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check out shooting star by airtraffic (living on the edge themetune) MTV1:D

10/25/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 24, Luv 40
  • from Gloucester
  • I am Down for Whatever
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  • Last active: Jan 31
  • www.bebo.com/payner200
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About Me

I need more pictures dun'i
Me, Myself, and I
hey im dan
if u wanna know anythin bout me u can ask me on msn dannypayne200@hotmail.com or just send me a comment on bebo
The Other Half Of Me
Daniel M

Daniel M

E's a top Banana

Paradox The Automatic The kooks TRIVIUM The Used Breaking Point The Killers The Future Heads Greenday pigeon ditectives
Most films
Most sports
Scared Of?
Falling To My Death
Happiest When?
With My Friends, Family
Hates ?
Assholes CHAVS innit brapbrap :S haha your cool "TWAT"
Loves ?

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  • 18 Todayy!
    18 Todayy!

    Im Da First To Ryt On Ere:D
    Soz Dnt Hav Any Credit! Soooo
    Happy Bday To Yu.. Happy Bday To Yu..
    Happy Bday Dearr Daniel!!
    Happy Bday To Yuu!!
    Love Yah Babe! Hope Ya Had A Gurd Day!:D :D

    Soph. 0 Replies

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    Do you have the following in your bedroom:

    Condoms: yes better safe then sorry lol
    Tampons: No
    Chair/stool : Yer
    Shelves: no
    Dresser: No
    Computer : laptop nd comp:P
    Pictures : Posters?
    Mirror : yes
    Skateboard: No
    Clothes on the floor: afew lol
    Surfboard: No
    Smoke detector : No
    Locking door : Yer
    Bottle of water :no
    Black light : No
    Medals/ribbons: nope.
    CDs: Yer
    Flag: Somewhere
    Real gun: Nope
    Cigarettes: no
    Pot: No
    Any drugs: Paracetemol
    MAGAZINES: Nuts n zoo
    Xbox 360: YESH!!!!
    Playstation2: yeh bored of it tho
    GameCube: ?Never
    Gameboy: Colour
    Stereo: Yer but I never use it.
    Television: Yesh
    Lighter: Nope
    How many windows do you have in your room? : 1

    What color are your bed sheets: bluey green

    Has the opposite sex been in your room before? of course

    Has anybody been in your bed other than you? of course

    Has the opposite sex slept in your bed? Of course

    Any preticular style of your room? Messed up

    Repost as "The Bedroom Survey".

    0 Comments 311 weeks


    Your luvin:
    Are we close:
    Would u kiss me:
    Would u fuck me:
    Hav u got a gf/bf:
    Will we ever get 2geva:
    Are u a virgin:
    Have u ever sin me drunk:
    Have u ever got me drunk:
    Have u ever wanted 2 tell me sumfin:
    Describe me in 3 words:
    Have u ever told me a big lye:
    Have u ever thort of me as G/f / B/F material:
    Would u ever cheat on me:
    Would u 4give me if i cheated on u:
    Would u ever marry me:
    Would u ever h8 me:
    Wots ur number:
    Wots ur gd bye message...!
    are yuw gnna put this on urs

    10 Comments 336 weeks

  • my bebo family

    ♥// My Wife = Emo-Vickie
    ♥// My sister =Tasha
    ♥// My Big Bruva = Foni oni Adam
    ♥// My Biatch = Amy marie tyler
    ♥// My Baby Boi = x..
    ♥// My Baby Gyal = x.amy marie tyler
    ♥// My Drinkin Partner =Danny D
    ♥// My Partner In Sexual Crime = x.. any1 willin to join me
    ♥// My Playboy = x..lil natalie
    ♥// My Bit On The Side = x.
    ♥// My Stalker =x..nikki jenner (secretly)
    ♥// My Shopping Guru =Moi
    ♥// My Porn Star = grant
    ♥// My Bezzie Maytee For Life = x..DUDEY D!
    ♥// My Pimp = x..
    ♥// My Hoe = x.. amy marie tyler
    ♥// My Babies = x.. reginald donald and digestive
    ♥// My Secret Admirer =x..Sophie lou
    ♥// My Lapdancer =x..nikki jenner (not vert gd tho)
    ♥// My Sexual Slave = x..jo bevan
    ♥// My Rude Gal =x..KERRIE-ANNE
    ♥// My Rude Boy = x..ryan charles
    ♥// My Gossip Queen =x..Gina
    ♥//My Sexual Slave = x..Pwincess vix
    ♥// My Dustbin Man = x..ma bruva
    ♥// My Dancing Queen =x..[lizzie]
    ♥// My Wife Of My Babies = x..Emo Vickie
    ♥// My Dumb Blonde = x..Sophie lou lol loves ya realy

    1 Comment 337 weeks

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Pump up the noise 2006 - Dougal and Gammer

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  • Eleanor Gangelhoff
    Eleanor Gangelhoff

    wow youre adorable add me on rudefinder.us n lets chat! my username is h0rnyang3l on there... ttys ;)

    7/29/11 via Mobile
  • -Smiler Ox
    luv -Smiler Ox

    . hey .. y do u keep sendin me pointless priv mails?x

    12/1/10 via Mobile
  • .Em.

    I netted in $596 in three days being on the web! It's all because of - http://x.co/KTFu You will love me for this!

  • Bronny Mushroom
    Bronny Mushroom

    I racked in $662 in 3 days doing stuff on the computer! It's all because of - http://x.co/KTGq friends help friends!

  • XxX Lil Miss Welsh Xxx
    luv XxX Lil Miss Welsh Xxx

    haha found you lol ur so hard to get hold of !!!! xxx

  • Soph.
    luv Soph.

    Payney Poop!:D :D Yes im gd ta you?? Wat yu bin up to?? Yu stil gt yor 206? I no hasss been likeee a year i swear!! xx

  • Tom

    ya iam ok wots your moble number

    9/17/08 via Mobile
  • Tom

    hi payner hows you?

    9/10/08 via Mobile
  • Jordyn Bovey

    Re: sup Letitia , OMG.....this hot crazy chick with huge tits is showing on msn messenger! message flirtyamanda84@live.com on msn before she gets off!

    9/6/08 via Mobile
  • Daisy Neville
    Daisy Neville

    HEYYYYYYYYYYYYY ! ta for the add rudeboi :D !!!!! you tried calling the other day ennit, before yestderday? sorry i missed it! :( but i shall cu 2m love, i dont have any credit btw........ mwah!

  • Sian
    luv Sian

    Hey Hey Hunny Howz u? What you up to tomoz? are you wrking in the night? Scribble back wen ya can Sian x