, Rikki, Tarsha, Ben, .........u guys are mad as

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  • Kalindi

    hey do you got msn???

  • Sophie Henderson
    luv Sophie Henderson

    hey Aj, how are you? xx

  • Haydizzle

    oii bud i got ya on xbox live wanna have a game man let me know

  • BeeJay

    ajaaaayy , What's doing bro ? , love you, x

    6/14/09 via Mobile
  • Brittany

    yeah not much lol... getting my bellie done on fri or sat. pretty excited but really scared haha wb

  • Kalindi
    luv Kalindi

    Hey how u been heres some love w.b

    4/10/09 via Mobile
  • Brittany
    luv Brittany

    Heyy... watcha doinn???

  • Brittany 3/21/09
  • Benn.

    ok yip um 76a bowentown BLVD dwn a long drivway but ring me wen ur in bowntown kk SHOT BRO

  • Benn.
    luv Benn.

    yes mate sure :) what time this is my number during the day 0800 549 434

  • Al

    HAPPY NEW YEAR all the bestest for 09 aj xx

  • Tori Monique
    Tori Monique

    hey wat u up ta

  • Benn.

    yea bro itz 07 863 4955 shot bo

  • Amy.

    hey ahh not alot. just cruising. ive been great! how bout you ?

  • Andrews

    oi aj are u gunna start moto x or wah bra

  • luv Bree

    hey.. imm good how are you? nah bored as lol what you up to?

  • luv Bree

    heyy.. not much really.. nothing to do lol what did you get up to? mad as lol hmb.

  • Karen

    oh reali that would have been fun lol yer im not doin been pretty bored lately lol

  • Karen

    lol me n my brother ride at home we have made a motorbike track and we still workin on it we waitin for a new bikes though lol... yer we live out pally way i have been down to misquito creek once it was mad fun its pretty kool there watcha doin?

  • Karen

    so.... lol