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  • Male, 20, Luv 268
  • from Bel To The Fast
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 13,713
  • Member since: October 2006
  • Last active: Feb 19
  • www.bebo.com/rossscrimshaw175
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About Me

we aint part of no lost generation
Me, Myself, and I
hello names ross

i love punk music, oi,physchobilly etc

maybe with tiny bit of buckfast squezzed in

im 16

like having a good laugh with my mates

beanz are out

thats it
The Other Half Of Me
Robbie Lamont

Robbie Lamont

I drop his girls for him

agent orange, alestorm, amebix, agelic upstarts, anti-cimex, anti nowhere league, antichisim, audio kollaps, aus-rotten, bloodhound gang, blood or whiskey, bob marley, bouncing sould, the briggs, capdown, the casualties, catch 22, chaos uk, chaotic dischord, cheapsex, choking victim, citizen fish, clockwork crew, the crucifucks, darkbuster, dead kennedys, dropkick murphys, dystopia, english dogs, the exploited, extiction of mankind, f-minus, fleas and lice, flogging molly, flux of pink indians, gbh, a global threat, harum scarum, inner terrestials, leftover crack, limp wrist, lowerclass brats, the lurkers, mad caddies, misfits, mouthwash, mr nipples and the dangelnerries, mudhoney, napalm death, nausea, nekromantix, ope
 ration ivy, the planet smashers, the ramones, resist and exist, the restarts, rezurex, runnin riot, the ruts, sex pistols, skarpretter, the skoidats, the slackers, sonic boom six, the spazz, stiff little fingers, subhumans, terrorizer,
 tim armstrong, time again, vodoo glow skulls, wolfbrigade, zero tollerance, toots and the maytals
more music
the troubles, crass, bad religion, circle jerks, discharge, funeral dress, jonny cash, lars fredickson and the bastards, last resort, minor threat, oi pollio, one way system, oxymoron, rancid, sublim
 e, the addicts, the cranberries, the oppresed, the pinkerton thugs, the unseen, x-ray spex, 4 skins, 999, the spastic dorktors, pennywise, pendulum, d
 isrupt, cockney rejects, anti flag, agnostic front, abrasive wheels.The legendary shack shakers, destroy, warcollaspe, c
 ock sparrer, skinflicks, disorder, t
 he destructors, rich kids on lsd, doom, peter and the test tube babies, perkele, gwar, pink turds in space, conflict, a// political, audio kollaps, disrupt, parinoid visions, extiction of mankind, crucfix, circle jerks, trivum, deicide, iron maiden, children of bodom, sdts, kill the man who questions, i shot cyrus, rudimentary peni, perkele
prison break, shrooms, blazzing saddles, walking tall, the entidy, the polterguist, both ace venturas, american haunting, dawn of the dead, the mist, both harold and kumars, the ruins, all starwars, indiana jones, clerks 1 and 2, jay and silent bob strike back, basically comedy, horror, and chesse horror films
Happiest When
Town, and going to gigs

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Rogans Birthday - Robbie&Ross Drunken Dances.

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    Opening Credits:
    frustation-the restarts

    Waking Up:
    homphobia- resist and rxist

    you give me the creeps- the cruci fucks

    Fight Song:
    enemys enemy- the restarts

    Breaking up:
    mind yer busineess- the restarts

    always remeber- blood or whiskey

    the second rape- aus rotten

    Mental Breakdown:
    broken dreams- agent orange

    the power- a global threat

    soldiers- the slackers

    Getting Back Together:
    god save the queen- the sex pistosl

    sid vicious was innocent- the exploited

    Birth of Child:
    the roof is on fire- the bloodhound gang

    Final Battle:
    1 2 3 4 12 34- catch 22
    Death Scene:
    fuck the lottery- the restarts

    Funeral Song:
    physco killer- english dogs

    End Credits:
    new vagina- the bloodhound gang

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  • a a
    a a

    OMG... this girl is wearing nothing but her panties on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on AvrilBerneriswaam@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • a a
    a a

    I just pulled $873 in five days at home in my spare time! Made it from - http://bit.ly/a2JYd4 Your going to be so happy!

  • luv .AK.

    yeooo ross big man !!! :P

  • LuLu

    HI HO its loulou here its my birthday on the 6th July dress up party at laverys gis a txt 07938488928 xoxox xo

  • -Tootie Fruity-
    luv -Tootie Fruity-

    Have you heard what the word is? xx

  • Nedine Bell Ox.

    hi ya fa drinking jus lol wby ? aye iots crap ni ders all new ppl in twn now :( hitting da twn da get blocked lol wby ? will ya b in on st paddys day ?

  • Kizzy.
    luv Kizzy.

    Well well well i havent seen u in what 5 months? and tbh yeah town got shit! but still u missed out yaaa bastard! but yess in spain now for a while atm mate, but if shit fucks up out here i should be belshafting it in about 3 months man xxo <3

  • Nedine Bell Ox.

    omg havent seen u in years ffs :L happein :D were u been ? do u nat go in 2 town ney more

  • Robbie Lamont
    Robbie Lamont

    lol im tidying up juat got home there at one. got some sleep tho so it wasnt too bad. what you do when you left last night?

  • Robbie Lamont
    luv Robbie Lamont

    Allright mate. you enjoy last night? i was hammered lmao. mocks tomorrow. ): we are fucked. haha giz a ring later (:

  • luv Deleting Bebo

    Wdc m8

    12/22/09 via Mobile
  • Gaybitch

    no wat the crack is 4 2moro? xxx

  • Robbie Lamont
    Robbie Lamont

    fuck all are you staying in this weekend?

  • Robbie Lamont
    Robbie Lamont

    Alllryt matey? wanna come out for a bit tonight?

  • Robbie Lamont
    Robbie Lamont

    i think sooooooo

  • Robbie Lamont
    Robbie Lamont

    why mate whats on?

  • Robbie Lamont
    Robbie Lamont

    Gloom and Sore Throat, wbu?

  • Robbie Lamont
    Robbie Lamont

    Fuck all mate. just downloading so museeek. wbu? im feckin bored. ): cannny wait fer the weekend.

  • Robbie Lamont
    luv Robbie Lamont

    it might but maby a baby that has had its mouth used as an ashtray sounds like 12 birds in a lawn mower. xxxxx

  • Robbie Lamont
    Robbie Lamont

    i feel like ive swallowed a 17 metres worth of barbed wire. im sooooooooo tired. ):