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Patricia Lowney

having a blast in Thailand!!!!

3/18/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Killybegs, Living in Galway
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  • Galway Girl (Unsensored)

    Well I took a stroll along the Spanish Arch
    on the day i ay i ay
    She was drinking Dutch Gold in the middle of March
    on a very cold day i ay
    and I ask you friend, whats a fella do to
    you see her eyes were brown but her hair was blue,
    and I knew by her eyes, that she was on something..Trippy
    and then I lost my heart to a Galway Hippy.

    At the pony show, up at old Maam Cross
    on the day i ay i ay,
    a blond girl shouted..'hows it goin boss'
    on a very soft day i ay
    and I ask you friend, whats a man to do
    when her ponytail is long and her earings are huge
    but I loved the way, she drove that HI-ACE van
    and so I lost my heart to a Galway sham.

    Well I wanted culture and I wanted history
    and I knew just what to do
    and when I stepped off the ferry and I ordered a pint , she said
    'cé leis thú?'
    so I ask you friend, whats a guy to do?
    when she talks like some-one outta Ros na Run
    but I loved the way, she was ceart go leor
    and so I lost my heart to a gaelgoir mór.

    And so I fancied a pint on a Saturday night, so I rocked into the Quays
    and saw a fine lookin girlie drinkin West Coast Cooler
    so I followed her up to CP'S.
    and I ask you friends, whats a bloke to do
    you see her handbag was orange....but her face was too
    and I knew by the skill of her GHD
    that a CP'S girl would never shift me.

    When I fancied a shag on a Friday night, so I strolled down to the Docks
    and she was standing there with dirt in her hair
    stuffing money down her jocks,
    so I ask you friend..whats a fella to do?
    when you're really horny and you want a screw?
    and though she wasnt, what I call a looker
    Still I sailed into the sunset with my Galway Hooker

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  • Xmas

    17 working days til Xmas hols, Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    0 Comments 295 weeks

  • Whoo hooooo

    I'm sooooooooooo excited, going on hols today. No work for a week and a half, Whoo hooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    0 Comments 304 weeks

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What Type of Kisser Are You?
What Type of Heart Do You Have?
Are You Sexy, Flirty, or a Slut?
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what model are you?
Who's Your Perfect Celeb Mate?
Whats yuurh real name?
what will your baby girl look like
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  • Donna McClafferty
    luv Donna McClafferty

    Hi trisha, how are things? you'll never want 2 come back nw when you've the 2 years done. bet it's really hot there now. yeah good enough summer. was barely in galway, things were just too busy ere at the weekends. we're al at home for last few weeks. dad's terminally ill so all hands on deck lookin after him. he's in alrite form so fair. so wha part of oz you in? must be full of irish people!

    11/24/09 via Mobile
  • Donna McClafferty
    luv Donna McClafferty

    I'm leadin a borin life compared 2 u :L :L all's quiet. Siobhan moved back home 4 summer. Both of us thinkin of headin 2 galway next wk 2 see some of the volvo ocean race. I hear the place is mobbed. Goin 2 acdc next month can't wait :D got bruce springsteen then 2 week's later.

    5/26/09 via Mobile
  • Donna McClafferty
    Donna McClafferty

    Hi trisha, wha part of the world are you in there days, bet you're havin a ball. All's gud here. Siobhan's back in tory so all hands on deck tryin 2 get house finished. Any madness? :D

    5/25/09 via Mobile
  • Mary Miller-Kelly
    luv Mary Miller-Kelly

    Thanks Trish, I sure will have a blast, we r havin a 70s themed bbq wit marquee n dj at d gaf everyone dressin up in 70s gear so keep an eye on bebo for d photos im all xcited.

  • Louise O'Neill
    luv Louise O'Neill

    That's great it's going so well. I take it you saw the family & the new baby?! I've heard work is hard to come by there but I'm sure something will come along. P Lowney's resourceful...ie, Italian Ice! Defo let me know when you're heading to SF as I'm definitely intending on visiting Gibson too. Two birds with one stone :) . All's well here. Yes, looking forward to the wedding...Ironically ended up in Wisconsin this past wkend too for David Gallagher's wedding. Great wkend, such a laugh & got to see some people from home I haven't met in years!! Flew out of Minnesota @ 6 this morning so I'm well pooped. 6 weeks and we'll be back there again!

  • luv Sinead Mc Ginley

    ah totally missed you the other day on facebook chat, bummer must have just signed off. How is things anyway, where r u on your travels. no news with me still doing my fecking disseration, anyway missy catch up with u soon

  • Louise O'Neill
    luv Louise O'Neill

    Hey. How you getting on since? Fill me in...

  • luv Annie Heneghan

    Oh stop i nearly wet myself when i saw it - the farmer running like fuk out the door and the bull after him! How ya getting on - send us an essay when you get a chance hun ... xxxxxxxxx

  • Annie Heneghan

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkV55... ya like you probably saw it mayo for ya!!

  • Joanne Dunleavy
    Joanne Dunleavy

    hi doll, hows things wit u, u enjoying NZ? we actually up in surfers paradise this weekend but working out in the outback (bush), it very hard to get work at mo, but der loads of farming jobs and fruit picking!! have ya met loads of people out der??

  • Donna McClafferty
    Donna McClafferty

    Haven't bn in galway since. Agnes's 30th is comin up. Think it's the same weekend they finish college so mite try and go visit then. Not much goin wit me since. Got an art exhibition and an 18th 2 go 2 this saturday so savin myself 4 that. Bet it's so much fun over. Is it really warm there?

    4/2/09 via Mobile
  • Donna McClafferty
    Donna McClafferty

    Hi trisha, how u enjoyin ur travels? Bet ur havin a brilliant time. So jealous :(

    4/2/09 via Mobile
  • Lillian T
    Lillian T

    well the Lowney girls are on route... u all set! r should i say...is NZ all set :L u`l have some craic! hope ur havin a blast! take care X

  • Lillian T
    Lillian T

    Thanks doll.... will b some craic! no booze or fags for me....OMG i gonna turn into a nun! how u gettin on? plenty of fags & booze for u.... i think u should have enough for both of us :L

  • Louise O'Neill
    luv Louise O'Neill

    Hello!! Well, return to work always painful but nah, not too bad. Cruise was amazing, I'd highly recommend. LOVED the sun so hopefully Spring will hit here soon. Can't believe you're there!!!!!!!!! Sounds sooo cool. Do me a favor...Marry someone from Thailand or Austrailia so that I have an excuse to visit??? Hope you ladies have a ball. What ya's do for Paddy's??? That's one you'll remember. Big hello to Sarah. Be careful & keep me posted. xxx

  • luv Annie Heneghan

    Looooney - im off the last week - spot of pneumonia hitting me but ya'l have that, hows mammy keeping up , where are you now - paddys day was a mixture of hot whiskeys and lempsips with the odd valume - casue my 2 nephews are over here gone pure cracked - all are heading home saturday so i can get back into my usual drinking routine again! christening was savage - sure was a complete mess - myself and the 2 sisters up dancing like gobshites from conemara - has to be done yano - They celebrate paddys here on sunday - so that was mental.... lost a sandle during the christening celebrations - yano its always a good night if yer foot is bleeding getting home!! anyway - ill be back to my normal facebook handier for you on monday - woop woop fill me in when ya get a chance anyway xxx take care and if you get a number pmail my american number

  • Kittygis
    luv Kittygis

    my little lover im wishing the best experiene in the world. be safe babe. trust your instincts and always trust it. loves ya 4eva n eva. call me kiss kiss kiss kissssss. mwah.xx

  • Mary Miller-Kelly
    Mary Miller-Kelly

    heres an invitation for my 30th on the 15th may in aiddys bar (voodoo lounge) followed by sca nite in club ella please reply thru bebo

  • Lillian T
    luv Lillian T

    incase i forget....Have a ball... keep in touch i wanna c regular updates & pics on bebo... take care & safe trip...most of all..... HAVE A BLAST! X

  • Louise O'Neill
    luv Louise O'Neill

    Happy Last Day @ work!!!!!! Be sure to keep in touch P. Lowney. Wanna hear all about your travels. Let us know when you have a phone #. Be careful, safe, all that jazz, but most importantly, have FUN!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx