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Xx Rachel Xx Thisisme Dealwithit

hehe crazy

10/9/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

MCFLY and David Arculetta were AWSOME.i want it to happen all over again. lol luv all my mates <3 x
Me, Myself, and I
<----- me

hiyaa, i am Rachel.
i am 15, not 18, i dunno how to change it :S my b-day is in june, i love mcfly, go audio, MCR, and lots more!! ♥♥♥♥♥
i have a hamster called Harvey and a rabbit called Buster, i love them both to bits, apart from buster is violent lol :)

My best mates are sam ♥ sian ♥ alice ♥ karina ♥ amelia ♥ charlotte ♥ etc..
All my mates r great

add me if ya know me and add me on msn if u like ... rachelradish@hotmail.co.uK

---♥♥-♥♥---Put This On
--♥♥---♥♥--Your Bebo If
--♥♥---♥♥--U Know
--♥♥---♥♥--Sum1 WHo
---♥♥-♥♥---Is Suffering
---♥♥-♥♥---Or Has Died
--♥♥---♥♥--From Cancer

¸¸.•¤**¤•.¸¸If you have ever pushed on a door that said 'PULL'
copy and paste this onto your profile¸¸.•¤**¤•


You are amazing, always make me laugh, very gd mate, have fantastic, funny times togetha like halloween! HAHA lol. can always count on u being there when i need u. luv u loads :D
The Other Half Of Me
Sam Unwin

Sam Unwin

u mean the world to me i can trust u wiv my life X

Mcfly ♥♥ , My Chemical Romance (The Way brothers ♥), Goaudio ♥♥, Scouting For Girls, Maroon 5 and katy perry and lilly allen r gd as well.
mcfly concerts, mean girls, the holiday, bridget jones.. and beowolf was good (sam jumped at the most stupid place lol luv ya sammy)
i'm not reli a sporty person but i like swimming and i think netball and rounders are ok to.
Ma Friends
u know who u are!!!!! (or u should lol) luvya guys here r a few:-(not in order) :-) :-)sam, sian, alice, karina, charlo
 tte, amelia, megan, jess, megan, charlee, bev :-)
Sam + Alice +Sian
u guys are amazing, best mates ever, dunno wot i would do with out u, i can trust u with anything, you cheer me up when i'm down, makes me laugh all the bloddy time, u retards lol luv u forever xxxxxxxxxx
Karina + Danni
lovely people, they're always there for me, they make me laugh loads luv u loads xxx karina: i'm sure we will go to lots more mcfly concerts together HAHA lol luv u lots xxxxxxxx
Amelia + Charlotte
very nice people, very gd mates, makes me laugh alot, we take the mick outta each other, but we all know we're only joking and laugh bout it (eventually) HAHA lol luv u xxxxxxx

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  • Hackeedd =)

    yeye ii told youu ii was guunaa hack youu bebo..!!

    whaa can ii saii bwt youu babe... youu have alwaiiz been there 4 mee youu alwaiiz no whaa to saii if iim upset or angry .. we av been thru bad times buh have shared many good timez ... ii no tht ii can tell youu nethiink and youu wont tell a soul ... tht ii can do nethiin an ii no youu will stand by me ...youur such a good friiend ii dont no whaa ii wud do wivowt </b> youu.. youu have helped me become the person ii am todaii .... im alwaiz here forr youu .. il stick by youur desisions and for whaa youu want to do wiv youur lyff .. youur an abs. stunna babe .. dont let neone eva tell youu different ..

    II LOV3 YOUU BAB3 <3<3

    .......>>...////....<<........ hackedd by da onee youu cal blond =D .........MJ

    2 Comments 229 weeks

  • plez do this (agen) lol sammy stole this from jess, and then i stole this from sammy haha

    Rachel is ________
    Rachel _______ Me
    Rachel has a ________
    I'd like to _____ Rachel
    Rachel dresses like a ________
    Rachel looks ______
    When I saw Rachel I ___________
    I've known Rachel since _____
    Rachel is the ________ person I have ever met
    Rachel is good at ______
    Rachel 's best feature is her __________

    lol plez do this EVERYONE lol
    luvya guys xxxx

    5 Comments 269 weeks

  • plez try this

    thankx sam, i stole this from u! lol

    write your name, but as followed

    fingers: rachel butchart (as easy as can be)
    Fingers crossed: rachel butchart (again, very easy)
    One eye closed: rachel butchart (so easy)
    Both eyes closed: racj4; gutchart (not quiet so easy, but still easier than there is to come)
    Chin: ras c vhndl butfchnjar ( ok,bit crap)
    Cheek: r5zc bgdlb uytsnh
    Elbow: 43
    Back of Hand:

    8 Comments 281 weeks

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  • McFly

    said id draw u a better pic of them and I HAVE xD.

    this seriously took FOREVER so u better LOVE it. forever. the end.

    even tho they look slightly spakky. and fat.


    and just look at the ATTENTION TO DETAIL! lol


    Kate 1 Reply
  • Smile!

    Urm... don't ask

    Sam Unwin 1 Reply

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    Hello im gd ta, watchn footy. u? and u? love u 2 xxxx

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    Helloo Goood yeah thanks are you feeling better ?? x

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    Helllooo Youu okayy? x

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    hey(: x

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