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  • Male, 29, Luv 14
  • from Newbliss, Co. Monaghan
  • Profile views: 2,486
  • Member since: October 2006
  • Last active: 4/6/11
  • www.bebo.com/johnreilly102
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Well folks John here. Back home in Monaghan now working with Monaghan County Council as an engineer, well tryin anyway.
The Other Half Of Me
James Reilly
Audioslave, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, Rage Against The Machine, System of a Down, Kasabian, Jimi Hendrix, Franz Ferdinand, Ian Brown, The Stone Roses, Greenday, U2, Linkin Park, Matchbox 20, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, The Killers, The Who.
Fight Club, The Godfather, Butterfly Effect, The Shawshank Redemption, Con Air, The Tenacious D TVSeries, Gladiator, Rocky IV, In the Name of The Father, Braveheart.
Liverpool the most successful club ever to come out of Britian.
Scared Of
Fermanagh and Man U winning anything important you would never hear the end of it
Happiest When
Laying about chilling with Friends, seeing Liverpool beat united at the football, hammering Mc Guinness at Pro Evo, and going on all day drinking sessions; especially with the lads.

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Rafa, Gerrard, Carragher, Owen and Crouch Impersonations

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    For those of you who have the burning desire to understand your fantastic Fermanagh friends

    Cyat/Cyar etc - cat/car: 'feed that cyat wud ye!'

    Paturl - 'put some paturl in that cyar'

    Aeeigh (said while breathing in) - Usually said to affirm a statement or simply to break an awkward silence

    Next nor near it - close to something: 'I cudn't get parked next nor near it'

    Red up - Tidy up

    Kyip - A messy place: 'Red up that kyip!'

    Stall the bailer - stop

    Bail on - keep going (both these phrases are used most frequently when teaching someone to drive in Fermanagh)

    Through other - Disorganised

    Tara - Terribly: 'Those boys are tara through other'. It can also strangely be used to describe dislike for something: 'That bacon's not tara '

    Stepping out together - going out/dating

    Graze a stipe - Type of bird used to describe marshy or bad farmland:
    'Sure ye cudn't graze a stipe there!'

    Docket - Any type of paperwork whether it be a receipt for a cow or a cinema ticket

    Han - Hand

    Fut - Foot

    Me - My: 'A hurt me fut takin that cyat to Tempo'

    Santee - Santa Clause

    Put her broadside - making a car skid sideways

    That be's good - Gibberish grammar used to describe an enjoyable event in the past tense

    The mara - Tomorrow

    Soople - Flexible/Fit

    Not a hate - nothing, usually used in response to the question 'any money on ye?'

    Bate that inta ye - Eat up

    Lep - jump

    Lept - jumped: 'I lept into that shuck'

    State a ye/ Some state - Messy or emaciated appearance: 'you're in some state now'

    Ice crame - Ice cream

    Mineral - any fizzy drink

    Howl that - Hold that

    Uvan - Oven

    Mur - Mirror

    Luk - Look: 'Luk in the mur to see the state a ye'

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  • Mairead McDonald
    luv Mairead McDonald

    Well Mr :) all those days and nights drownin ur sorrows after Monaghan lost have take ones der toll!! Glad ur alright anyway, wud hate to c anythin happen to a gud lad lik ye ;) aye went to the hen, still gettin over it lol!! Was great banter, d Derry ones r mad!! Goin to a bbq tonight in annettes wit dem all so craic wil b 90 again!! U at much urself over the wkend? Ready to test d liver again?? :)

  • Mairead McDonald
    Mairead McDonald

    Hey Reilly hows the form wit ya? Ders a wee rumour goin round dat ur not a well boy.. ya alright??

  • Eoin Moloney
    Eoin Moloney

    I wonder what Gizmo and Co have to say if utd get Owen,Him slagged owen all down the years,but as usual itl be I NEVER SAID THAT!

  • Eoin Moloney
    Eoin Moloney

    Aye couldnt get bebo in ages.But cause im in rome the slagging begins agaian!!!!

  • Paul Flanagan
    Paul Flanagan

    sori lad guna have 2 b another nite hi was wel friday nite lol so ya out at da weekend??

  • Marius Rooney

    No lad, it wasnt the legs this time, i was getting a full hollywood done, back, sac and crack and all that!!!! See you in the arena!

  • Paul Flanagan
    Paul Flanagan

    ah so ya missin me then lol na lad hada work dere every friday ta 9 so cudn go but dont worri il b dere dis friday k lol o and i guna take ya out of it lol

  • Marius Rooney

    your good name????? your good name left you when you came into our squad!!!! ha. he deffo knows how to throw the abuse!! cannot wait to DC - this will be the best concert you will ever go to - if its anything like the one in the M.E.N!! Ball fri?

  • Majella Sherry
    Majella Sherry

    Il not even comment on ur tauts and xcuses for tommys behaviour:) ahhh soo obvious and then they set up the weaker counties...is that what ur trying to say???? U know...am happy to take all this abuse cos il always be confident that every time fer and mon meet...we always beat ya's...FACT :L :D :L Well u may go and support for me cos weve a match nxt wkend so i aint cumin hme..u bringin mcguinness with ya..u two r hilarious together!!!!

  • Majella Sherry
    Majella Sherry

    not ones to complain...hah...go read the hoganstand forum...as if i didnt get a lauf with that, i then saw a petition started for freeman...fckn hilarious!!!! There was even ones on it beggin them to stop...they wher embarassing the county...:P Too funny!!! I went home for dat cvn game...shockin but they wil bounce back, kick ass and get a step a head of ye lot in the cship...dont ya think??!! :D

  • Gearóid O' Hannóigain
    luv Gearóid O' Hannóigain

    Reilly boy wats the craic??? I see monaghan are out!!!!:O Oh how i love that!!!;)

  • Marius Rooney

    First time im on bebo in a while, so i decided to spice things up, to reply to maloneys taunts throughout the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Flanagan
    Paul Flanagan

    wel lad what ya been upta missin me at footie lol:L

  • Mairead McDonald
    luv Mairead McDonald

    well reilly hope u've recovered after mon night, wot a bit of drunken craic! I still havent mastered that hand motion durnien was tryin to teach me.. for an hour lol!! i passed on that msg u wanted me to so its in the hands of God now.. u mite get ur prayers answered if u've been a good boy.. wots d chances lol!!!xoxo p.s.share the love!!

  • Laura Doherty
    luv Laura Doherty

    can't wait to see you guys next month..your all coming right....that will be some party

  • Lisa Mc Guigan
    Lisa Mc Guigan

    Ach shite Reilly, ul still be in the council when im lifting my pension! Had a farely hectic weekend meself. was up in san fran, and ended up spending most of my time drinking in an irish bar...funny that! got to see alcatraz and the golden gate bridge so i was happy enough. work is fairly unsettled here too. kinda like it could tip either way. i mite be home sooner than i think too! Ul have to come over here for a week in the sun over the summer. bring then willoughby and rooney whoores with ya too! any word from them lately?

  • Lisa Mc Guigan
    Lisa Mc Guigan

    well young reilly hows tricks? all well?

  • Eoin Moloney
    Eoin Moloney

    Check out me new profile video.Its a classic!

  • Dee

    Well reilly ya stranger, ah ya know maggie now that one would drink it out of a dirty wellington!!!! Did i hear that you are now all loved up!!

  • Eoin Moloney
    luv Eoin Moloney

    Snommy!!!U going up to Derry for Paddys day???