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  • Female, Luv 17
  • from Bathy town
  • Profile views: 3,293
  • Last active: 4/30/12
  • www.bebo.com/Suzy_ure_biatch
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
relocated to face book........
The Other Half Of Me
Natasha Biggs

Natasha Biggs

the only one who understands me xxx

I love...
my frinds, holidays, clubbing, working at clinique, sitting in the sun
Movies i bone...
loads of em....breakfast club, goodfellas, superbad...all sorts
I hate...
sexists, homophobics, exams, stress, mean people
My Goals...
Sky dive...skinny dip...get a tatto... never get seriouse
How to make me happy...
huggs and kisses for no reason...compliments...trust me with stuff...Let me trust you with stuff...Talk to me if you see me in the street...slap my ass...make me laugh hysterically untill I cry...Be spontaneous...stick up for me...dont spread shit about me...be pleased to see me...tell me you love me however much of a dumb ass im being at the time...

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  • whats ure name say about u?

    S:Easy to fall in love with
    U:You are really silly.
    Z:Always ready.......
    Y:best boy/girl friend any one can ask for

    well i'd say thats pretty accurate

    A : likes to drinks alot
    B : like alot of people
    C : You are really silly.
    D : one in a million.
    F : You are dead sexy
    E : Great in bed
    G : You neverlet people tell you what to do.
    H : You have a very good personality,looks and a very good kisser
    I : Great in bed.
    J : People Adore you
    K : You're wild and crazy.
    L : Unbelievably great in bed.
    M : Great in bed.
    N : you like to drink ALOT.
    O : awesome kisser.
    P : You are popular with all types of people.
    Q : You are a hypocrite.
    R : Fuckin Crazy.(in a fun way)
    S : Easy to fall in love with
    T : You're loyal to those you love
    U : You are really silly.
    V : You are not judgemental.
    W : You are very broad minded.
    X : You never let people tell you what to do.
    Y : best boy/girl friend any one can ask for.
    Z : Always ready.......

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  • Honey Honey

    Excuuuse Me But Does Your Mother Know That Your Out??!! x♥x

  • luv Honey Honey

    I know I had so much to tell you lol I'l send you a facebook mail tomorrow night lol Tell you how coupons went down and stuff lol..Had em with me today mean to show you lol Damm I was in such a rush lol Am I her cos of sex lol haha Na I wasnt too late got home at 10....Looooong Day lol Hope your mum didnt mind waiting lol LoveYouLikeMyMumsBrownies x

  • RiannaRascal
    luv RiannaRascal

    thanks! its been cut since half term =] miss u ly xxxx

  • Brittanie H
    Brittanie H

    suzyyyyyyyyy, i was the first to have the miss maggage outfit, an i go on here an random look around on here, an wat do i see ..................... loads of people wearing them !!! love ya babe xxxxxxx

  • Brittanie H
    Brittanie H

    i love ya. i love u . i love ya. i love u loads !!!!!!!! i would "share my love" wit u , bt i already given it 2 lizzie 4 2day xxx see u wen i get back from blackpool babez xxxxxxx

  • RiannaRascal

    erm , im going trick or treating with the people from the stables on horseback hopefully which should be funny btw is it trickle treating or trick or treating, i never kno! lol! luv u xxxx

  • RiannaRascal

    hallloo im fine thanksyou hows u? i love christmas! lol no i cant get in the mood because it hasnt snowed DAMN SNOW! im in yr 9! :D luv u lots xxxxxxx

  • luv --CrAzYcHrIs--

    lol, ye they surprised me abit 2! but i avnt bin able 2 celebr8 as much as i'd like 2 just yet, cs we went on hols on results day!! wich was gr8 n'all bt wen evry1 was plannin the celebrations i had 2 go :( ! meh, cant complain i guess :D . well dun agen 4 ur AS results :D - very impressive as i'm sure u've bin told many tyms b4 :) . thank u all very much 4 the card :D , jst gt bak nd it was a gr8 fing 2 read wen i came in :D - THANK UUUUUUUUU! :D av u celebrated suitably yet? hav sum cousinly luv :) xXx

  • --CrAzYcHrIs--

    Lol ye tht was a bit weird rly - she sed 2 me tht she was used 2 my mum pikin up the fone (nd goin nuts) bt wen a receptionist was lyk 'Good Aftaoon, PCL Whitehall Security hw can I help?' she was a bit suprised lol! I did mention 2 hr bout the hols nd agen she seemed up 4 it - it wld defin8ly b a gd laugh nd i rekon it wld b well worth doin :) mayb jst b4 xmas or in October hlf term - or sumtym neway, we can arange it at sm point proprly im sure - after all we're both inteligent employd businesspeople (hmmm...lol!) Didnt botha tryin 2 get away wiv avin ppl over 4 house sittin cs i was hardly eva thre 2bh, it was rly jst smwhre 2 sleep nd wen i wsnt doin tht i was wlkin the dog, hu kept me company lol! Plzd 2 hear u had fun in Bude, we'll av 2 cmpare holiday storys soon lol. Work is fyn, as u can tell wiv my call 2 tasha - i make many important business calls lol! (was 2 find out the tym difference between ere nd Malaysia!) long hours tho! Hws work? Hav fun in Sardinia xXxXx

  • luv --CrAzYcHrIs--

    hey :) ! how rya? jst a quiky 2 say thnx 4 puttin up wiv us all last w/end lol - the mansion was awesum xcept 4 a bit big 4 jst me nd the dog (even if the dog was a tad on the large syd lol!) the worst bit was gettin 2 work, insted of wat wldve bin a hlf hour wlk from my house it was ova an hour on the train!! wat a bitch, eh?! lol, the reality of work hit me a bit as well afta doin pretty much jack all wiv my hands apart from hold beers since GCSEs lol! *sigh* well ope work is treatin u well nd i myt cya soon. i rekon goin up 2 c tasha 4 a w/end in winter wld b kl btw, aslong as i wont cramp ur style 2 much! neva gt 2 talk 2 u properly, bt tbh its not the most happy of stories so u gt away wiv it :P ! hav sum cousinly luv wile i'm at it! take care x x x

  • Honey Honey


  • Alice Is The Shizz
    Alice Is The Shizz

    aww wicked yeah definately count me in!! 14th? so thats next sat rite? cool, just before i fly off to berlin on mon :) make sure someone gives me the inviteee :L will be wicked to c u my dearrr!! YAY!! love u muchness x x x x x x x ps i just wrote this msg on ur profile but was signed in as jonny by accident and it said i love u & everything.. thought u might get a lil worried!! so its now deleted :P

  • Alice Is The Shizz
    Alice Is The Shizz

    hey my darlin! glastonbury was brilliant thank u!! so so much fun anyway how r u? we'll have to get together some time very soon :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Esme Holloway
    Esme Holloway

    oh god yeah! those two will definatley b worth getting to know! shot gun i get first pick! hehehehehe lol, it is quite hard to go to the gym without headphones, u dont really have a lot else to do...! c u 2moro nuff love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx