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10/19/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 78
  • from the dark depths of the orochimarus family lair
  • Profile views: 37,045
  • Member since: October 2006
  • Last active: 4/4/11
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About Me

i am a god! my followers are kings, the rest are insects crawling by our feets
Me, Myself, and I
hiya!! im orochi,orochimarus and ishizu ishtar son
i like to kill and also kill and most important of all KILLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im stronger than my dad but i dont tell him since he doesnt like ppl stronger than him so i keep it to myself.
i use to have a bestfriend but i killed him while expirementing on him.also this is important,u should always look at my mood depending wat it says that will be my attitude or how i am feeling so those who always looking for fights if it says bored,or feeling violent then ask for your fight if it doesnt then dont bother,oh and dont care wat others say i like slutty girls and i have sex slaves here so dont judge me its just me.so..LEAVE A COMMENT..IF U DARE!!!!!!!!>=) >=(


P.S. im giving up fighting for the time being.im more into flirting and teaching right now.like sasori,dark-seal,and bobo i need a fucking brake too.well peace out
dont like music
really really in a good mood (very rare)
cacth the running prey i love that game
Scared Of
I FEAR NOTHING...except dad
Happiest When
killing ppl
my goal
my goal ill keep it to myself
ull get to see them

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panther, adopted from bunnyhero labs
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  • people killed by me in other word people tha i defeated in battle and are no longer able to fight me

    <darksasuke>first fight:not killed he was left alive cause he is a sound.
    second fight with dark sasuke:there was a second fight with darksasuke and in this one i couldnt control it and his dead to me now....
    jon Uchiha <mentalkid1020507> r.i.p
    Itachi Uchiha <KoRn-Rawkz-man>
    Samurai Kyo 2390 <KJ2390>
    Sasori of the Red Sand 赤砂のサソリ <be-my-puppet>
    Deidara 「デイダラ」 <ART-breaker>
    Abi Uchiha <-Dark-Love-Song->
    me and naru naru<hakarunarufaze>

    18 Comments 352 weeks

  • my abilties

    3.nagashi chidori
    4.lightning blade
    5.paralizing strike
    6.katon fire element jutsu
    7.katon meteor jutsu
    8.barrage of lions(its a combo of attacks no technique)
    9.reversing strike
    10.fire release dragon fire technique
    11.phoneix immortal fire technique
    12.manipulating windmill triple blades
    summoning:it better u never found out but if u get in my bad side you will
    the rest are normal ninjas techniques like mist and stuff

    in some fights i always steal a technique from my opponents this is the one stolen so far
    1.sand waterfall(from garra)
    2.kage bushin no jutsu(from naruto)
    3.blade wind(from garras sensei baki)
    4.demonic illusion three bind death(sensei kurenai)
    5.water prison technique(zabusa)
    6.water release great waterfall(zabusa)
    7.water release water dragon blast(zabusa)
    8.silent homocide technique(zabusa)
    9.five element explosion(from <metroia37>)
    10.water realease:water shield(some weak water ninja)
    11.technique neutrilize(from 3rd hokage)
    12.temporary paralize technique(from anbu leader)

    8 Comments 352 weeks

  • the sharingan

    The Sharingan (写輪眼, Sharingan? literally "Copy Wheel Eye", Viz "Mirror Wheel Eye") is a special type of pupil condition that naturally occurs in all members of the Uchiha clan, though not all of them gain the ability to use it. Itachi hints at some dark ultimate purpose behind the Sharingan, which both he and Sasuke apparently know, but the series has yet to reveal exactly what that purpose is. The Sharingan is thought to be descended from the Byakugan, but grants the user different abilities and a different insight, which includes the ability to observe the movement and flow of chakra (although not to the same extent and clarity as the Byakugan).

    The Sharingan's first and most well known ability is to memorize any technique that it witnesses. It can memorize ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu with perfect accuracy, allowing the user to use the techniques as his own. In order to reproduce copied jutsu, however, one must have the necessary skill or ability to perform them. A prime example is Rock Lee's brand of taijutsu. While Sasuke was able to copy some of Lee's moves, they put a much more significant strain on him since he hasn't trained nearly as hard as Lee has. In addition to physical skill, the Sharingan cannot allow the user to reproduce any other bloodline abilities or summon a creature the user has not made a contract with, because the user of the Sharingan has to have the same blood as the one they are copying.
    The Sharingan also grants the user incredible clarity of perception, allowing them to track fast moving objects with great ease and predict their opponent's action. This perception is so great that it can even see through genjutsu and reverse it, depending upon the skill of the user.

    Finally, the Sharingan is capable of a unique brand of hypnosis that involves suggesting actions and thoughts to the opponent. When used in conjunction with the other aspects of the Sharingan, this allows the user to copy and use an opponent's technique before they can actually execute it.

    Sasuke's evolving Sharingan.The Sharingan does not automatically appear from birth in a user; instead, it will usually appear when the user is in a life-threatening situation, where the power of the Sharingan could save the user. After this first appearance, the user can then call up the Sharingan any time he or she pleases. (Due to its unique nature, \my Sharingan is "permanently on
    thus i usually covers it to conserve chakra.) The power of the Sharingan is judged through the number of tomoe in the eye, known as the "tomoe seal". It is not unheard of for a Sharingan user to have different amounts of tomoe in each eye. For example, Sasuke's Sharingan initially had two tomoe in one eye and one in the other. Upon his first regular activation of it, it had evolved to two tomoe in each eye - then three during his battle with Naruto at the Valley of the End. A fully-matured Sharingan has three tomoe in each eye.

    It is possible to transplant Sharingan eyes from one person to another, as occurred with Kakashi and his deceased comrade Obito. However, transplanted eyes do not work as well in a non-Uchiha body, causing more strain on the user, as is the case with Kakashi - extended use of his Sharingan will cause him to collapse. Uchiha clan members are not burdened with this weakness; activation of the Sharingan does consume chakra, the drain is so small as to be almost insignificant. Itachi in particular seems to have no trouble keeping his Sharingan activated near-constantly.

    Characters who currently possess the Sharingan include Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, and Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi's eye was given to him by Obito Uchiha, one of his teammates in his original three-man ninja team. Obito developed it in battle against rival Rock shinobi and during this battle Kakashi lost his left eye when he was attacked, hence his scar. Near the end of the battle Obito's right side is crushed under a giant rock, and as his last act Obito had

    2 Comments 352 weeks

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  • Hiya

    Hey this is so scary. Send this

    to 15 people in the next 143 mins. When u are done press F6 and

    ur crushes name will appear on the screen in big letters. This is scary cuz

    it works!!!!!!!!!!!!! if u break the chain u will have problems with

    relationships for the next 5 years JUST COP...

    Rebecca 1 Reply

    Sorry for adding you with out sending you a comment, its just that i left a comment and i then relized i had pressed cancel instead of send or w/e :P :L and i didnt have the chance to comment again! :L :L well heres a picture instead! :D enjoy :)

    -'FemAnon 0 Replies

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  • Shinji Hirako
    Shinji Hirako

    Hello there just wanted to say thank you so much for adding/accepting me

  • Sëál
    luv Sëál

    but ya.. thats pretty much it, & didn't u ask me that a year or 2 ago when u got on last? To DINZ UN BLOCK ME!! >:( =D

  • Margaret C
    luv Margaret C

    Hey Lord Orochi I hope you read my comments. Send me a message or something! See ya!

  • ディノ Đ ι и σ
    ディノ Đ ι и σ

    How are you doing old buddy? You like.. vanished for so long I thought you died. Pals don't do that to each other. LOL I come on msn and here when i feel like it. Perhaps this month, I'll be on a bit and go dark again, depending if people on here still interest me. Still studying and working. What r u up nowadays? Seal? LOL He can be unreasonably annoying. I dun mind unblocking him if I know where his page is ^.^

  • Müërtë ºBrä
    Müërtë ºBrä

    What keeps me coming back..I'm not sure. Maybe my hope that I would return to fun rp once more. But I see it still has not happened. Its a surprise to see you actually logged in.

    4/4/11 via Mobile
  • Müërtë ºBrä
    Müërtë ºBrä

    Im just as suprised as you are.

  • ディノ Đ ι и σ
    ディノ Đ ι и σ

    Yeah coz there aren't anybody like you and me online anymore. Only half-assed kids. LOL

  • Scarllet Valkarie
    Scarllet Valkarie

    *she giggled and nodded* Yes i hate being stuck alone hear its no fun

  • Margaret C
    luv Margaret C

    Hiya your profile is so cool I want to send you my favorite Diao Chan picture. See you :-D

  • Sëál

    done & done

  • Scarllet Valkarie
    Scarllet Valkarie

    *she tapps ur head* Eeeeh Lord Orchi....knock knock are u in there??

  • Sëál

    hm.. dino - has me blocked. so no, but when i go to he's page i see new comments so he's still on here zakashi - haven't talked to her in a month but we're both on facebook woody - haven't been on here that often so even if he did get on i woulda missed it fishy - he went to prison um.. i think the reason was assault & battery, but he's been out for 2 months, but he's also on facebook with me & poky bra.. he's like us, comes on once in a blue moon, i heard he tried to rp again but than quit but.. ya.. thats what i know of. but am not gonna log bck on bebo after today too many memories good & bad flood my head when ever i log on here multi times

  • Sëál

    am not dead, i just don't come on here that often, am mostly on facebook

  • Scarllet Valkarie
    Scarllet Valkarie

    *she tips her head flicking her hair to the one side of her head....* Hmm i was llured away into a trap of mind games and i was wounded badly with my heart....it was ripped out of my chest and kickd around......U my lord?

  • Scarllet Valkarie
    Scarllet Valkarie

    *She pretends to choak and passout in ur hand b4 turning into air and appearing leaning agenst you* Awww ppl like me?? *she smirks blushing then sighs and looks up at the sky* Hiding myself away from distactions learning new skills....prefecting old ones...Missing anoying u my lord *she winks cheekly*

  • Scarllet Valkarie
    Scarllet Valkarie

    *she disapeared then reappear bhind you flopping onto your back and smirks speaking low into ur ear* Hmm iv found my way...What brings you back?? *She moans twisting her body off ur back smirking*

  • Scarllet Valkarie
    Scarllet Valkarie

    *she flicks her hair and looks towards you and quirtsys slightly* Ohh Well Im sorry does that bother you My Lord *she smirks *

  • Andy

    I just pulled $851 in five days at home in my spare time! Made it from - http://goo.gl/KXaq6 Your going to be so happy!

  • KimikoImazaki
    luv KimikoImazaki

    nvm orochi its been liek over 2 years since weve talked ( sorry this is like a month late loool )

  • Psychotic-Revulsion
    luv Psychotic-Revulsion

    he sexx slaves.???[yum]