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&&...Its Simple..I Love Him..x

6/22/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 23, Luv 287
  • from salisbury
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: October 2006
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About Me

Cant wait for mx 09!!!!!
Me, Myself, and I

♥«´¨`•Lucy #42•´¨`»♥

This Girl..
18 And At Salisbury College Doin Health And Social Care
Taken&& Loving Craig Durstonn..
Rides A Crf250 Numba..42..♥

Sponcered by:-
Honda Of Bournemouth..♥
Expressive Motorcycles..♥
Timeless Ink..♥
Exsel Racing..♥

The People In My Top Friends Mean A Lot....
The Order Means Nuthin..♥
|TEAM HONDA #81 '|""";.., ___.
|_..._...______===|= _|__|...,]

|TEAM HONDA #42 | '|""";.., __.
|_..._...______===|= _|__|....]
The Other Half Of Me


Wot A Crack Up This Girl Is...x Love Her Lotsage!!

I like loadsa stuff but dance music da bst lol
..♥ Films♥..
Grease__ Boy Girl Thing__Knocked Up!! Anythin That Makes Me Laugh!!
..♥ Sports♥..
Motocross All The Way I Love It!!
..♥ Luce and marteen♥..
Well wot can say...no end of laughs at college :D Love ya bth lots girlies...x
..♥ Moto-x♥..
Motocross.....One goal, one vision, one dream to become pro! I will do what it takes to beat that one person, i am going to do! and i am going to prove to myself and everyone else i can do it! i will prove all those who think girls dont have the have the guts wrong, i will do it!, it is drive and determination to do it, if you want to be the best and be able to look back at the rest, then you need to belive in yourself, and have no pain barrier to come up against on ur journey, which you will put sweat and blood into, if you are lucky then there will be no injuries to stop you, its partly the bike, but if your truthful to yourself you know its down to you... just remember its four things only TRAIN, TRY, BECOME BETTER N NEVR GIVE UP!...x
..♥ Donna n chloe♥..
Not A College Anymore!! Still Luvin Ya Tho Girlies!!

U make me so happy babe..x
Love you lotsss x x

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  • hi

    Hi ya hows things?

    Karen Randall 0 Replies
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  • Jodie

    I just pulled $829 in five days at home on the computer! Made it with - http://x.co/KTJD Your going to be so happy!

  • Paul Broomfield
    Paul Broomfield

    I netted in $598 in three days being on the web! It's all because of - http://goo.gl/v29IY You will love me for this!

  • Chloee
    luv Chloee

    lucyyyy it's been ages :( how are you and what you been up too and please comment my new pics on bebo! won't see you over the summer because we arent coming away with you atall were at butlins from saturday for a week then back for a week then we are down woolacoombe for a week and then wherever else mum books up. catch up soon i think. have a love love you long time :) xxx

  • Lee Coles
    Lee Coles

    hi havnt spoken to you in ages u ok?

  • Chloee

    hey how are you and what you been getting up too ? x

  • Hidee
    luv Hidee

    yh i want a job lol cuz i am pretty bord lol but i do try 2 keep my self busy lol!! im goin back 2 do this 12 wk course wher they help me get a job n stuff lol so thats a bargain reli lol!! yh drivin is pretty gd still doin it lol! lovage xxxxxxxxxx

  • Craig Durston
    Craig Durston

    allright sweatheart u ok yer i aint been on bebo 4 ages bit shit init. it was gd sein u yesterday but guna be even betta 2moz wen were on da way 2 bashley cnt wait wel excited lol guna be gd init. and can u stop goin on bout my hairy ass lol cause u love it lol loving u loads and c u 2moz mwah xxxx

  • Chloee

    (: good and yeah i have been feeling quite ill recently and my pe teachers are really worried about me they don't think that i am my normal self but i am really emotional x

  • Chloee
    luv Chloee

    Lucyy you alright and what you up too? My arsenal shirt aint shit x

    5/21/09 via Mobile
  • Chloee
    luv Chloee

    lucyyyyy :D Yes i am good thankyou bubs(: and your self nothing much been ill quite abit and school:P you ? yes it was good fun but didnt really talk to you feltwell bad! please comment my new pictures(: xxx

  • Hidee
    luv Hidee

    hiya! yh im all gurd ta bbes!yh i love my drivin lessons lol i think i cen u 2dai while i was on my lesson actualli lol! umm iv gota get a job lol! wta joke lmao! lovage bk loveu xxx

  • Hidee
    luv Hidee

    well hello hows itt goin bbe!? wat u bin up!? omg i love drivin i cant wait lol! t/b lovage from the best cuzin eva loveux heidi xxxx

  • LaurenA

    Lucy=] Xx

  • Karen Randall

    Hey Lou How are you? I keep looking out for you at college but never see you. Thought I would drop you a line to see how you are. Hope your ok LOL xxx Bunny

  • Hidee
    luv Hidee

    hello ther cuzin! how ya bin!? wat u bin up 2!? ashley is all moved out now lol! anywai . . . il have to meet up with you one dai lol! t/b ly xxxxx

  • Hidee
    luv Hidee

    hey i have no cred til fridai lol grr! yh im soo much happier evry has noticed lol! i can do my own thing agen now it fukin great lol! glad ur ok hun! i wil hav 2 cum see u soon! lovee youu xxxxx

  • Hidee
    luv Hidee

    hiya hun . . . omg av i got sum gossip 4 u. i will have 2 tell u in person tho cuz i dont want every1 on bebo 2 know lmao. t/b llovee youu heidi xo.

  • Charr '
    luv Charr '

    Aww yeah i hope it gets better soon :) Lol lucy welch drunk no way :P lol What u gettinh a honda?? Yh i wont a 125 but im skint at the mo soo looks like 150 again lol woop.. Yh i no shit ent it.. LoveeYouu x x

  • S T E V E
    S T E V E

    haha yea i know i seen your dad walk past and i go to mum im sure that was matt lol they wer really pleased i dont have to go back again and i can start riing again soo might b going out bere riegis tomoro :D how did you get on? xxx

  • Hidee
    luv Hidee

    hiya agen lol. yh she added me lol. iv been doin nothing lyk alwais lol n u!? ashley pissed me off lol. t/b lovee youu xo.