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almost school :(

8/12/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Anstruther ! ☺
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About Me

'Never regret anything that once mad you smile........☺'
Me, Myself, and I
Not been on this shite in sooooo fuckin long that i have forgotten how to work it :/

its all about facebook these days catch up ;)
The Other Half Of Me


digusting mess (:

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1.What would be your immediate response to winning the lottery?
go slightly tits, run about, make loud noises (but only if i wone like 80million)

2.How do you like your eggs?
scrambled, omlettes or the whites of fried eggs (hate all other kinds)

3.Three words whish describe your personality best?
daft, raunchy, no-wyse

4.Morning or evening person?

5.Is your current hair colour your natural one?
well, kind of, its getting there

6.How often would you say you reveal your true feelings to someone?
not very often

7.When do you think you are old enough to fall in love?
it depends

8.Your first word was..?
cunt (im joking)

9.Have any pets?
yes, a pussycat

10.If you have/were going to have a tattoo, what is it/would it be of?
well i want one before im 18 (to be a rebel) so it would be something small in a hidden place

11.Do you prefer to be chilled or hyper?
it depends, both

12.Do you prefer those around you to be chilled or hyper?
chilled when im chilled and hypper when im hyper

13.Curtains or blinds?
shutters ?

14.Romantic Horror or Romantic Comedy? Why?
romantic comedy. because i dont see the poin of a scary love story :L

15.What makes you cry the most?
alcohol :(

16.Would you go on a loop-the-loop roller coaster?
in the past ive been too scared, but i probably would :)

17.What's your fave dancing style?

18.Have siblings?
i do indeed, why ?

19.How many times have you been abroad?
erm, 7 i think

20.Squeamish much?
yes, over seals

21.Would you babysit for a favour if you weren't being payed?
depends what the favour was

22.Had sex?
294860845739856 million times

23.What's the oldest song you listen to?
erm, fuck knows :L

24.Who was the last person you talked to over the phone?
ew, it was krystie mcfuckface

25.What is one acomplishment you are proud of?
having the frieds i do

26.Best bodypart on opposite sex?

27.Favourite personality trait in opposite sex?
making me laugh

28.What do you think about Global warming?
bring it on bitch

29.Can you cook a Sunday Roast?
kind of

30.Do you have a number that seems to "follow" you?
i hope not :O

31.What annoys you most?
over opinionated people, working on bank holidays etc, being ill

32.Do you "lick the bowl"?
not the toilet bowl, but often the bowl i melt my marsbars in

33.Do you prefer savoury or sweet things?
sweet, but i do enjoy savoury

34.Did you enjoy my little random survey?
yes, it filled time :)

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    get they pics up :) xx

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    HAHA, GETCHA G'S OOOOOT [moon] xxxx.

  • Penny
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    sumones no had a coment in an awfy long time ya sack. rararararararerhththdgdgegT.GADGE.

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    greg! you beeatch ;) xx

  • Suvland.
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    greeeeeeeeeeeeeeg, have a love (: xx

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    Hello my lover :D im ok thanks. had the cold tho :( hows u?? xxxxx

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  • Suvland.
    luv Suvland.

    not had a comment in a while :o hahaha, have some lurve :D :L xx

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    mmm tasty tommy the tonail!:D xx