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guess who's back?

3/19/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 982
  • from Cerrig-y-drudion(wales) but auckland(new zealand) for the time being!=D
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: January 2006
  • Last active: 8/20/12
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

I AM BAAAAAACK.....been in nz for the last 8 months but nw im back home..

the only things to regret in life
  are the risks you didnt take ♥.

The Other Half Of Me


we r like siamese twins that arent conjoined =D

<3...close friends
lianne, mel, lisa, jessy, g.g, callum, john, rob, ryan, nathan
✔love it.....
fri+sat nights or any other night that involves goin out, alcohol(in moderation of course.....haha)MUSIC, money, short shorts, movie nights, youtube, the mummy nd daddy bank, my secuirty gurad Beast Of Coed a.k.a shane wyatt, MY MOBILE (this little object is my life) =D! the shotgun saying, genuis....being with my best friend lianne, she makes me laugh so much=D!!big grey ''hangover'' hoodies(cant live in cerrig nd be kl without one)....my mother(u dont realise wat mothers do untill u move out, turns out she was pretty kl, lol)....the beach....
✖h8 it......
when i have no signal, when i cant decide on what to wear, the dark, MOTHS, cerrig being so far away from everhywhere nd everyone, hangovers, TOMOS, camping, jazmine's accent(we never understand eachother)!when ppl r sexist, lianne's obsession with trying to make me like peas, I HATE GREEN PEAS.....rain, bordem, lonleyness(i hate being alone, jst love to have my friends around).... missing buses nd trains, public transport, leaving silver shampoo in my hair too long nd turning it purple, oops.... the fact i cant pronounce that 'jalepino' word, u know that salad thing u can get at subway? burnt nipples, haha, tan lines nd when ppl ask ''is ur tan real'' when uve got an obvious bikin line, i mean y wud u just tan a parto of u nd leave lines, dumb!!lol....
ryan childs...
r.i.p hun....ull be missed, u were so kind nd funny...
love u lots!!

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  • me.mel.lisa.....quotes

    mar- ''my phone's dogy''

    lisa-''u dont get into trouble for telling lies...u jst end up 50p worse off''

    mar- ''wat comes after z in the alphabet?''

    (jemma says,'just a mo') mel- ''who's mo??''

    (lisa seeing marials tits) lisa- ''omg u have nigger,dinner plate nipples''

    (marial changin into bikini) lisa- ''i just saw ur minge''
    mar- ''did u like jst c my pubes or my actual minge?''
    lisa- ''they r the same u mong''
    mar-''well maybe i saw urs''
    lisa-''marial...i shave!!!!!''

    (playing the some alphabet game where u ahve to think of a dirty wrd that starts with a cetain letter) lisa-theres nothing that starts with K,ive tried b4
    mar-yes there is.....everyone wud get that, KY jelly init?
    lisa-what the fuk is that?
    mar-everyone knows wat ky jelly is,its lube u tin-head
    lisa-nah mate,(so she rings everyone in my phone book to ask them wat ky jelly is to make sure im nt lying,but still no1 else new either...till we told lianne next day) was such a funny moment

    lisa-(pranking bryn) wats ky jelly?
    bryn-whos this?
    lisa-(trying to think quick)erm...its....jelly
    bryn-right,do u knw who u r talkin to?
    lisa- ice cream?
    bryn-yep,whos with u?

    mar-lisa,like ur the virgin mary
    lisa-ye i am,my father is jesus
    mar-lmao,he's ur son u dickhead,nd god is ur grandfather
    lisa-ur the dickhead nw,god isnt mary's grandfather or any relation to her
    mar-wat about jospeh/where does he come into it?her brother or husband or sumthin??
    lisa-ye joseph is my husband,god is my friend nd jesus is my son ye??
    mar-yep,that sound right....y do we not knw this,everyone shud nw who jesus's relations are
    lisa-y are we talkin about the jesus family anyway??
    mar-coz ur the virign mary,remember!!
    lisa-ohh yeh

    (lisa trying to say ''c'mon mar'') lisa- c'mon mawr
    mar- do you think im fat?im not that 'mawr' am i?
    lisa- i meant c'mon mar

    lisa-ive smoked too much today
    mar-ive smoked a while too much too
    mar- i mean,ive smoked way too much too!lol

    watching the bill...
    lisa-did she just call her moth?
    mar-dont be silly,she called her mob
    lisa-mob?no it was moth
    mar-i swear it was mob
    lianne-it was mam actually,thats wat they call police oficers when they work for them
    mar nd lisa-oh yehhhh ahha

    lisa-i wanna ask a question,u knw wat suicide doors are ye?well everyone knws wat they are!
    lisa-well,why do they call them that?
    mar-what are suicide doors?

    lisa-ur a rug muncher
    mar-wat,like a dog munchin on a rug,im no dog
    lisa-nt that rug stupid,like a minge rug
    mar-they call minges a rug??
    lisa-marial,why do u live on this planet?
    mar-why u askin me that?thats a bit out of the blue
    lisa-coz u didnt knw wt a rug is
    mar-well i knw now,can i plz live on ur planet?
    lisa-mmm...ill think about it,lol

    lisa-remember when u were little nd u used to go lookin for frogspawns in rivers?
    mar-what,those NIGGER SPERM?

    lisa-why are there white ppl in africa?
    mar-coz they have invested in sun screen
    lisa-black ppl get born black u stupid thing
    mar-oh yehhh
    lisa-wonder if they can still burn?
    mar-thats nasty,u wanna burn black ppl u racist thing
    lisa-sunburn,not fire burn
    mar-oh...ye,i dunno maybe they can burn
    lisa-well lets try it
    mar-how,just find a black persn nd tie them to the tree in the sun??
    lisa-u sure ur not a member of the kkk
    mar- WTF??
    lisa-nigger haters from back in the day
    mar-well duw duw duw,u learn a new thing evry day
    lisa-anyway enough of this nig

    0 Comments 261 weeks

  • wakestock quotes,haha!

    jaz- ''its fag time''
    mar- ''its fat time?''
    jaz- ''u askin if it's flat time?''
    mar- ''o u said fag time?''
    jaz- ''no i didnt say its fat time,i said FAG time''

    (i was pissed)
    lianne- ''want to go and join those ppl?''
    mar- ''no,i love being center of atension nd theres to many ppl there so there is no chance of that hapenin''

    (jazmine,in her tent with a bloke nd me in the other tent with lianne''
    mar- ''jaz,u avin fun??''
    jaz- ''ye,u got a roach?''
    mar- ''omg,u want some rope?thats a bit kinky''
    jaz (thought i said roach)- ''ye i want a roach,quick''
    mar- ''omg u serious too''
    lianne- ''roach marial,roach,she want a roach''
    mar- ''ohhhh''

    1 Comment 263 weeks

  • DO IT!!

    Four things you wonder about me:
    Five things you like about me:
    Two things you don't like about me:
    Three of my best features:
    Two words that describe me:
    Goodbye message:

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  • vn y weddn
    vn y weddn

    n y prodas>>> gyd o ppl matchsticks ne bu ppl ordinary! wdyn ma gen t v wch bun sefyll allan , dwn gwbo diom n edrych fel dress v but es i trio a thing blodyn het thng r pen v lol! x x x

    Lea P 1 Reply
  • congrats

    u will be drivin soon

    Sonny 0 Replies
  • aliens

    im fuckin tellin you mar there was somethin out there tonight it was so strange!
    it really freaked me out :(

    Lianne 4 Replies

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  • Musi G
    Musi G

    heeeeey Marial what's up?

  • Marcus Crawley
    Marcus Crawley

    I just snagged $761 in 4 days spending time online! Made it with - http://goo.gl/hIZz8 trust me, you will be happy

  • Matt Dick

    thanks 4 the add.

  • Matt Hughes
    Matt Hughes


    5/28/09 via Mobile
  • Lianne
    luv Lianne

    hey mar you ok? not bin on bebo for a while so i thought id check it out nd leave you a comment while im here, well mae duncan bach wedi mynd i wellington til sunday night so im all alone in the heritage hotel! shame ur not here we cud have had fun terrorising the hotel staff or sumthin!! i miss him already and hes not even on the plane yet!!! what the hell am i guna do when he goes for 6mnths??!! oh man im guna be all alone :-( hope youre ok love you babi x x x x MISS YOU SO MUCH!!

  • Crystal

    Thanks 4 the add bbz. X

    5/14/09 via Mobile
  • Terri

    Lovin your hair huni. HOpe alls good:)

  • Ffiion Elenaa.X
    Ffiion Elenaa.X

    Heyaa :D tn okk?? wuu2?? dm luv sorii :( xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ffiion Elenaa.X
    Ffiion Elenaa.X

    Heyaa Marial! t nol n cerrig!!!:O :O :D :D :D : sud odd new zealand???? omgg..rhaid v gal catch up fo t wbryd :) tn ok?? w.b(dm luv soz)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s lvio gwallt t!!!!

  • Elinorrsian
    luv Elinorrsian

    Heyaa Lisa pentre draw ma hi n anti i ceridwen a llywela y twins. Gwbo o v dm n gwbo lle i ddechre o well newn ni deffo neu grwp o ydc bl nesaf. oes. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Elinorrsian
    luv Elinorrsian

    heeeyyya welcome bacckk <3 lol v eb wel t eerss AGESS omg t n edrych n andros o wahanol fo blonde hair t. o ia vry nicee. by the wau nath cerrig gal 2nd n dawnsio disgo n cylch a dm bu n sir. odd nw fo big big timing ussues lol. Lisa odd n dysgu nw. #anyway chaw 4 naw W/b xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Osian Owen
    luv Osian Owen

    yep yep..jst osian owen ydio del...d nhwn dda?lol....gyra num chdn mail fyd q xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Osian Owen
    luv Osian Owen

    widwiw..ello gorjes xxxxx

  • Ashley Evans
    luv Ashley Evans

    is marial back fron land zea new maybe?xxx

  • ALcoholick

    hey chcik!! how are you!!omg have you bin in newzealand all this time???i thort you had gone bak home!!!bloody heelll no contact how rude lol well how have ya bin??? well ya obviously bak home now??!!

  • Osian Owen
    luv Osian Owen

    elo gorjess tn k xxxxxxxxxx