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The Jay Chou 周杰倫 Ultimate FANS Resource

9th October 2008 - Capricorn ALBUM!

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Me, Myself, and I
Jay Chou (周杰倫) is a Taiwan artist with great talents.

He has been given the chance of producing an album in 2000, after writing loads of songs for artist already backstage in his teen years. The album suprisingly was a hit and led Jay too super stardom status. He is branded the Little Heavenly King, because of his succes in whole Asia and his musical talent at his young age.

Jay has been making music, and at his peak he paved a new way in acting (Initial D and Curse of the Golden Flower) and even directing his own movie called 'Secret'.

Jay Chou is a multi talented person, his directing has been given great compliments from directors and even actors in the entertainment circle.

Join this band and become a groupie too support Jay Chou all the way on BEBO!

If you like Jay Chou's music support him by buying his work legally!

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Jay Chou - Dao Xiang (Fragrant Rice)

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  • Extra Poker Cards for True Fans, and Release date back too 15-10-08

    There will be a extra gift for the preorders in Asia in the Shops, it is a set of cards with Jay Chou, and 3 autograph Sessions will be available with posters!

    Also the date of the album has been pushed back too 15-10-08, because the extra gifts need too be made!

    1 Comment 249 weeks

  • Jay Chou Reveales "Secret 2" and "Kung Fu Dunk 2" and replies on released album on internet!

    Jay Chou told media, they will film the sequel for Secret and Kung Fu Dunk. Secret will have a different story but will still remain in the old fantasy times and will colobarate with his biggest idol Lin Qing Zia.

    Also Jay told he wasnt happy with the release on the Internet, and also stated that the names are llegite either as a name of a song isnt on the tracklist of all releases. Also he confirms that the songs were not the final products but demos! So its not the final product...

    1 Comment 250 weeks

  • Jay Chou Capricorn 2008th album list and album review

    We already got the album, and album list are uploaded in the album sections!

    Its a very pleasant new sound, with different styles, country, slow, r&b.

    01. 龍戰騎士
    02. 給我一首歌的時間
    03. 蛇舞
    04. 花海
    05. 魔術先生
    06. 說好的幸福呢
    07. 蘭亭序
    08. 流浪詩人
    09. 時光機
    10. 喬克叔叔
    11. 稻香

    0 Comments 250 weeks

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  • 黄金甲 - Golden Armour Download
  • 聽媽媽的話 Listen to Mother (Ting Ma Ma De Hua) Download
  • BONUS: 飄移 Drifting" (Piao Yi), Initial D opening theme Download
  • BONUS: 一路向北 All the Way North" (Yi Lu Xiang Bei), Initial D ending theme Download
  • 千里之外 Faraway (Qian Li Zhi Wai), duet with Fei Yu Qing Download
  • 退后 Retreat (Tui Hou) Download
  • 對不起 Sorry" (Dui Bu Qi) Download
  • Landy ft Jay Chou - 屋頂 Download
  • 大頭貼 Neoprint // Rare single never released in any album Download
  • 心雨 Heart's Rain (Xin Yu) Download
  • 夜曲 Nocturne" (Ye Qu) Download
  • 菊花台 Chrysanthemum Flower Bed (Ju Hua Tai), Curse of the Golden Flower ending theme Download
  • 髮如雪 Hair Like Snow" (Fa Ru Xue) Download
  • Fearless (霍元甲) (huo yuan chia) Download
  • 夜的第七章 Night's Seventh Chapter (Ye De Di Qi Zhang) Download
  • 本草綱目 Herbalist's Manual (Ben Cao Gang Mu) Download
  • 簡單愛 Simple Love" (Jian Dan Ai) Download
  • 珊瑚海 Coral Sea" (Shan Hu Hai), duet with Lara Liang Veronin Download
  • 楓 Maple" (Feng) Download
  • 白色風車 White Windmill (Bai Se Feng Che) Download
  • 黑色毛衣 Black Sweater" (Hei Se Mao Yi) Download
  • 安靜 Silence" (An Jing) Download
  • 浪漫手機 Romantic Cell Phone" (Lang Man Shou Ji) Download
  • 可愛女人 Adorable Woman" (Ke Ai Nü Ren) Download
  • 七里香 - Common Jasmin Orange - Qi Li Xiang Download
  • 迷迭香 Rosemary (Mi Die Xiang) Download
  • 東風破 East Wind Breaks (Dong Feng Po) Download
  • 忍者 Ninja" (Ren Zhe) Download
  • 四面楚歌 Attack From All Four Sides" (Si Mian Chu Ge) Download
  • 爸",我回來了 Dad, I'm Back (Ba Wo Hui Lai Le) Download
  • # 最後的戰役 The Last Battle (Zui Hou De Zhan Yi) Download
  • 晴天 Clear Day (Qing Tian) Download
  • 雙截棍 Nunchucks" (Shuang Jie Gun) Download
  • 星晴 Starry Mood" (Xing Qing) Download
  • 開不了口 Can't Speak" (Kai Bu Liao Kou) Download
  • 以父之名 In the Name of the Father (Yi Fu Zhi Ming) Download
  • 紅模仿 Popular Imitation (Hong Mo Fang) Download
  • 愛在西元前 Love Before the Century" (Ai Zai Xi Yuan Qian) Download
  • 龍捲風 Tornado" (Long Juan Feng) Download
  • Landy Wen ft Jay Chou - 祝我生日快樂 - Happy Birthday (Incomparible Concert Version) Download
  • 黑色幽默 Black Humour" (Hei Se You Mo) Download
  • 分裂 Split (Fen Lie) Download
  • Broken String (斷了的弦) (duan le de xian) Download
  • 擱淺 - Run Around - Ge Qian Download
  • 回到過去 Back to the Past (Hui Dao Guo Qu) Download
  • 三年二班 Third Year, Second Class (San Nian Er Ban) Download
  • 將軍 - Checkmate - Jiang Jun Download
  • 藉口 - Excuse - Jie Kou Download
  • 雙刀 Double Sabres (Shuang Dao) Download
  • 妳聽得到 You Can Hear (Ni Ting De Dao) Download
  • 園遊會 - Carnival - Yuan You Hui Download
  • 外婆 - Grandmother - Wai Po Download
  • 藍色風暴 Blue Storm" (Lan Se Feng Bao) Download
  • 上海" 一九四三 Shanghai 1943 (Shang Hai 1943) Download
  • End Of The World (世界末日) (shi jie mo ri) Download
  • End Of The World (世界末日) (shi jie mo ri) Download
  • 亂舞春秋 - Chaotic Dance Of Spring And Autumn - Luan Wu Chun Qiu Download
  • 梯田 Rice Fields (Ti Tian) Download
  • 止戰之殤 - Wounds Of War - Zhi Zhan Zhi Shang Download
  • 逆鱗 Reverse Scale" (Ni Lin) Download
  • 威廉古堡 William's Castle" (Wei Lian Gu Bao) Download
  • 半獸人 Half-Beast Human (Ban Shou Ren) Download
  • Snail (蝸牛) (gua niu) Live Download
  • Waste Of Space (獻世) (xian shi) Live Download
  • 困獸之鬥 - Duel of Trapped Beasts - Kun Shou Zhi Dou Download
  • 愛情懸崖 Cliff of Love (Ai Qing Xuan Ya) Download
  • 懦夫 Coward (Nuo Fu) Download
  • 暗號 Secret Code (An Hao) Download
  • 麥芽糖 Malt Candy" (Mai Ya Tang) Download
  • Mini F4 - 簡單愛 Simple Love" (Jian Dan Ai) Download
  • Simple Love (簡單愛) (jian dann ai) Download
  • You Are Happier Than In The Past (你比從前快樂) (ni bi cong qian kuai le) / Jacky Wu (吳宗憲) Live Download
  • 反方向的鐘 Counter Clockwise" (Fan Fang Xiang De Zhong) Download
  • 她的睫毛 Her Eyelashes (Ta De Jie Mao) Download
  • 黄金甲 - Golden Armour (Radio Edition with Jay Chou Comment) Download
  • 同一種調調 Same Kind of Tune (Tong Yi Zhong Diao Diao) Download
  • 龍拳 Dragon Fist (Long Quan) Download
  • 火車叨位去 Getting Seats On A Train (Huo Che Dao Wei Qu) Download
  • 爺爺泡的茶 Tea Brewed By Grandfather (Ye Ye Pao De Cha) Download
  • Fine Day (晴天) (qing tian) Download
  • Orbit (軌跡) (gui ji Download
  • Rewind (倒帶) (dao dai) (Original Singer: Jolin Choi) Download
  • In The Name Of The Father (以父之名) (yi fu zhi ming) Download
  • Tornado (龍捲風) (long juan feng) Download
  • 半島鐵盒 Peninsula Metal Box (Ban Dao Tie He) Download
  • Broken String (斷了的弦) (duan le de xian) Download
  • Terraced Field Plus Dad I Have Come Back (梯田+爸我回來了) (ti tian+ba wo hui lai le) Download
  • 完美主義 Perfection" (Wan Mei Zhu Yi) Download
  • You Can Hear It (妳聽得到) (ni ting de dao) Download
  • 米蘭的小鐵匠 Milan's Little Blacksmith (Mi Lan De Xiao Tie Jiang) Download
  • Cliff Of Love (愛情懸崖) (ai qing xuan ya) Download
  • Disintegrate (瓦解) (wa jie) (Original Singers: Nan Quan Mama) Download
  • East Wind Breaks (東風破) (dong feng po) Download
  • Go Back To The Past (回到過去) (hui dao guo qu) Download
  • Clear Stars (星晴) (xing qing)+Go Back To The Past (回到過去) (hui dao guo qu)+The Final Battle (最後的戰役) ( Download
  • Double Blade (雙刀) (shuang dao)+Nun-Chuks (雙截棍) (shuang jie gun)+Dragon Fist (龍拳) (long quan) Download
  • Her Eyelashes (她的睫毛) (ta de jie mao) Download
  • Silence (安靜) (an jing) Download
  • The Tea Grandpa Makes Extended Version (爺爺泡的茶 加長版) (ye ye pao de cha jia chang ban) Download
  • 娘子 Wife" (Niang Zi) Download
  • 鬥牛 Bullfight" (Dou Niu) Download
  • DEMO 爸",我回來了 Dad, I'm Back (Ba Wo Hui Lai Le) Download
  • Dragon Fist (龍拳) (long quan) Download
  • Genie Of The Night Sky (夜空的精靈) (ye kong de jing ling) / Leo Ku (古巨基) Download
  • How Can You Not Even Speak Clearly? (你怎麼連話都說不清楚) (ni zen me lian hua dou shuo bu qing chu) (Original Download
  • Matilda Tao ft Jay Chou - 兩人都寂寞 (Twilight Chapter 7 Tune, and diffrent version) Download
  • Prohibit Sorrow (禁止悲傷) (jin zhi bei shang) / Valen Hsu (許茹芸) Download
  • Secret Signal (暗號) (an hao) Download
  • Simple Love (簡單愛) (jian dan ai) Download
  • 伊斯坦堡 Istanbul" (Yi Si Tan Bao) Download
  • Actress Specialised In Military Roles (刀馬旦) (dao ma dan) / Coco Lee (李玟) Download
  • Black Humour (黑色幽默) (hei se you mo) Download
  • Clock That Goes Backwards (反方向的鐘) (fan fang xiang de zhong) / Jay Chou (周杰倫) Download
  • DEMO Cannot Speak (開不了口) (kai bu liao kou) Download
  • Shanghai 1943 (上海一九四三) (shang hai yi jiu si san) / Jay Chou (周杰倫) Download
  • Show Interest (動心) (dong xin) / Landy Win (溫嵐) Download
  • Tears Know (眼淚知道) (yan lei zhi dao) / Landy Win (溫嵐) Download
  • The Iron Box Of The Island (半島鐵盒) (ban dao tie he) Download
  • DEMO 雙截棍 Nunchucks" (Shuang Jie Gun) Download
  • Jay Chou - 豆花台 Live | This is a remake of 菊花台 dedicated to paprazzi performed during TV-SHOW Download
  • Love In BC (愛在西元前) (ai zai xi yuan qian) / Jay Chou (周杰倫) Download
  • There Is A Cat In The Alley (胡同裡有隻貓) (hu tong li you zhi mao) / Landy Win (溫嵐) Download
  • 印地安老斑鳩 Old Indian Turtledove" (Yin Di An Lao Ban Jiu) Download
  • Cannot Speak (開不了口) (kai bu liao kou) Download
  • Hidden: Karaoke Broken String (斷了的弦) (duan le de xian) Download
  • Landy ft Jay Chou - 屋頂 Download
  • Love In BC (愛在西元前) (ai zai xi yuan qian) Download
  • Search For Myself(Rain) (找自己) (zhao zi ji) (Original Singer: David Tao) Download
  • Shanghai 1943 (上海一九四三) (shang hai yi jiu si san) Download
  • Split (分裂) (fen lie) (also known as Leave/離開(li kai)) Download
  • Tornado (龍捲風) (long juan feng) Download
  • Aaron Kwok 爱情 (Ai Xing)- Love Download
  • Angela - 你好,周杰伦, Ni Hau Zhou Jie Lun - Hello, Jay Chou Download
  • Bullfight (鬥牛) (dou niu) Download
  • Clear Stars (星晴) (xing qing) Download
  • Eason Chan - 淘汰 Download
  • Light Bulb (電燈泡) (dian deng pao) / Kan Kan (康晉榮(康康)) Download
  • Ninja (忍者) (ren zhe) Download
  • The Final Battle (最後的戰役) (zui hou de zhan yi) Download
  • The Sound Of Raining (落雨聲) (luo yu sheng) / Judy Chiang (江蕙) Download
  • Wife (娘子) (niang zi) / Jay Chou (周杰倫) Download
  • Aaron Kwok 爱情 (Ai Xing)- Love Download
  • Hidden: Karaoke End Of The World (世界末日) (shi jie mo ri) Download
  • Light Bulb II (電燈泡II) (dian deng pao II) / Kan Kan (康晉榮(康康)) Download
  • Opening Nun-Chuks Changed Rhythm Version(雙截棍 變奏版) (shuang jie gun bian zou ban) Download
  • You Are Happier Than In The Past (你比從前快樂) (ni bi cong qian kuai le) / Jacky Wu (吳宗憲) Download
  • jay chou song sing by a kid Download
  • Jay Special 2.mp3 Download
  • jay Download
  • jay Download
  • 黄金甲 - Golden Armour (Radio Edition with Jay Chou Comment) Download
  • Jay Chow - Wo Niu (Live).mp3 Download
  • jay Download
  • jay Download
  • jay Download
  • jay Download
  • jay Download
  • jay Download

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    Jay Chou

    luff Jay Chou?>;o )... plz join den>;o ) best taiwanese singer ever^w^... luff him>;o )

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    Gosh Jay Chou's concert was hectic! He is an awesome as singer! Luv for jay chou! :)

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    fukn lucky you...............ive never ben to his concert...

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    5/25/09 via Mobile
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    oh my god. if hes in sydney.. tell him to drag his sexy ass to melbourne as well T__T

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    Yay! Jay Chou is coming to Sydney.. Cant til he is here.. =]

  • Coliin

    rawr. jay in syd. =) i got the presale tickets yesterday muhahaha =)

  • Jenny . 4/25/09