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Can We Be Two Peas In A Pod?!

3/17/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 246
  • from Auckland (Laingholm)&(Grey Lynn)
  • I am In a Relationship
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[[ You've Got Your Problems; I've Got My Hashpipe! ]]
Me, Myself, and I
I LOVE LAUREN!!!!!!! <3 xoxoxoxoxo

- Jordan (or Jordy haha)
- 15
- Kelston Boy's
- Love Music (Play In a Band)
- Brathas! Hahaha
- Eating m&m's and drinking coffee :)
Rise Against//Pendulum//Paramore//
 Smashing Pumpkins//Led Zepplin//BassHunter//Breaking Benjamin//Iron Maiden//Stevie Ray Vaughn//Avenged Sevenfold//Pink Floyd//Guns 'n' Roses//The Who//AC/D// Led Zepplin//Velvet Revolver//Nirvana//Iron Maiden//Escape The Fate//Linkin Park//Creed//Pearl Jam//Metallica//Smashing Pumkins//Sublime//Sum 41//MAtchbox Twenty//Finger Eleven//Aerosmith//Alice Coope// Lordi//Poison//Aevenged Sevenfold//Breaking Benjamin//Black Crows//Daughtry//Santana//Red Jumpsuit Apparatus//Bullet For My Vallentine//BassHunter//Param
 ore//Joe Satriani//Scooter//Miley Cyrus//Killswitch Engage//Trivium//Katy Perry//Rage Agaianst The Machine//Matchbook Romance.....Preti Much Anything...
You Don't Mess With The Zohan//Green Street Hooligans//Football Factory//Sweeney Todd//School Of Rock//Lords Of Dog Town//Grind//The Dark Knight//Wanted.....Too Many More!!! ARGH!!! Lol
Football, Tennis, Basketball, VolleyBall, DodgeBa
 ll, Touch And pretty much every other sport....Sports fun
Happiest When
Hanging out with my mates. & with my Laureny! <3
Pick Of Destiny!
JB: Whats It Gunna Be Kyle? You Have To Decide... Tits... Or Destiny? KG: [Lifting Up His Shirt] Tits.
Blades Of Glory!
Chaz: The Night Is A Very Dark Time For Me. Jimmy: It's Dark For Everyone You Moron! Chaz: Not For Alaskans Or Dudes With Night Vision Goggles!
...Skate Or Die - No Cash...
I'm Bustin' Out Of This Hole
Breakin' Out And Breakin' In, I Have Got An Evil Soul
Rippin' Shit With A Wicked Grin, I Know My Enemies,
Everyone Who's Not Like Me, Don't Ya Try And Stop Me Pig
I'm On My Board And Now I'm Free.

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  • Q and A's

    1. Spell your name without an E.

    2. Are you currently in a relationship?

    3. When you are home alone do you still close the door when you shower?

    4. Do you like your life right now?
    Complaining Won't Fix Nothing

    6. What was the last thing you drank?
    MONSTER energy

    7. Who was the last person you hugged?
    Josh...(or Rayn lma0)

    10. Do you have any piercings?

    12. What plans do you have for tomorrow?

    13. What do you hate?

    14. Where was the last place you fell asleep beside your own bed?
    Form Class

    16. Do you have a best friend that is a guy?
    Sure Do

    17. Do you have a best friend that is a girl?
    Sure Do

    18. How are things between you and your friends?
    Prety good actually

    21. What was the last compliment that you received?
    Your eyes are really COOL!

    22. Do you forgive or forget?
    Forgive..Can't Always Forget

    24. Would you rather love with a guarantee of heartbreak or never love at all?
    Not a clue... does the person u love, love u bak?? That is the real question here...

    25. What is more important: happiness or trust?
    Trust Makes Me Happy...

    26. Has anyone close to you ever passed away?

    27. What are you thinking about right now?
    What song i should learn to play on guitar....

    28. Who was the last person to tell you that they love you?
    HAHA Dee...lma0

    29. Do you think they meant it?
    haha na

    30. What time did you go to bed last night?
    HAHA 6am... (its all your fault Dee!!!)

    31. What are you currently doing?
    This Question Thing and listening to music...

    32. What did you do today?

    33. Do you hate anyone?
    No i HIGHLY HIGHLY DISlike them...

    34. What was the last thing you ate?
    A WHOLE box of shapes lma0

    35. Who sits behind you in math?
    Idn.. we dont have set places... jeez

    36. What are you listening to?
    Counting Crows - Mr.Jones

    38. What was the last movie you watched?
    You Don't Mess With The Zohan

    39. Which of your friends lives closest to you?
    BATMAN!!! (benny boy)

    40. What CD is in your stereo?
    Avenged Sevenfold

    41. Has a friendship ended recently that you wish had not?
    I Regret Nothing. Shit Happens

    43. Do you like your music loud or at a reasonable level?
    Pumping Loud... Nothing But!

    44. Are you a beach or a snowy mountain person?
    Both. But I'd Say More Snow.

    45. Do you play any instruments?

    46. Can you watch scary movies?
    Sure There Always A Good Laugh.

    47. Look out the window. What do you see?
    Moon. Stars. Beach. Dairy lma0.

    48. What are your nicknames?
    JB, Jordy , J Balls.

    49. Who last talked to you?
    My Brother

    50. What kind of music do you like?
    Punk. Metal. Rock. Alternative. Drum&Bass. Techno. Dance.

    51. Have you ever snuck out of your house?

    52. Do people ever spell your name wrong?

    53. Where would you like to live?
    UK... havent decided where exactly tho

    54. When was the last time you spent the night at someones house?
    Two days ago...???

    55. When was the last time you were extremely disappointed?
    I dunno...

    58. Would you rather have room mates or live alone?
    Room Mates.

    59. Have you ever made someone so mad that they broke something?

    60. What are some lyrics from the song you are listening to?
    Mr. Jones and me tell each other fairy tales
    Stare at the beautiful women
    "She's looking at you. Ah, no, no, she's looking at me."
    Smiling in the bright lights
    Coming through in stereo
    When everybody loves you, you can never be lonely

    0 Comments 262 weeks

  • 11 Rules of Bebo (Read This!!!!!)

    If you're ugly,
    stop acting like you don't know it.
    The captions under you picture that says
    "top model pose"
    "sexy bitch"
    "arnt i hot"
    doesn't convince anyone.

    To the people who have like 25,000 friends,
    are you serious?
    Nobody in this universe can keep up with that many friends.
    You're stupid.
    Go play in traffic.

    Don't ever post pictures and say
    "OMG, I'm so ugly"
    "OMG,I'm so fat"
    because if you were,
    you wouldn't post them.

    Nobody cares about threats over the internet.
    Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard.
    Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics;
    even if you win,
    you're still retarded.

    Making 20 bulletins a day
    about how you have new pictures
    and begging people to comment on them is pathetic.
    Make the bulletin once if you have to,
    and those who actually care about you
    will comment on your pics.

    If all your pictures look the same,
    don't post them all.
    Please put some variety in your pics.
    Nobody wants to see your face
    8 different ways.

    Who really cares if
    I don't accept you as a friend?
    MOVE ON!!!
    Don't send me another request or message asking
    "what's up with you not adding me?"
    I don't want you as a friend;
    that's what's up!

    Little 6th graders who have bebos
    and look like sluts,
    go somewhere else
    because nobody wants you here.!!!

    If you have decided to read this,
    you are a true bebo Friend.
    Real friends read their bulletins.

    I say you go and pass this on
    and maybe it will finally get through people's brains
    (if they have them).

    And if you open a msg and it says something like
    "repost this in 100 seconds or a ghost will rape your dog tonight,"

    This is a test to see how many people
    in your friends list
    actually pay attention to you.

    "like omg if u dnt repost dis in 1 second at midnte/ and if you do at midnight your true love will...SHUTUP U FUCKIN ASSEHOLES!!! shit aint gonna happen"

    load a bollocks!!!

    Copy and repost in your own bulletin as
    11 rules of BEBO.

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  • ...the X's are true...

    ( ) Smoked a cigarette
    ( ) Smoked a cigar
    ( ) Made out with a member of the same sex
    ( ) Shoplifted
    ( ) Been fired
    (x) Been in a fist fight
    (x) Snuck out of my parents house
    (x) Had feelings for some1 who didn’t have them back
    ( ) Been arrested
    ( ) Made out with a stranger
    ( ) Gone on a blind date
    (x) Lied to a friend
    ( ) Had a crush on a teacher
    (x) Skipped school
    ( ) Slept with a co-worker
    ( ) Seen someone die
    (x) Been to Canada
    (x) Been to Australia
    (x) Been on a plane
    ( ) Thrown up in a bar
    ( ) Set a part of myself on fire
    (x) Eaten sushi
    (x) Been moshing / crowd surfing at a show
    (x) Love someone or miss someone right now
    (x) Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by
    (x) Made a sand angel
    ( ) Had a tea party
    (x) Flown a kite
    (x) Built a sand castle
    (x) Ridden through puddles on a bike
    (x) Gone puddle jumping
    (x) Played dress up
    (x) Jumped into a pile of leaves
    (x) Gone sledding
    (x) Cheated while playing a game
    (x) Been bored
    (x) Fallen asleep at work/school
    ( ) Used a fake id
    (x) Watched the sun set
    (x) Felt an earthquake
    ( ) Touched a snake
    (x) Been tickled
    (x) Been robbed
    (x) Been misunderstood
    (x) Pat a reindeer/goat
    (x) Won a contest
    (x) Ran a red light
    ( ) Been suspended/stood down from school
    ( ) Been in a car accident
    ( ) Had braces
    (x) Felt like an outcast
    ( ) Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night
    (x) Had deja vu
    ( ) Danced in the moonlight
    (x) Hated the way you look saturday morning after a friday night
    (x) Witnessed a crime
    (x) Questioned your heart
    (x) Been obsessed with post-it notes
    (x) Squished barefoot through the mud
    (x) Been lost
    (x) Been to the opposite side of the country
    (x) Swam in the ocean
    ( ) Felt like dying
    (x) Cried yourself to sleep
    (x) Played cops and robbers
    (x) Recently coloured with crayons/coloured pencils/markers
    (x) Sung karaoke
    (x) Paid for a meal with only coins
    (x) Done something you told yourself you wouldnt
    (x) Made prank phone calls
    ( ) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
    ( ) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
    (x) Played in the rain
    ( ) Written a letter to Santa Claus
    ( ) Been kissed under a mistletoe
    (x) Watched the sun set with someone you care about
    (x) Blown bubbles
    (x) Made a bonfire on the beach
    ( ) Crashed a party
    (x) Gone rollerskating
    ( ) Had a wish come true
    ( ) Worn pearls
    ( ) Jumped off a bridge
    ( ) Ate dog/cat food
    ( ) Told a complete stranger you loved them
    ( ) Kissed a mirror
    (x) Sang in the shower
    ( ) Have a black dress
    ( ) Had a dream that you married someone
    (x) Glued your hand to something
    ( ) Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole
    ( ) Kissed a fish
    (x) Worn the opposite sexes clothes
    ( ) Been a cheerleader
    (x) Sat on a roof top
    (x) Screamed at the top of your lungs
    (x) Attempted a one-handed cartwheel
    (x) Talked on the phone for more than 6 hours
    (x) Stayed up all night
    ( ) Didnt take a shower for a week
    (x) Pick and ate an apple right off the tree
    (x) Climbed a tree
    (x) Had a tree house
    ( ) Are scared to watch scary movies alone
    ( ) Believe in ghosts
    ( ) Have more then 30 pairs of shoes
    ( ) Worn a really ugly outfit to school
    ( ) Gone streaking
    (x) Played chicken
    (x) Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on
    (x) Caught a fish then ate it after cookin it!
    ( ) Caught a butterfly
    (x) Laughed so hard you cried
    (x) Cried so hard you laughed
    (x) Mooned/flashed someone
    (x) Had someone moon/flash you
    ( ) Cheated on a test
    ( ) Have a Britney Spears CD
    (x) Forgotten someones name

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  • JustCallme Corey
    JustCallme Corey

    No texts :( ! Soz Bro

  • Scott
    luv Scott

    Hay bro. did you reckon last night was mean? have love bro

  • JustCallme Corey 10/5/09
  • JustCallme Corey
    JustCallme Corey

    That's good to hear, I've been up to Jack, had a few soccer games Etc, nothing special. Hbu Bro!?. What she'll we do? I'm keen :) !, Shit! No love i'll return Soon. xD!

  • JustCallme Corey
    JustCallme Corey

    How's it Going Stud? :D MISSING YOU JORDAN!! Xoxo! :) !

  • -Kirstayy Bayybee.
    -Kirstayy Bayybee.

    Sup.. Wat skwl yu go too? Ox !..Love..!

    9/22/09 via Mobile
  • Samii

    Omg hes taller than me now!! We shud all hang out sumtime

    8/18/09 via Mobile
  • Samii

    Yea nd i sold my drum kit earlier this year lol so u still play guitar then? :P

    8/18/09 via Mobile
  • Samii

    Just tkd training nd skewl u still play bass?

    8/18/09 via Mobile
  • Samii

    Yea wbu? Wat u been up 2 lately?

    8/18/09 via Mobile
  • Samii

    Im gud just watching tv nd on here nd saw u were online nd thort i wud sae hi :D

    8/18/09 via Mobile
  • Samii

    Hae :D how r u? Remember me?

    8/18/09 via Mobile
  • LoveYouLee

    Hey jordan wat up dude, long time no talk:) how you been? Wb share the love:) p.s. If you didn't realise it's maree from intermediate lolz

    6/24/09 via Mobile