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Gareth Davies

Carpe Dium

7/4/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 82
  • from Swansea
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Im Gareth Davies.......Hi...
Me in the middle with the red errr...necky-tie thingy:D

Egypt was the sex:D
Proud to be a Valley Boy;)
The Other Half Of Me
Geraint James

Geraint James

They call him birdman baby he's fly in any weather

Errr...were do i start..well i likes..Machinehead, Mettalica,
 children of bodom, slayer, megadeath, betwee
 n the buried and me, gojira, death, Symphony X, dragonforce, rhapsody of fire, killswitch engage, atreyu, avenged sevenfold(earlier stuff mainly), trivium, ac/dc, guns n roses, bullet for my valentine, enter shikari, bring me the horizon, dimmu borgir, down, maiden, morbid angel, hatebreed, At the drive in, as i lay dying, august burns red, the dead kennedys, as blood runs black, job for a cowboy, i killed the prom queen, haste the fall, ill nino, black flag, caliban, bless the fall, boy sets fire, black label society, chimaira, nile, necroph
 agist, comeback kid, boysetsfire, destroy the runner, dillinger escape plan, dredg, downset, emery, thri
 ce, evergreen terrace, glassjaw, in flames, meshuggah, shai hulud(hardcore at its finest!)underoath, shadows fall...well you get he picture...rock'n roll innit :D
I like films...ive got quite a short attention span so anything quite faced paced or funny is good by me:)
well rugby is my favourite but i like most sports
Scared Of
Surprise circumcision...its never funny.Oooh and i dnt really like motorbikes, quads scramblers and stuff like that...frightning to be straddled on an uncontrolable satanic(and mechanic for the rhymes:D )...thing that offers no pleasure other than the occaisional giggly vibration..:(
Happiest When
Playin rugby or wrasslin:D ...or with my mates or just listenin to music...

She be exciting..:p
Well ive got quite a few now so i may aswell list em:) ...Ive got both ears streched to 18mm, various other unused lobe piercings, tragus on the right, Industrial rim to rim on the left, both sides of my lip and my tongue :P ...no more for a while me thinks :)
Learning both rather slowly, hopefully gonna get back into consistent practice in the summer(Yay for finger callouses:D )....Sweep picking seeming all the more distant:( ....Seeking wisdom from the young god Gaffjones :P

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The Devil Wears Prada - Still Fly

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  • Another bloggy ma-bob...99 things about me:D

    1. Full name: Gareth Gwyn Owen Davies(G.G.O.D..Ironically atheist)
    2. Nicknames:Gaz(Yeah..originality FTW)
    3. Birthday: September 5th 1991
    4. Place of Birth: In a stable surrounded by wise men sheeps and a shepered or two....
    5. Star Sign: Virgo
    6. Male or female: male
    7. Year: eleven...nearly finished
    8. School: Gwyr
    9. Occupation:Man about town...jack in the box for hire(will require a box)
    10. Residence:Gaaaaaurton
    11. MSN Screen Name:Gareth

    __Your Appearance___

    12. Hair Colour: Brownie Black(feeling the urge for colour!)
    13. Hair Length: Middleyish
    14. Eye colour:B rown
    15. Weight: Around 16 and a half stone
    16. Height: 6 foot 3
    17. Braces? Hellz yah...u wanna see ma grillz?
    18. Glasses?...nop
    19. Piercings: Lip,streched lobes,tragus,tongue x2 soon!
    20. Tattoos: ...no...but sooon
    21. Righty or Lefty: Righty

    ___Your 'Firsts'___

    22. First best friend: Sam smith
    23. First Award: Ruggerby probably
    24. First Sport You Joined: Ruggarby
    25. First pet: puss-cat
    26. First Real Vacation: Mallorca
    27. First Concert: Motorhead and Anthrax supported by arch enemy i think(when i was 12 :D )
    28. First Love:Uhhh..well properly..Laura Kirky;)

    ___ Favourites___

    29. Movie: Goodfellas
    30. TV programme: ROH...or Beary gryllz
    31. Colour: GOLD
    32. Rapper: Tupac was the bomb
    33. Band: Machinehead
    34. Song Right Now: Blood and thunder by Mastodon
    35. Friends: They know who they be
    36. Sweet/Chocolate:ooof..uhhhDark galaxy probably..its yummy
    37. Sport:WRESTLING!..(its still real to me dammit:D )
    38. Restaurant: ummm...were the yummies is made>?
    39. Favourite brand: Amplified(they do zepp ts they gots to be kool)
    40. Body Part :Uhhh..face or arms
    41. School Subject: Uhhh...art was fun...but DT for teh Lulz
    43. Book: OOOff...too many to name...uhh...Legend by David Gemmell was the best for me probably(made me cry:( )
    44. Magazine: LOL..TEH PORNZ
    45. Shoes: Tennisy shoes...K-swiss and that


    46. Feeling: goooooood (duh duh duh dun duun)
    47. Single or Taken? Taken::D :D :D
    48. Have a crush: Only need the one tah
    49. Eating:Imaginary ice cream...:( ...its soo cold...and lonely...:(
    50. Drinking: MMMMM wowtah
    51. Typing:My memoirs
    52. Online? yeahhh
    53. Listening To: Blackwater park by Opeth
    54. Thinking About: What to read(just finished warriors of the tempest)
    55. Wanting To: sex
    56. Watching: Kenta Kobashi tribute video
    57. Wearing: A flowing gown of emerald green satin
    ___Your Future___

    58. Want Kids? Yeah...only one though so i can make it spoilt and fat:D
    59. Want to be married? Yeah
    60. Careers in Mind:P ro wrestler(in training:D ,Tatooist,piercer,teacher
     ,..uhh...porn star?...rock star...worlds biggest jockey:D
    61. Where do you want to live: Canada or california(ive been to neither place but meh)
    62. Car: id rather a massive Ram(goat)..with a bad ass speaker system

    __Which is Better With The Opposite Sex___

    63. Hair colour: Go nuts
    64. Hair length: Long,medium,not shorter than mine
    65. Eye colour: Green or blue are sexy
    66. Measurements: Uhhh as long as their not taller ior broader than me were cool
    67. Cute or Sexy: Cute:)
    68. Lips or Eyes: oooofff...well eyes are the windows to the soul in they..(but lips is for kissin:( )...can i has both?
    69. Hugs or Kisses: Both
    70. Short or Tall: Dont mind
    71. Easygoing or serious:Easy going but a tad more serious then me(not hard)
    72. Romantic or Spontaneous: Romantic
    73. Fatty or Skinny: Ilove it all(within crushing weight)
    74. Sensitive or Loud:I like em shy...i can then talk alot longer:)
    75. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship
    76. Sweet or Caring: Both
    77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: Dont mind...no rape/murder though please,k?.

    ___Have you ever______

    78. Kissed a Stranger:...nooo...noo..no...yess:(
    79. Had Alcohol: yerrp(i are just kool like that)
    80. Smoked: yes
    81. Ran Away From home:nooo...thats were i lives
    82: Broke a bone: Yeeep
    83. Got an X-ray:Yarr
    84. Been with someone:

    0 Comments 270 weeks

  • Anti- Rascism

    Anti- Rascism
    A black man walks into a cafe one early morning and noticed that he was the only black man in there. As he sat down he noticed a white man behind him who was talking with a friend.
    "Coloured people are not allowed in here!" the white man stated.

    The black man turned round, stood up and said:

    "when i was born i was black,"

    "when i grew up i was black,"

    "When i am sick i am black,"

    "When i go out into the sun i am black,"

    "when i am cold i am black,"

    "when i die i will be black."

    "But you sir........."

    "When you are born you are pink,"

    "when you are sick you are green,"

    "when you go in the sun you turn red,"

    "when you are cold you turn blue,"

    "and when you die you will be purple."

    "And you sir, you have the nerve to call me 'coloured'!!!"

    The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away...........

    Copy this onto your space and help erase rascism

    2 Comments 332 weeks

  • Do it!(its not mandatory but i sure would appreciate it:D)

    1. Whats your Name?
    2. Are we close?
    3. What do you think of me?
    4. Do you hav a secret crush on me?
    5. Would u kiss me?
    6. would u like to engage in sexual intercourse(i thought"fuk was a bit strong:( )with me?
    7. Describe me in 3 words?
    8. If u Had Me for 60 Mins wat would you do?
    9. What was ur first impression of me?
    10. Do u still think the same?
    11. What reminds u of me?
    12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    13. How well do u know me?
    14. What do u like best about me?
    15. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?
    16. Could you ever love me?
    17. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    18. Anything 2 say b4 u go?

    10 Comments 336 weeks

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