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bebo really, really died

4/27/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 827
  • from Belmore
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: October 2006
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About Me

Toats Babes
Me, Myself, and I
   Deeeeaannnneeeee S.
    Chanel Dargaville, Jamie-lee sposari &&Kelsie Thompson.

jamie doesnt like deanne anymoree

Deanne x
Never ending line of head aches. Cominq back to my house smashed of our face . Those random time`s & hook urps. Everthinq we've experienced just makes us more & more like sister`s. i love you deanne more then anythinq . Chanel <3`z you x

The Other Half Of Me
Chanel .

Chanel .



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  • (=

    thеяеs иo tomoяяow!

    you would see how much she яealLy cяies,
    you wouLld fiиd so maиy secяets .&&. lots of lies
    but what you`lL see the most is how hard it is to stay
    stяoиg when иothiиg is яight and eveяythiиg
    is яoиg.

    ii guess thiиgs happeи foя a яeasoи.
    Teaяrs eveиtualLy fade aиd oиe day
    everythiиg will be exactly how it`s suppose
    to be.
    Moviиg oи is a pяocess .&&. you have to
    pяomise youяself that you`яe яealLy
    яeady to lLet go.

    how every giяls pяofile
    is about that oиe [guy]
    .&&. yet
    he иeveя kиows that every
    woяd is about [him]

    0 Comments 304 weeks

  • lLoOviinK tHE giRlsS =)

    C r a z y days & f u k e d up nights. .

    Tons of c r u s h e s && s t u p i d fights

    S e c r e t s we'll take to the g r a v e;;

    Pictures we will f o r e v e r save . .

    Through t h i c k && t h i n , always true

    I dont' know where id be w i t h o u t you

    L a u g h i n g so hard we practically c r y;;

    Sitting home b o r e d 'till we basically d i e

    Crackin' jokes bout the c r e e p s we know

    ' some d r a m a wherever we go.

    In the e n d we're down for w h a t e v e r

    Cuz' we a l w a y s make it threw T O G E T H E R.

    2 Comments 304 weeks

  • SsαтiiS[fCυκ]тiiOoп

    dOиN’t яOlL with a guy whO waиt`S tO l℮aи with it Oя яOck with it
    иOt ℮v℮и a guy whO say`S yOu gOt sOm℮ miss иew bOoty
    cOz all h℮ waиtS iis sOm℮ laffy taffy .&&.
    w℮и h℮ g℮tS iit h℮ l℮av℮S yOu
    fOr a guяl wiith hipS dat dOи`t lii℮


    dOи`t ℮v℮и fall fOя a guy whO has Oи℮ wiiSh
    cOz h℮ hasS mOя℮ thaи jSt On℮ wish sw℮Etii℮..
    и℮va g℮t wiith a guy whO lik℮S tO wiispa iin yOur ℮aя
    яath℮r thaи talk tOo yOu pяOp℮яly,
    dOи`t dat℮ a wiindOw shOppa jSt keEp iit я℮al
    .&&. loOk fOя that guy whO will tuяи tOo hiisS mat℮S
    .&&. saii `` datS h℮я.. ..мγ вαγв℮ ġяℓ


    0 Comments 307 weeks

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  • LouiS
    luv LouiS

    guess whoss bakk!! hehe long time babes! how r yu

  • -Nesian-

    lol im good aye =]

  • -Nesian-

    lol nuffink muchh ayee how have yeww been??

  • -Nesian-
    luv -Nesian-

    hey loserr

  • FUzzy Kellz
    luv FUzzy Kellz

    yes .... lolz

  • FUzzy Kellz
    FUzzy Kellz

    not sure yet

  • FUzzy Kellz
    FUzzy Kellz

    lolz tru hahahaha wat u doin dis weekend

  • FUzzy Kellz
    luv FUzzy Kellz

    lolz umm nufink drink some more then i went home y wat was rong with me

  • luv Chanel .

    i miss yuu ! i havnt seen yuu in so long :( loveux

  • A R O K OWner
    luv A R O K OWner

    allGudz , just been blazeed nd wat not how iz u?

  • luv Kenny Niko

    Last heart, thought id be generous and give it to you :P

    11/18/09 via Mobile
  • FUzzy Kellz
    FUzzy Kellz

    wats doin bum

  • Under Eight-Teens Dance Partys
    Under Eight-Teens Dance Partys

    Deeannee. Seduce U18s Returns!! Fantastic news that you have all be hanging to hear. Seduce u18s, one of Australia's most anticipated events is returning. Details released in the next few days. if you are not a member yet on the Seduce bebo add now! bebo.com/SeduceU18s Seduce will be having a line up to die for, including internationals. In an intimate and awesome venue Seduce will be bringing you an explosive and mind arousing sound and light show If you have not already, join seduce on msn; seduce_u18s-2@hotmail.com Add seduce on myspace as well; myspace.com/seduceu18s Join the Seduce facebook group, just search Seduce U18s in the search bar. Ask around, some details have already been secretly leaked out, see what you can find out. as its going to be a big surprise. Seduce is also currently looking for promoters, so get in contact with them via their bebo, facebook, myspace or msn. Kind Regards U18s Dance Partys Austalia.

  • luv Chanel .

    i know you didnt buh i dont have it x

  • luv Chanel .

    i swear its not at my house;; she hasnt asked for it though so please find it x

  • Chanel .

    nope promise what happend ?? fuk!! x

  • Chanel .

    Dude you have shannon`s camera ? x

  • B E N Z O
    B E N Z O

    ehh same oldd lolss

  • B E N Z O
    B E N Z O

    heyy sdoiin

    10/28/09 via Mobile
  • luv Chanel .

    You had to brinq up my fat ass didn`t you ! ahahaha;; he`s cutee :) x