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can't keep my hands out the cookie jar

9/4/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from nazzerath!
  • I am Married
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
αℓяιтє....ιм ѕιмση..αкα ѕιмσηє αкα ѕιмρℓє ! ιм 17...ι ℓινє ση α ƒαям (ƒαям вσу!!) иєєя ѕωιтℓαи∂ η∂ ι gσ brooksby ¢σℓℓєgє, ωнι¢н ιѕ ρяєтту gσσ∂. ι αм ¢σиѕι∂єяє∂ тнє “¢ℓσωи” σf тнє ¢ℓαѕѕ!, && ιм яαтнєя яαи∂σм αѕ ωєℓℓ ѕσ ∂σи’т єχρє¢т α 2 ѕєяισυѕ ¢σνєяѕαтισи!

"if the wind blowns north the fish move forth,
if the wind blows east the fish bite least,
if the wind blows south it blows the baits in its mouth,
if the wind blows west the fish bite best"
any good dance, rave and drum and bass stuff, and a bit of r&b, rap, and hip hop, .
talents ive got!
well some call me the "circus boy!" as i can do alot of strange things that no-one else can do!: ride a unicycle, walk on my hands, ride a bike backwards, do backflips, juggle and i can walk on stilts! haha!!
ma mian hobbies is carp fishin!! woo!! its what i live for! im into ma hardcore bike riding. and i love doin realy big jumps or cliff faces! ma bike is a kona shred btw! I also do up cars wi ma dad, rock climbing, trampolining, going to the gym, boxing, quarry jumping....... and basicly anything else which is stupid and u may hurt yaself ill try it!!
ѕ¢αяє∂ σƒ:
ya see, if i ave a phobia of summin ill ova come it....
bt not alot!! apart 4rm summin realy stupid...cotton wool !
нαρριєѕт ωнєη
gettin pissed up, going out into town..cruising... doing trackdays with ma dad, out up swithy quarry, doing sum stupidly big jumps!, driving in my car (pandori!!), when am chillin fishin, being random!, or doing stupid things! lol!
never go on it but add me if ya want....si_bow@hotmail.com

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  • funni thing :)

    Take the LAST letter in your FIRST name:
    A - I fucked
    B - I have
    C - I need
    D - I sucked
    E - I gave head to
    F - I got wet n wild with
    G - I tasted
    H - I played
    I - I swallowed down
    J - I blew
    K - I got down and dirty with
    L - I loved
    M - I milked
    N - I was desperate for
    O - I ordered
    P - I partied with
    Q - I had quickie with
    R - I got rowdy with
    S - I sold
    T - I turned on
    U - I gave birth to
    V - I stripped for
    W - I hated
    X - I gave hand to
    Y - I aroused
    Z - I sold
    Take the LAST letter in your LAST name:
    A - a hobo
    B - a male stripper
    C - a cat
    D - a pencil
    E - a naked statue
    F - a firefighter
    G - a goat
    H - a DILF
    I - a bastard
    J - a male prostitute
    K - a clock
    L - an adult toy
    M - a Louis Vuitton bag
    N - a whore
    O - a MILF
    P - a pimp
    Q - a quarter
    R - a pornstar
    S - a slut
    T - a nerd
    U - a stuft animal
    V - a bitch
    W - an ugly fat kid
    X - a cheerleader
    Y - a gay guy
    Z - a pyromaniac
    Now Take The FIRST letter of your MIDDLE name:
    A - and I enjoyed it
    B - for a one night stand
    C - for money
    D - so I could hookup with a jock
    E - and I got banged after
    F - for a water bra
    G - for a cherry flavored condom
    H - so I could get a nose job
    I - for a vacation
    J - for birth control
    K - for a shopping spree
    L - so people would talk about me
    M - and it was hot
    N - so I could get butt implants
    O - for sex
    P - so I could go around naked
    Q - all for lust
    R - just for the attention
    S - for love
    T - so I could be sexy
    U - all for a fat kid
    V - and i hated it
    W - all for pleasure
    X - so I could get a boob job
    Y - for lube
    Z - all for a hot guy

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  • Kavi Patel
    Kavi Patel

    I snagged $440 in two days being online! I got it from - http://x.co/KTDg Dont say I never help anyone!

  • Hana.

    heeeyyyy yhoo alriitee? xx

  • Rebecca L
    Rebecca L

    [11:00:31] Bebo Mobile Timestamp Hiya! I am messaging you from the Fall Out Boy group of which you are a member of. I thought that you might be interested to know that there's a contest at avenue7.com right now where the winner gets 2 tickets to watch FOB live in concert. WB if you have any questions! From your Ultra FOB Fan :)

    9/23/08 via Mobile
  • MazzA
    luv MazzA

    Hiya mate. Im good cheers hows you ? Naa not found a new job yet. Got a motorbike tho :D .. xxxxx

  • Lauren.

    lmao. i had just eate chips earlier with Flo. ahaa i felt sorry for Lew, he had to clean it up Erghhh. xx

  • Will

    alrite si aint spoke to u in a while hw are ya u been down brookhole lately fishing (any tips) :) xx

  • Lauren.

    Ahaaa hello pisshead. how were you on saturday morning? x

  • Charlotte
    luv Charlotte

    yes i think u shud be :) yeh i think u shud do it might help me understand why u boys are so crazy about it lol the national diploma course .. yeh u will be u cant let these new ppl think they rule the college now lol :P really how was it obvious :S ?? loves xx

  • Charlotte
    luv Charlotte

    numptey and donut .. i'm going to start calling u something mmm ...fish boy is the only thing that comes to mind lol :P :P yeh sounds good u still need to teach me how to fish though simon lol :P yeah i know all the second years are going bk then but i'm starting a new course so got to go bk with all the new ppl its going to be well gay the first week :( no i'm young free and single:) i ended it with him the other week ! loves xxx

  • Hannah M
    Hannah M

    im not bad thanks shaggin sheep all day i sud hope not simon lol surprized ur actually cumin bk or ur actually aloud lol r u doin ya 2nd yr this yr xxxx

  • Hannah M
    Hannah M

    hey hey simon long time no tlk how ya bin bet u bin doin a lot of fishin lol u ready to go bk to college scribble bk han xxxxx

  • Charlotte

    yesh :) :) slightly drunk so thats always goood :P erm the 8th cant wait to go bk college parties again yeyyy :) :) when u bk ??? loves xxxx

  • Will B
    Will B

    yh i no i just worked it out im a berk

  • Will B
    luv Will B

    spade m88 collage tomora wop wop

  • Lauren.

    My Sister Said Hi..x Bye