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.Babiie Jessika.

Fukiin Lovin Life Atm :D ..X Gna Dlete Bebo Soon i Think.. It Is rather Shiit..X

8/6/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from X..LAUNC3STON..X
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'' Watchaa Thiink About That!! '' .. X
Me, Myself, and I
Dont Ask Hєя What Hєя Namє Is
     Stupiid Biitch Shєs Famous ;)

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- Black Haiiя ;;
- Hazєl Eyєs ;;
- Lovєs Hєя Giiяls &+ Boiis (Y)
- 17 Чεαяs Чоung Biitchs ;;
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- Thiink You Know Mє ;; Tяy Agaiin
- Fukiin Loviin Lifε :D
- Car Soooonnnnn :D :D

Chяis Lєavєrs ;)
The Other Half Of Me
Jasmine- Parnell

Jasmine- Parnell

ii Love My Mingey X

Pigєon Thєif ;; Elliє Samuєls
You Know It's True                                                            You Mєєt Cєrtaiin Pєoplє                                                            For A Rєason
Mingєy Aka Jasminє
i Uttєrly Lovє Thiis Giirl :D Shє's Such a Laugh, And Such a Good Friiєnd && ii Havє To Say I Can't Gєt Borєd Of Hєr. Stunnin & Alwayz Up To Sumit :L .. Shєs A Strong Girl For What Shєs Biin Through && My Bєst Friiєnd, Lovє Thє Timєs You, Mє And Josh Spєnd .. x Lovє You Babє x
ii Lovє All My Giirls [&] Boiis
Thanks For Bєiin Thєrє :D You Know Who You Arє..X

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             Everчthing happens for a reason
          People change so чou can learn to let go,   
           Things go wrong so that чou appreciate
              them when theч’re right  .       
           чou believe lies so чou eventuallч learn
              to trust no one but чourself
          And sometimes good things fall apart so
             better things can fall together…     

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  • To Mii Bεst Friiεnd (Y)

    Lynzy ; ii Lovε You So Much..Sεriously...ii Would Trust You Wiith Mi Liifε :) Youvε Hεlpεd Mε Thru So Much...And ii Rεally Dont Know Whεrε ii Would Bε Wiithout You...&& Im Alwayz Hεrε For You...Id Evεn Run To Town For You..*Again* Your Gawjus And Any Boii Who Has You Should Fεεl Privalidgεd... So Manii Mεmoriiεs And Laughs... No-Onε Will Evεr Comparε To Ours :L
    Miisεd Bus's
    Nan Fiits
    Littlε Boii's And Banana Incadεnts :L
    Tεsco's (Im Not Crazii)
    Hangin In Josh's Car Dancin 2 Tunεs *Nεvεr Agaiin* :L
    Daiis Out In Lεwannick
    Boii Trubles
    Just Plain Gigglεs
    And ii Will Nεvεr Forgεt Thε Numbεr 23 ;)

    Your Thε Siistεr ii Nεvεr Had...ii LovεYou Bεsty :)

    Nuffiin Will Evεr Comε Bεtwεεn Us..No Mattεr What Or How Manii Milεs X

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  • Jessika...

    J- Everyone loves you.
    E- You have one of the best personalities ever.
    S- Easy to fall in love with.
    S- Easy to fall in love with.
    I- You get hyper easily.
    K- You like to try new things.
    A- Damn good kisser.

    ^^ Saiis It All Realy

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Lifee--x made bii char xx

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