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Ginny Willis

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When the world comes crashing down, will you just smile and say 'I am the great pretender'?

2/12/10 · me too! · Reply

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Aye, aye, aye, ayey, for he is the Bannanna King!
Me, Myself, and I
There are four hundred thousand thin I could say here, and in some times before I have said those things. But for now, I'll just tell you I'm OCD, like yaoi, have very few friends but love the ones I do have, write fanfiction literally all of the time, love music, hate rap and idiots, and I am an equal opportunity racist I hate all people equally.
You like to FMA yaoi, too? o.O
My fanfiction listing is here: http://remaintobreathe.livejournal.com enjoy! (Don't go there just to be mean, I keel jooh!)
FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST! Slayers, Deathnote, Berserk, FMA, Trinity Blood, Blood +, Final Fantasy...VII..Advent Children, Loveless, Fruits Basket, Hellsiing, One Piece, Howls Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa, Spirited Away, Elfen Lied, Last Exile, Luputa, Kikis Delivery Service, Grave Of The Fireflies, Chobits, Vampire Hunter D, Excel Saga, Cross. AND FIREFLY! Because while it's not an anime it is just that awesome...
I refuse to fill out this section any longer for a plethera of reasons the main one being my tastes change and grow with every passing day and if I updated this everytime I wanted to it would take up all of my time. (Which could better be spent leaving my mark on the sofa on my hermit-hole.)
Scared Of
Micheal Jackson...but he's dead now. Muraki...Envy...running out of coffee!
Yaoi<<<My anti-drug.
Except it's more than an anti-drug it's more like well...a really addictive drug. Except it's only catching if you're wierd...Lucky me I have that trait. So damn crack meth and weed I've got YAOI
I'm changing this again because those little 're-post this' things are old and boring. So for now I'm going to rant a bit about my crazyness. My say something just asked if laughing maniacally at ads for FMA makes me crazy, well maybe not but when I stick my tongue out at them I think I've crossed the line officially. Not that I mind crossing the line I mean I already knew I was quite crazy that's just another step in the right direction, or possibly the wrong direction if you look at it from a 180 degree angle.
The Other Half Of Me


One word for you, Gwyn, MARCH!

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  • About Me Continued

    I don't really know why I'm continuing this, probably because no one is ever going to ask but I have to get it out somewhere.
    I believe that anyone who tries too hard to be like someone else it probably at least marginally stupid and should be beaten quite brutally. I think that things like "Goth", "Prep", "Emo", and "Jock" are the most ridiculous thing to be brought into the world lately. People are people whatever they wear. On the other hand I believe that sterotypes are sterotypes for a reason. On a similar note I feel the same about race, I'm not a racist but some sterotypes belong where they are. If you think that makes me a racist be my guest and say it to my face because it just backs up my theory on "I don't like people". I think that the electric chair or firing squad should be legal in all places. There are just some things that people do that shouldn't leave them in a safe place with cable T.V. but should leave them six feet under. I think that drugs and alcohol should be legal and people should be free to destroy their bodies as they wish as long as they contain it to private place and I don't have to deal with it. I hate rap and hip-hop with vehement passion. I love anime, manga, especially when it if twisted into yaoi and I have no qualms with admitting it. If that makes me weird so be it, then I'm weird and damned proud of it. I think most homophobes are just that because they're worried about their own self-image, which puts them in the category with most idiots. I have this deep seated desire to become a serial killer with hopes of destroying the general populous of stupidity. Most people seem to think I'm toeing the line of insanity, well I have news for them: the line is merely a dot to me by this point in time. I am a bit of a masochist in more ways than one, strange? Probably. I believe that even if my views are never heard and never important to another soul in the world they're important to me.

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  • Wow! Look at that, another one!


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  • Safira

    Ginny.. and Gwynny.. the coffee crazed sisters! X3! !

  • luv Tarne Cauterize

    Guess what? I think your awesome (:! Love you <3!!!

  • luv Whatever.

    I dont know. He's just crazy. I told her for you. :( we fricken miss you. This town has less of a personality the more people leave. and there wasnt much of one to start with.

  • luv Whatever.

    Not one single person? Girl, your insane. What on earth do you do with your time? =/ I'm doing okay. My fathers trying to get half cusody of me..... Just so that he can buy a house. >.> I feel used. But Otherwise! Life is pretty good. I'm gonna go hang out with Sam today!

  • luv Whatever.

    It's totally cool. Now I'll have a reason to check my bebo- you! Yeaaah, no. He started talking to me. And even if I ginore or block him- he wont leave me alone. So I just gave up.. How are you?!

  • Misty
    luv Misty

    I AM AMAZING!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCHIES!!!! *squeals* <3 Forever and ever and ever! Loves you <3!

  • luv Kortny Turner

    Snow... >.>

  • Lee
    luv Lee

    Why are you that excited? :D I'm quite alright. I've got myself an i-pod touch :D :D Oh, happy Valentine's Day :)

    2/14/10 via Mobile
  • luv Kortny Turner

    Teh crack is good! :DD Mail me! We shall write teh crack to-ge-tha! :DD Hahaha! My mom doesnt care! I'm 19 and a weird little fuck! XD F. R. I. E. N. D! Frieeeend!

  • luv Kortny Turner

    Hehehe... >.> Maybe I am the person Gwyn is writing crack with... -cough- You caught me. My mom caught me writing crack with her at 3 in the mouring. :DD WE HAVE FRIEND PICTURES! <3 Your my friend now! Because I said so! D:<

  • Lee
    luv Lee

    GINNY! :D I wouldn't say it's been that long :L but it has been quite a while. -runs up and hugs you- What've you been up to? :D

    2/13/10 via Mobile
  • Misty
    luv Misty

    I love you! AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH. OH MY GOD.

  • luv Whatever.

    Missouri misery? Wow. So the u.s. sucks no matter where you go, eh? I didn't know He had a brother Bob... Odd. I'm pretty sure I'm still Timi, so nice to meet you Bob*cough*Ginny*cough*. I'll be here.... for about another 6 days. WOO! I get home right before new years I do believe... Unless all the flights are still cancled. Which would suck because I dont wanna sit in airports forever. No friends... No school... Yeah highschool is just overdramatic. I enjoy it for the learning. But everything else is so dumb. I just kinda don't wanna go back. But I have to. *sigh-ness* Yeah, have fun with those GED's. I'll have fun with my stupid ACT's coming up, which I already passed. I think I should be allowed to use the pre-test as my actually test. Buuut no the school board...Gah, they piss me off. 2010 did not come fast for me. I'm so excited that it's almost here. 2009 has felt like it's lasted centuries.

  • luv Whatever.

    I did get to go, and thats where I am now! And holy goodness on rye. I think I'm going to melt.... Its so humid! And the time zone... I feel asleep in the middle of the afternoon. haha, not used to it yet. GED...nice. hows the homeschooling thing? does it ever get super boring, or do u like not going to a pubilc school? oooh! dude. 2009 is almost over! yay.

  • luv Whatever.

    GINNY! AHHH! *death to you by hug* It's so good to hear from you, and from someone OUTSIDE of this town! Eh, if you ever do call, I'm really sorry if I don't pick up. For some stupid reason my cell phone has gotten a mind of it's own and only will ring when certain people call... And wont ring for others... Like my mom. Which has gotten my into alot of trouble. Oh well. She can get over it. It's so beautiful here right now Ginny! So beautiful. Buuut, it just snowed three feet today. If the pass gets closed down ill be so pissed. I'm going down to purto rico on a cruise. Nice way to get away from here. If i cant go, ill be sad. Interesting? Not really. People just make up stupid drama. I'm on the ski team tho. its so much funner than I remember. This school year is so much better without some of the people I was friends with last year. I'm happier! Yay. And now, what about you? Hows ur state, life, whatever? ~Timi!~

  • Contented Angel
    Contented Angel


  • Contented Angel
    luv Contented Angel

    I MISS YOU! T______________________T I luuuuurve you!!!

  • Dead
    luv Dead

    bwahaha I had to randomly attack you with an amusing michael jackson joke "When they did MJ biopsy they discovered that he was 99% plastic so they melted him down and turned him into legos so the little boys can play with him for a change is that creepy or what!!!! bwahaha I thought it was hilarious oh yeah L IS NOT A STRIPPER! there are some creepy ass pictures and fanfictions that seem to think he is!!! anyways I'll talk to you at some point in the near future ttfn!

  • Lee
    luv Lee

    Are you far from Valdez? :)