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Cheryl Dunne

Stressful Day :(

7/5/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Finglas South
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: October 2006
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Jeliousy Get's Ya No Wre Bitch
Me, Myself, and I

<<<------ Tats Callum Me New Lil Buddy :DD

Let Me Start By Sayin I Don't Care If You Think I'm A Slut, Stuck Up, Bitch , Vain, Hot Or Even Ugly Cause As Far As I'm Concerned If Your Bothered That Much By Me I'm Already Better Than You !!

The Dirty Looks And Jealous Stares
The Funny Part Is You Think I Care
Some Say Im A Bitch
Well Yeah I Might Be
But I Don"t Remember Asking Any Of You Lil Hoes To Like Me.. !!

D Names Cheryl ..
I'm Not Goin Ta Start Braggin About Meself On Dis
Like Half A De Lil Spa's ..
So Here's De Main Points
I Live In Finglas ( South ) ..
I Love Been Out With De Girl's On De Weekend's ...
Nothin Else 4 You To Nose About So Bye


-----11, 3, 07 -----

----- 26, 10, 08 ----

----- 29, 5, 09 ---

---- 5, 8, 09 ----

---- 27, 2 ,10 ----
Hate Youngone's That Talk About Ya To Other People Like An Thier All Real Nice When Ya Say It To Them Like Cop On Ya Spa .. Can't Even Back Yaself Up ..Like At Least Try To Sat Something .. Like Would Talk About Ya On Bebo An Then Rite Me Name An Then Ya Have Nothin Ta Say ... I Don't Understand Explane Yaself TRAMP ..
Road Trip An All De American Pie's
Nothin Standin At De Coner
Happyiest When
Out On De Weekend's
The Other Half Of Me
Ciara Ronan

Ciara Ronan

Ah Shes Goin To Be A Mammy Loves Er I Dose XxXx

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  • ..

    1. 1. What is your full name?
    Cheryl louise janine dunne

    2. 2. When is your birthday?

    3. 3. Do you have a bf/gf?
    nope ;)

    4. 4. What cell network are you on?
    Meteor of course

    5. 5. Who is your last text from?
    6. 6. What does it say?
    wat do u tink

    7. 7. Do you get along better with guys or girls?
    Both really
    8. 8. How many siblings do you have?
    9. 9. What is the date today?
    10. 10. Where were you born?
    12. 11. What is your favorite color?
    13. 12. What is your favorite drink?
    14. 13. What is your favorite food?
    15. 14. What is your favorite song?
    new york

    16. 15. What color is your shirt?
    17. 16. When was the last time you went shopping?

    18. 17. What color are your eyes?brown/green

    19. 18. Do you like guys/girls with long or short hair?
    Short Hair

    20. 19. What's your religion?Catholic i think :L

    21. 20. Do you have a drivers license?
    22. 21. What color is your room?
    black an white

    23. 22. What time is it?

    24. 22. Is it windy outside right now?

    25. 24. Did you notice that there is two 22's and no 23?

    26. 25. Can you do the splits?

    27. 26. Do you have any pets?
    Yeah a few

    28. 27. What color is your mom's car?

    29. 28. What is your least favorite chore?
    Changing bed covers its a melt

    30. 29. When is the last time you mowed your lawn?
    Ur asking the wrong person

    31. 30. What are you listening to right now?
    new york

    32. 31. Do you shower daily?
    Of course

    33. 32. McDonalds or Burger King?
    Defo Mc D's

    34. 33. How often do you brush your teeth?

    35. 34. Have you ever shoplifted?

    36. 35. How often do you lie to your parents?
    Only when nessecary

    37. 36. What color is the carpet in the room you are in?
    have wooden floors

    38. 37. Name 3 friends that are guys.
    dean,gilmore nd glen

    39. 38. Name 3 friends that are girls.
    deneka,angela nd chelsea

    40. 39. Look to your left. What are 2 things you see?
    deneka an d bump

    41. 40. What color is your hair?

    42. 41. What is the last book you read?

    43. 42. What is your favorite TV show?
    shameless an eastenders

    44. 43. Are you going to go to college?
    I wish :L

    45. 44. If you were on a deserted island with one person, who would you want that person to be?
    Dont no some one to hav a laugh wit anyways

    46. 45. If someone you don't know smiles at you, do you think it's weird?

    47. 46. Would you say you are popular, unpopular, or inbetween?
    put it this way if they dnt no me der unpopular

    48. 47. What do you usually do on a friday night?
    stay ou wit kellie on a mad one

    49. 48. Are you addicted to bebo?
    eh ya

    50. 49. Was this quiz entertaining?

    51. 50. Anything you want to say before you go?
    anymore questions ??

    0 Comments 173 weeks

  • ..

    Does anyone know your password to ur bebo besides you?

    Are you an emotional person?
    Ya very me emotions take me over

    Do you like your middle name?
    Ye its alri

    Does the person you like know that you like them?
    Well if i was wit someone i cold tell ya but all fells
    a pricks

    What are you listening to right now?
    holy music ha tats deneka 4 ya

    Last person you talked to on the phone ?

    Last person you gave a hug?
    Me lil sis

    Do you love anyone?
    All de girls an me family

    Lost a friendship over somthing stupid?
    ya but who give a fuck

    Faked being sick to miss school?
    Who Didnt

    What time did u wake up today?
    Half 8

    Last person you talked to in person?
    deneka but shes asleep on d bed now

    Who is the last person to see you cry?
    Me ma

    What are you wearing right now?
    legans an top an waist coat

    Did you go anywhere today?
    ya a load a places im a buzzy girl

    Are you mature or imature?
    Mature Bu Every1 Has An Imature Side

    Are you closer to your mum or dad?
    Me ma

    Would you skydive?
    No fuck tat shit

    Do you like roller coasters?
    me bollox

    Thinking of someone right now?

    Ever trip going up the stairs?

    Has a boy sat on your bed before?

    How old is the last person you kissed?

    Did you get a full 8 hours of sleep last night?
    no 7

    When did you last cry?

    Last person you held hands with?
    couldin tell ya tat now

    What do you usually do right when you wake up?
    Check for The Dog And Bone

    Do you want to see somebody right now?

    Ever had a sleep over with the opposite sex?

    Are you wearing socks?

    What color is your room?
    black an white

    Have you ever seen your best friend cry?

    Who was your first crush?
    haha gas .. some horror

    Will you be up before 7 am tomorrow?
    Watcha Tink I Am

    Who will be the first person you call tomorrow?

    Are any of your ex's still in your life that you wish weren't?
    deneka told me ya but who give a shit

    Who did you last piss off?
    dnt no prob u

    Who's the funniest person you know?
    Tracey Kellie deneka Angela Nd Chelsea Me m8s Basically

    Do you have your eye on anyone?

    Did you see the person you like today?

    Have you kissed anyone whose name started with a J?

    Are you sleepy?
    writin this i am its boarin

    Are you okay with abortion?

    What shoes did you wear today?
    3euro chats ou a pennys

    Did you wake up in the middle of the night last night?


    What day is it?

    What time is it?

    Last person you rode in a car with?
    chelsea angela an deneka

    How late did you stay up last night and why?
    About Half one an wouldn use like to no

    Which of your friends lives closest to you?
    all dem

    Do you prefer to call or text?

    What was the last thing someone bought for you?
    dnt no

    Who bought it for you?

    When is your birthday?
    15 december

    Do you have any nicknames?
    no not really

    0 Comments 173 weeks

  • Do It !!!!

    Get paranoid at times? Ya Everyday
    Currently regret something that you have said? Ya
    Curse frequently when you get mad? Yeah
    Enjoy country music? Ah Cum On Nw
    Enjoy jazz music? Ya Sumtims
    Enjoy talking on the phone? Ya Wen Drunk Ha
    Have a lot to learn? Not Really

    ABOUT WAT??...

    Have a pet? Ya
    Have all your grandparents? Ya
    Have at least one sibling? Ya
    Have been told that you are smart? Ya But I New They Were Lien Ha
    Ever broken a bone? Ya
    Changed a diaper? Ya
    Changed a lot over the past year? Of Course
    Had surgery? Ya
    Killed someone? Ya
    Had your haircut within the last week? No


    1.Slept in the bed beside you? Ah Would Give Ya's Anytin To Talk About
    2.Saw you cry? Michelle Ha
    3.You went to the mall with? Deneka
    4.You went to dinner with? Ah Der Was A Few
    5.You talked on the phone with? Deneka
    6.Said 'I love you' to you and really meant it? Ya
    7.Broke your heart? Never Was
    8.Made you laugh? A Fella Put It Tat Way


    1.Pierce your nose or tongue? Tongue
    2.Be serious or be funny? Funny
    3.Drink whole or skimmed milk? Whole
    4.Die in a fire or drown? None
    5.Spend time with your parents or enemies? Parents


    1.Flowers or candy? Flowers
    2.Gray or black? Black
    3.Color or Black and white photos? Black&White
    4.Lust or love?: Love
    5.Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise
    6.M&Ms or Skittles? Skittles
    7.Best Friend Girls, or Best Friend Boys? Both
    8.Staying up late or waking up early? Stay Up Till Ya Sapost To Wake Up


    1.Do you like anyone? Ya
    2.Do they know it? Im Just An Honest Person Ha

    0 Comments 183 weeks

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Cheryl Dunne
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    Layer One: On the Outside
    Full Name: Cheryl Louise Janine Dunne
    Birthday: December
    Current Location: Michelle's Gaf Ha
    Eye Color: Browny Green
    Hair Color: Black
    Righty or Lefty: Righty
    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
    Layer Two: On the Inside
    Your Strengths: Dnt
    Your Fears: Dien
    Your Weaknesses: Stoned Ha
    Ambition in life: Hav A Good Jod
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    Your bedtime: Dnt Hav One
    Your most missed memory: Happy Times Wit Friend Tat Passed Away
    Layer Four: Pick Your Choice
    Pepsi or Coke: Coke
    McDonald: Mc Donald's
    Single or Group dates: Single
    Adidas or Nike: Adidas
    Lipton Tea or Nestea: Normal Tea
    Chocolate or Vanilla: Depend On Wat Humer Ha
    Cold Coffee or Hot Coffee: None
    Layer Five: Do You
    Smoke: Bad 4 Ya Health HaHa
    Have a current crush: Ya
    Think you: Ya
    Want to get married: See How Life Gose
    Believe in yourself: Sometimes
    Think you: No Ha
    Layer Six: In the Past Month
    Drank alcohol: Who Didn't
    Gone to the mall: Ya
    Eaten Sushi: No
    Gone skating: Np
    Dyed your hair: Ya
    Layer Seven: Have Your Ever?
    Played a stripping game: No
    Gotten beaten up: No
    Changed who you were to fit in: Ya
    Layer Eight: Getting Old
    Age you are hoping to be married: Not Hopin But I'll See Things Change
    Layer Nine: Perfect Mate
    Best Eye Color: Brown
    Best Hair Color: Brown Or Black
    Short or Long Hair: Short
    Layer Ten: What were you doing...
    1 Minute Ago: Doin Dis
    1 Hour Ago: You
    1 Day Ago: Chillin Ou
    1 Year Ago: God Only No's
    Layer Eleven: Finish the Sentence
    I Love: Everyone I No
    I Feel: De Way You Do Ha
    I Hate: Tramps
    I Hide: Well If I Told Ya I Wouldn't Be Hidin It
    I Miss: Every One An Everything From D Past
    I Need: You :(

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    • Becky XxX
      Becky XxX

      haha i cnt even remember u leavin :L :L it was a fucked up nite alright goin around ina car nd all doin hand breakers :L :L madness.. ahhh see i knew ya wouldn stay off the drink for long ya dipso :L i cnt wait for the wk end swear :D xxxxxxxxxxx xxx

    • luv Sean

      Just In The Gaf On This Lv.. What Ya Doin For The Day :DD xx

    • Leanne Murphy
      luv Leanne Murphy

      ye beta be haha :L ah fuck al just lien in bed wat ye up 2 ?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • XxPrincess Dianaxx
      XxPrincess Dianaxx

      ya got 1 ha hola me beatch xxxxxxxxxx

    • Becky XxX
      luv Becky XxX

      oh no way tat must of been tat vodka :L :L i felt a bit sick meself i went blank in tat lane for a few mins nd all :L :L haha u wont stay off the drink ya mad alcoholic :D xxxxxxxxx sum lovin for a bitch

    • Mark Gifford
      Mark Gifford

      wats up x x x

      7/4/10 via Mobile
    • luv Sean

      just on this having a few cans love :D did ja head out tonight:D some Back :* xxx

      7/4/10 via Mobile
    • Gary Byrne
      Gary Byrne

      ots story sweet cheeks hows it goin wer u from love you not out tanite hun xxx

    • Leanne Murphy
      luv Leanne Murphy

      no i wasnt ye tick :P :P i was brand new gettin it done :DD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • luv X -Abbie- X

      Fuck all lv wbu ? sum lv :* xxxxxxxxxxx

    • luv Sean

      Same as me self love :) ya heading out the weekend :D bita luv :DD xx

      6/30/10 via Mobile
    • Jamie L
      luv Jamie L

      ah im still keepin quiet dnt really be around here that much its a load a crap ya goin drinkin the weekend XxX

    • Sean

      Whats Up Lv :DD xx

    • XxPrincess Dianaxx
      XxPrincess Dianaxx

      all ri eh he`s jus watchin d match den goin ta head out 4 abit wbu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • XxPrincess Dianaxx
      XxPrincess Dianaxx

      fuck all babe jus in d house stoned E40D wbu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Denise Bookey

      Wat up ar ye still cumin around on saturday wit taylor 4 alexs bday xxx

      6/14/10 via Mobile
    • Tracey Salter
      luv Tracey Salter

      went te lennys 21st and it want that gud so me a chlsea got a taxi up d whithouse to sonia's 21st it was deadly :) .. wat u end up doin?? sum love :) xxxxxxxxx

    • Sean

      WHATS UP :DD X

      6/14/10 via Mobile
    • Kellie
      luv Kellie

      -->> sum lovin 4 ye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • X-NAdine-X

      awhh nudden bitchh juss chillin ...? de baby is masso hunn ...? xxxxxxxxx