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SHOUT is two days away...

3/18/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 64
  • from Taiwan,Tauranga, Malaysia, Dunedin, Auckland
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  • Member since: January 2005
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
"I see a generation, rising up to take their place
With selfless faith, with selfless faith
I see a near revival, stirring as we pray and seek
We are on our knees, we are on our knees
Hosanna in the highest!!!!
Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like You have loved me
Break my heart for what breaks yours
Everything I am for your Kingdom's cause
As I walk from earth into eternity"

I love Jesus and this allows me to love my life!

I go to Equippers church... (woohoo the best church in the world!!!) I study full time at Equippers bible college and work part time as a physio!Life is never dull at Equippers. Life is meant to be exciting and full of adventures and being at Equippers allows me to experience exactly that. If you wanna come to church just gimme a buzz... 4/6.15pm every Sunday at Mercury theater, Mercury Lane,Newton!!
R&B is cool...Kirk Franklin is mean! Jack Johnson and Big Runga are my typa music when I feel like chilling out.
Brooke Fraser is fab!!!
By the way I really like Celin Dion.....- DON"T LAUGH!!!
I am Sam!!! Oh my godsh...a must see!!! Otherwise I love funny movies. Ones that make me laugh so hard that I cry!
Volleyball, bodyboarding, tramping
Scared Of
Large animals, small dogs included. I perceive them as large animals too.
Happiest When
I am fed!
When I have had enough sleep.
When I hang out with friends and laugh like mad...
When I get a fresh revelation from the Big Dude!!
When the whole family gets 2getha!!
When I sing...(but Takia wouldn't agree with that..lol)
When I am in the water!
Fav Food
I usually eat anything (ask the bible college students) but definite Asian food is my fav - esp my mama's cookin!! I love Thai...mmm...and I can't stand fastfood!!!! It's slowly killing our world and we are even paying for it to happen.
Fav moment in life
When I gave my heart to God! It has completely changed my life and still is...

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Shout 07 - It's A Revolution, Baby!
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  • Essence 07

    Hey ladies out there!!!! Anyone still not registered for Essence (Equippers women's conference 07) you must do it asap! You won't wanna miss out on an awesome weekend with the gals!! Do it online or at da church resource center!!!:)

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  • Taiwan...cont

    Thank goodness for Kingdom culture!!! That's just leave it at that!

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  • Taiwan

    It's been an amazing past few days back in my other home - Taiwan. The temperature has been pretty much above 30 deg everyday and I am guessing the humidity is almost 100%. As much as I moan about the heat I am actually really enjoying it. I love going for early morning swims with Dad. Biking to the pool is usually how we warm ourselves up. At 6 in the morning there is no traffic on the streets (we live in a smaller town) and so I don't worry about getting hit by a bus or a car at all. Just room around anywhere I like. The first couple of days I slept with Nana and she would want to stay up and tell me all her childhood tales. Being jetlagged and quite a big fan of sleep I tend to drift off to sleep rather quickly. Then she would hit me and wake me up so I can pleasantly keep listening to her. lol oh my Nana...I love her! A few nights later she got bored of talking to a sleepyhead so she decided she was gonna turn my fan off while she kept her one near by going. I think she thought I was sleeping right by the window so the freeze would do for me. (I find it hard to really understand what's going on in her head most of the time. Being 93 herself I think she struggles with that herself too) I woke up a few nights soaked in sweat (a beautiful picture isn't it? - but at least I don't smell, I never do!!!) and finding myself having an debate with her while I was half concious about why I should have the fan on. When Nana's caregiver came back from her holiday, I decided to migrate back to my bedroom so I don't become mentally unstable from lack of sleep. (How come old people only sleep a few hours a day? I reall REALLY don't understand!)I have also had my other Grandma (from Mum's side) come by to visit and flip man both Nanas' force combined I get quite overwhelmed. I don't dare to say what I like to eat coz 30 minutes later I will have 10 things put in front of me and people forcing me to eat them all at once. Then they all like to talk over each other. THey will all fire questions at me at the same time and it doesn't really matter if I don't speak they just wanna get stuff out of their mind then at least it's finished for them. Haha...oh wow the culture here is indeed very different. I get a bit cultural shocked for about 2 days then I am straight back into it! KNowing when to really believe in someone's "no I don't want anything to eat thank you" and when to keep asking until they accept my offer only becoz they are being polite. People here don't talk opening about stuff. Everything they say there is a deeper layer of meaning to it. You need to digest what you hear carefully to get the essence of what's being said! That gets a bit tiring for me sometimes but I am willing to do it only out of not wanting to offend relatives or family friends. Fun fun fun...living in a different culture teaches you a lot and this is my culture!

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  • X-Exclusive Girlz-X
    X-Exclusive Girlz-X

    hey wat up??? it me ana from tonga yeah ....hahahhaha how r u......sis...........

  • 'Taaniela.

    Heyy Not sure if you remember me :S Im taani...Soane's Cousin from aus :D How have you been..? Hows Soane i havent heard from him since i left! Hope you guys are well! xx

  • Jackie
    luv Jackie

    Hi Michelle, Just wana give you some love coz you're awesome! xx

  • Soane Tonga
    luv Soane Tonga

    You need some love on this page Mickey!!!

  • luv Julia HuzzIff

    hey Michelle, hope ya had a great week, just thought Id say hi, and wishing you a wonderful wkend :-)xo

  • Soane Tonga
    luv Soane Tonga

    Your an Awesome Communicator in the making:) lol


    hey Michelle sowi for da lateness in our reply - you can forward us an email on levitesband@hotmail.com Hope to hear from you soon. Stellz