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smokeee weeeeeeeed

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  • Male, 20, Luv 155
  • from United States
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 10,465
  • Member since: October 2006
  • Last active: 9/15/10
  • www.bebo.com/ishliss
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smokin dat THC
Me, Myself, and I
man fucc this shit. talk yoor shit do wtf ever yoo like it aint gonna change a dam thing.
Scared Of
losing the ones closest to me
Happiest When
high, drunk
ishllss94@hotmail.com, took my numba off to many people calling me

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Yo Gotti - Standing In The Kitchen

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  • is this

    is this really wat life is saposed to b like living in pain and sorrow for others wrongs. my life has been hell so far n i dnt kno how to change it. part of me says keeping goin the other says fucc it. im tired of heartbreak and the feeling of being unwanted. no1 should have to go through it... but everyone does. there som1 out there for everyone... n i just cant seem to find her... i have had times where i beleive that this girl might b the one but it is just my heart playing triccs on me.... i put down myself to make myself equal to everyone. because no1 is better than anyone no matter wat... but some ppl just dnt seem to realize that. n those ppl deserve to have there neccs broke. i have had my times where i feel better then some1 but i kno it isnt tru... so y cant anybody else c it... is it really that dificult. if u really beleive ur better than me or anybody else then y dnt u prove it. cuz theres always some1 out there whos better then u at somthin. so that makes us all equal.. it may not make since, but really if ur really truley better than me or anybody else shouldnt u b out n the world n changing it. some ppl have higher powers, some ppl r stronger faster or w.e but were still all equal. we just need to learn this shit n quit bein such assholes to eachother ourselves... n most of all, be smart abouit all ur desicions

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    WOULD YOU...
    []giv me ur number?
    []kiss me?
    []let me kiss u?
    []watch a movie wiv me?
    []let me take u out 2 dinner?
    []take a shower with me?
    []be my bf/gf?
    []Dance wiv me?
    []Spank my ass? lol
    []Help me wiv hw?
    []Tickle me?
    []Let me tickle u?
    []Say yea if i asked u out?
    []Greet me in publc?

    D0 YOU...
    []think im fit?
    []think im hot?
    []want 2 kiss me?
    []want to shag me?
    []want 2 cuddle me?
    []want 2 hook up with me?
    []think im strange?

    ARE WE...
    []in a relationship?
    []gunna have kids?

    Am i...
    []great 2 b with?
    []just plain evil?

    HAV U EVER...
    []thought bout me?
    []thought there mite b an "us"?
    []thought bout askin me out?
    []find urself wantin a kiss from me?
    []wished i was there?
    []grabbed me?
    []fancied me?
    []wanted my number?
    []had a dream bout me?
    []been distracted by me?

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  • idk

    write these without spaces
    < clover >
    < bebo >
    < rednose >
    < moon >

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  • Uriah Dawson
    Uriah Dawson

    heyy.. lol, sorry. i don't remember adding you. :S and by they way, nice profile background thingy. ;)

  • Cathleen Ward
    Cathleen Ward

    Heyy (:

  • Kate Bean
    Kate Bean


  • Kate Bean
    luv Kate Bean


  • .Kelby J.
    .Kelby J.

    hey, how have u ben

    7/7/09 via Mobile
  • Cathleen Ward
    Cathleen Ward

    nott to much! sitting at homee boredd =/ haha! how about u?

  • Cathleen Ward
    Cathleen Ward

    (= Holyy crapp! really dangg. why is that?

  • Cathleen Ward
    Cathleen Ward

    well. its true! :D yeahh i seen that. lol. So you gotta girlfriend

  • Cathleen Ward
    Cathleen Ward

    lol kewl kewl. i thought u were older for sum reason. hmm you look older then 15. (=

  • Kati Salmans 6/24/09