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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
deadicated to the monsters of the real rallying era of the 80's ,bring them bck!!!
'At the line of stage 6 of the 1985' RAC rally the warm up area of the kilder forest satge, Hannu Mikola warms up his Audi S1 Quattro ,frist blipin the trottel ,with littel pop's form the exhaust and those memrebal chirps from the waste gate,then to warm up the tyres, he brings the revs up to 6000rpm and the ground starts to shake allround ,young children run to there parents in floods of tears petrefiend by the attack on there young sences by this monster of a car, then Mikola lets all those hundreds of horses lose spinnig all four wheels for only a few yard while the rear end of the car 6foot flames shoot from the 3' exhaust ,god these mechines are the madness of our past let them never be forgotten !!! rip Grp-B '

"Formula 1 Cars with Mudflaps" - Jeremy Clarkson

group by HALO-03
photoby HALO-03&Starscream

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  • The Era of Group B

    The Era of Group B
    The Group B rally cars were born into the world in the early 1980s. The first being the Lancia 037, specially built to win the world championship for the Fiat group. Although only two wheel drive, it more than overcame this deficiency with its supercharged power and well designed balance in the hands of drivers like Henri Toivonen. Audi bought the new technology of four-wheel drive to the 1981 championship in the form of the mighty Quattro. Allied with a turbo charger, the Quattro gained a new dominance in the next few years.

    Audi’s advantage ended in Corsica in April 1984 when Peugeot introduced their 205 T16. With manager Jean Todt, (now team manager for Scuderia Ferrari), and driver Ari Vatanen, Peugeot looked unstoppable. Leading throughout the first two days, Vatanen lost control while braking on water and destroyed the car in a ball of flame, luckily escaping with only a chipped shoulder. Vatanen and Peugeot gained their first victory on the 1000 Lakes rally, ironically the event that gave Audi their World Championship win.

    By the end of 1985 Lancia and Austin-Rover had built their new challengers the Delta S4 and the Metro 6R4. The S4 was a work of engineering mastery, combining supercharging and turbo charging to combat turbo lag and the first use of four wheel drive by Lancia. At their debuts the S4 and the 6R4 were joined by the 205 T16 Evolution 2, RAC spectators were enthralled, never before had such staggering new machinery been shown at once. In the end the Lancia’s of Toivonen and Markku Alen triumphed with a 1-2 finish.

    During the winter brake from the rally circus Ford began their work on the RS200. After the long running success of the Escort they were trying to introduce the new cousin to carry on the dominance. The main problem with the Boreham developed car was its late entry to the Group B pack. All the other front runners were in their evolution stage of development and had built on their Grp B experience. The RS200 finished 3rd on its debut, being piloted by Swede Kelle Grundel. On the Acropolis event both cars retired due to crashes and mechanic error - a stripped wheel nut. Apparently Boreham had prepared an evolution upgrade for the car but it never touched gravel. It may have been what was needed though - a large decrease in weight and 140 bhp more power from the turbo unit 1800cc engine.

    It was about this time that concerns began to be raised about technology advancements outpacing the skills of the drivers. Add to this a comparative lack of safety features for the power and we see why Grp B was eventually killed off. Crews were sitting on top of huge amounts of AvGas hybrid fuel with little extinguishers in the cabin and this is what eventually killed Henri Toivonen and co-driver. Engineers and designers had unlimited power backed by the huge amounts of money from the factory teams. Wings combated lift and 4WD tried to fight the lack of traction produced by incredible amounts of power, more than 550bhp in cases. It was a time of excess in every extreme.

    The death blows to Group B were dealt to the sport in 1986 and were predicted by many in the months leading up to them. It started in Portugal when Joaquim Santos’s RS200 veered off the road trying to avoid spectators and hit the others on the opposite side of the road. As a mark of respect to those killed in the tragedy, all the works drivers withdrew from the event. In the Safari, which followed Portugal, another death occurred when Kenneth Eriksson’s VW Golf, (Group A mind you) plunged off the road killing a spectator.

    Then followed Corsica where the rallying fraternity was shaken to its foundations. Toivonen’s Lancia left the tarmac on the typical winding Corsican mountain roads and plummeted to the rock down the hillside. Both occupants were killed almost instantly when the fuel ignited. What was left of the car was indescribable. Video footage shows the wreckage as a blackened, twisted

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  • Disposition


    the Peugeot 205 T16 in the 1989 Dakar RallyAlthough 1987 saw the end of the Group B cars on the world stage, they did not disappear from motor sport. Peugeot adapted their T16 to run in the Dakar Rally. Ari Vatanen won the event in 1989 and 1990. Improved Peugeot and Audi cars also competed in the Pikes Peak Hillclimb in Colorado. Audi used their Group B experience to develop a sports racing car for the IMSA series in 1990. Ford sold off their RS200s to private buyers, with many being used in Rallycross events. The Metro 6R4 also became a frequent sight in Rallycross and the car was also entered in British and Irish national championship events. Porsche's 959 never entered a World Rally event, although it did compete in the Middle East championship and swept the Dakar.

    In recent years the popular Colin McRae Rally computer racing game series has brought the extinct Group B cars to the attention of younger generations by including many of them as un-lockable 'bonus cars' to reward progress in the game. Group B cars are also featured in the Gran Turismo series and the Rallisport Challenge series of games.

    Group S
    As well as the cancellation of Group B, the tragedies of 1986 also brought about the scrapping of Group B's proposed replacement: Group S.

    Group S rules would have limited car engine power to 300 hp (225 kW). To encourage innovative designs, only ten examples of a car would have been required for homologation, rather than the 200 required for Group B. By the time of its cancellation, at least two Group S prototypes had been built: The Lancia ECV and the Toyota MR2, and new cars were also planned by both Audi (the 002 Quattro) and Ford (a Group S development of the RS200). The cancellation of Group S angered many rally insiders who considered the new specification to be safer than Group B and more exciting than Group A.

    The Group S concept was revived by the FIA in 1997 as the World Rally Car specification which, as of 2006, is still in use. WRC cars are limited to 300 hp and require 20 examples of a model but, unlike Group S, are required to share certain parts with production cars.

    Group B:

    Audi Sport Quattro S1
    Austin Metro 6R4
    Citroën BX 4TC
    Ferrari GTO (also referred to as the Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione)
    Ferrari F40
    Ford RS200
    Lancia 037 Rally
    Lancia Delta S4
    Mitsubishi Starion 4WD (not homologated before Group B ended, ran as prototype)
    Mazda RX-7 4x4
    Opel Manta 400
    Peugeot 205 T16
    Porsche 959 (see also Porsche 961 for circuit racing version)
    Renault 5 Turbo
    Toyota Celica Twin-Cam Turbo
    Group S:

    Lancia ECV
    Toyota MR2
    Markku Alen
    Stig Blomqvist
    John Buffum
    Juha Kankkunen
    Hannu Mikkola
    Michèle Mouton
    Walter Röhrl
    Timo Salonen
    Henri Toivonen
    Ari Vatanen
    Massimo Biasion
    Attilio Bettega
    External links
    Group B history site: http://www.stormloader.com/groupb/in...
    Group B summary: http://www.kiwisport.net/wp/?page_id=401
    Rallybase complete results: http://www.rallybase.nl/index.php
    Henri Toivonen tribute: http://www.thruxton.f9.co.uk/henri/t...
    Group B car images: http://www.photo-rallye.com/grb/F-gr...
    Lancia Group B cars: http://www.oka.urban.ne.jp/home/mari...
    Lancia rally cars: http://www.pubblimais.it/ecv.htm
    Peugeot 205 T16 images: http://www.kiwisport.net/wp/wp-conte...
    Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Group_B"

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  • 1986

    The stage was set for 1986 to be a very exciting season. Defending champion Timo Salonen had the new Evolution 2 version of Peugeot's T16 with ex Toyota driver, Juha Kankkunen. Audi's new Sport Quattro S1 boasted over 600 hp (450 kW) and a huge snowplow-like front end. Lancia's Delta S4 would be in the hands of the Finnish prodigy Henri Toivonen and Markku Alen, and Ford was ready with its high tech RS200 with Stig Blomqvist and Kalle Grundel.

    However, everything was to go tragically wrong on the first stage of Portuguese Rally near Sintra. Portuguese national champion Joaquim Santos crested a rise to find the road blocked with spectators crowding to see the fastest cars come through. Trying to stop, he lost control of his RS200 and plunged into the crowd. Thirty-one people were injured and four were killed. All the top teams immediately pulled out of the rally and Group B was placed in jeopardy.

    Disaster struck again in early May at the Tour de Corse. Lancia's Toivonen was leading the championship, and once the rally got underway he was the pace setter. Seven kilometres into the 18th stage, Toivonen's S4 flew off the unguarded edge of a left hand hairpin bend and crashed into a ravine. The car's under-slung fuel tanks immediately ruptured and set fire to the dry undergrowth. Only a cloud of smoke and the lack of Toivonen's car at the finish indicated that something was very wrong. By the time rescue workers made it to the remote spot (some 30 minutes, by some accounts) all that remained of the car was a blackened frame with the remains of Toivonen and co-driver Sergio Cresto inside. With no witnesses to the accident, it was impossible to determine what caused the crash. Some cite Toivonen's ill health at the time (he reportedly was suffering from flu); other suggest mechanical failure, or simply the difficulty of driving the machine.

    By a tragic irony, the crash came exactly a year after Lancia driver Attilio Bettega had crashed and died in his 037. While that fatality was largely blamed on the unforgiving Corsican scenery, Toivonen and Cresto's death in a survivable crash, combined with the Portugal tragedy, compelled the FISA to act: Group B cars were immediately banned for 1987. Audi decided to quit Group B entirely after Corsica.

    The final days of Group B would also be controversial. The Peugeots were disqualified from the Rally San Remo by the Italian scrutineers as the 'skirts' around the bottom of the car were deemed to be illegal. Peugeot immediately accused the Italians of favouring the Lancias. Their case was strengthened at the next event, the RAC Rally, when the British scrutineers passed the Peugeots as legal in identical trim. Eleven days after the final round in America, FISA annulled the result of the San Remo Rally. As a result the championship title was passed from Lancia's Markku Alen to Peugeot's Juha Kankkunen.

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Final year of Group B

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    Group B was the last hurrah before the bullshit health and safety that has turned many off the WRC lately watchin WRC is lik watchin paint dry where has the excitement the passion the love of speed gone? colin mcrae was the last rally driver who showed those 3 characteristics that are visibly missing from rallying today may he RIP

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