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Tasha Miles

Been on diet and lost 8 and a quarter pounds in a week! Check me out! Xx

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  • Female, Luv 37
  • from Headley
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  • Member since: October 2006
  • Last active: 6/8/10
  • www.bebo.com/xxxx___tasha___xxxx
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About Me

!!! LIVE LIFE !!!
Me, Myself, and I
<<----- yep, thats me!! (on the right)

Name ~ Tasha
Age ~ 18
Status ~ Falling.
Most important things ~ my best friend Rach and my wonderful family
College ~ Sparsholt
Studied ~ Outdoor Education
Job ~ PGL activity centre BARTON HALL!!!


There are a few people in my life mean a lot to me and im going to miss you terribly when i leave!

THATS YOU PGL'ers!!!!!!!

Im going to miss you guys loads! thank you for everything, you guys have been great and have made my summer worth it!

xxxxxx love u all xxxxxx
*^*~ Rach ~*^*
This is a shout out to my best mate rach. You have always been here for me and i appreciate it muchly!! we have only been close since the holiday and it has been great knwing you so long as i have!! your amazing to talk to and hang out with! you have kept secrets for me and you have listened and helped me with my problems in the past. ( even if u did steal my bf!!) lol, only joking hun thank you for being my best mate! i'll never forget you... lets face it, i cant, your always here!!! lol. love u bbz. Xx
*^*~ Andy ~*^*
I know we aint been very close recently and we just try to get on and not argue but in the past you have been a very good friend to me and have given me advice several times which is much appreciate. thankyou for being there for me and for looking after my best mate, there is noone i would rather see her with coz i know you will treat her right.xx
*^*~ Dan ~*^*
i know you will just bitch if i dont put something on here for you so.... i know you pick on me and you make me walk in and out of the kithen even when i have got a sprained ankle, then say look at her go. which, i dont think is really fair, you meanie!! i stil think u are great and i dont know what i would do without your bitching.lol.xx
*^*~ Jamie AND soph~*^*
going to miss you guys so so much!!! my PGL ROOMIES!! INVALID ARMY!! JOIN NOW!! we have so many memories and i know soph has only just joined us in the blonde room but hey ho we love you just as much!!! i hope we keep in touch!! much love xxxxxxxxxxx
*^*~ PGL PEEPS ~*^*
i have known you all for about half a year but already i have grown to love you all!! your amazing and your personalities are sooo different but great either way. most of you have helped me through some things i have found hard and i wanna thank you all for that!! luff u all!! xx

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  • Daisy Biggerstaff
    Daisy Biggerstaff

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    Daisy Biggerstaff

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  • Woop Single
    Woop Single

    heya how are you

  • Woop Single
    luv Woop Single

    heyayou you ok darling how u have love tab baxk ..x

  • Gayface.

    Heyyy Yuu Okaii Long Time No See?? Tapp Bk Brooksey(Y)

  • Jamie Miles
    luv Jamie Miles

    your a fucka :-( .... nice to see your reading my comments too see wot im upta these days ehh??? whats going on anyways? according to mum your in a pissy with me???? tap back tash x

  • .Miss Boopie Barker.
    .Miss Boopie Barker.

    hello hello :) :) i am all good.. my head hurts tho.. but i think its cos im tired.. lol i am indeed.. crappy hours tho lol yer im fine lol.. had a few scares since then but im all good :) :) lol it was serious i cried.. and thats pretty serious if you ask me! lol i know.. but hes fine cheeky lil devil lol :) :) love you x.x.x.x.x.x.x

  • Jamie Miles
    luv Jamie Miles

    3rd of friends list??? thts a bloody insult im family ya know :D jokes you alrite shit break?? comment back xxxxx

  • Dizzyy Bee
    Dizzyy Bee

    yeah i fink he got both, but he defo hav bebo coz i added im yestadai!!!

  • Dizzyy Bee
    Dizzyy Bee

    Heyyy!!!!!! btw hes a propa ginga!!!!!!! ly xxxxxxx

  • Dizzyy Bee
    luv Dizzyy Bee

    dats were mi bro went!!!!!lol hes james o'connor he was a prefect and he is 21. lol wubu2 how hav u bin?

  • Dizzyy Bee
    luv Dizzyy Bee

    hi!!! how hav u bin??? wubu2??? mi bro finks he knows u!! he wants 2 know wat skool u went to???? lol tapp bak beth xoxoxoxox

  • Gayface.

    Yeh Kewlio And Dunno Lol Didnt Go Last Week Yeh Therez Canoeing Lol <3 Loves Yaz <3

  • Dizzyy Bee
    Dizzyy Bee

    i had to leave coz of sum1 there but now i think i will go bak soon coz i miss it like hell! i havnt bin up 2 much, bin on hols and thats it wbu? i av bin good, wbu? xx

  • Gayface.

    Heyah Babe YuuOkaii I Saw Yuu Wed Yuu Look WellHun Yuu Goin Canoein?? Nice Seein Yuu Agen :) Love Yuu<3

  • Dizzyy Bee
    Dizzyy Bee

    hey!!!!!!!!!! its beth a i used 2 go 2 arc!

  • Wayno Rocker

    add me on msn

  • Rachie Xxx
    Rachie Xxx

    the treat u like shit, i'm so happy ur cuming bk! becky is 2! lol i'm doing most of the weddings, wot did katie say 2 u then? i bet ur mum werent 2 impressed was she? xxxxxxxxxxxxx