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get facebook. you will never look back

5/14/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from homeLAND. scotland
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About Me

I'm having a nervy B
Me, Myself, and I
Hey there (:
I'm Sammy...
i run into glass doors. ai go to wee glenlola and i am in upper sixth...so obvs its my last year. sad times. very excited for uni next year!! good times!!

Don't you just love it when people drunkanly edit your bebo? --------------->

yep, thats right, you are looking at a european salsa dancing champion 08! no joke, the commisioner said so!

..."sammmyyy...its haaaalllfff eleven!"...

"I'm having a nervy B".. what a film...pete

"For with God nothing shall be impossible"
Luke 1:37

Matthew Woodward
Fuly thee greatest person alive, i factually think my life wouldn't be as goos without him, he is fuly awesome. defintly my life through primary school "Now the other foot matthew" says moma woodward, i love wee jan. :D
having random banter that isnt planned but turns out to be s fun! examples- chloe attempting to drive stuart henrys car, petes caravan, driving seans car on the beach, finding out about the pine marten. going on random drives, watchin the bonie lol the four muskateers (we are the best) scrabo trips. chloe driving my car (and nearly killed us) smores on the beach, cutting seans hair at cliffs (haha) aah! making people laugh, it always makes me happy. eating me and chloes speciallity nachos. belgian choc icecream .hugs. talking to someone i havent talking to in ages. finding out exciting news. roley poley on the roundabout (hi!!!) nearly crashed the car i couldnt believe my eyes. germans. MAMMA MIA! love you! although i was disappointed at wee colin firth...being gay. tut. way to ruin it. batman. DUNFANAGHY. Mr Darcy (:
really light rain
My friends
I love you guys (:
the good old buckie army...
AMAZING! loved every single minute of it. from "sammmmyy, its half eleven" to fruit tennis. delirious jessie, to skinny dipping, midnight cluedo to abba, seth and belinda to lenny. billy and the chavs. muck n' muffins to ramseys. baby poo under my bed and smelly dogs. moths and beetles, making cakes, eating way too much, sand surfing to goin in the sea fully clothed. pride and prejudice day (<3) to friends 10. loi and chloe sobbing in the corner, me in a washing basket, tooting cars, me and jessies abba dances, pancake making, mannnnyyy photos. BETSYY!!! "lets go get some cookies!" "beggths" my recliner, chloe the snorer. chloe the psychopath, solvent abuse under the bed. ISTAMBUL. bejewelled. 3 games of spit at once, burning fruit. what a week eh? love you guys!! xx

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  • A N N I E
    A N N I E

    hey babes...so glad i found u on beebs. i am lonely and looking to meet someone, r u single ?annie

  • Sheena Branscomb

    You have to check this out http://tinyurl.com/3plxqnb

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Faina Domingues

    hey i am lonely and look to meet someone. Come chat with me http://twurl.nl/bvyl18 look me up Hope to see you. Marsha

    8/7/11 via Mobile
  • Beth

    hey im deleting my bebo acccount, if you still want to hook up......add me on myspace - http://goo.gl/plq3n

  • Emma W
    Emma W

    Hey guys-it's me Miranda..:)

  • Matthew Woodward

    BFF :) how be u recently? meet 2moro? ill txt u incase u dnt see this sure xoxo

  • Ben


  • luv Matthew Woodward


  • Matthew Woodward

    Ooo DEAR u replied on ur own page sily not mine! :L

  • luv Matthew Woodward

    "hey! u said u wanted love so here it is! :P " creep :L ps say hi to belly man ;)

  • luv Matthew Woodward

    BALLLLLYMAGEE BFF :D haben lub. Rindfleisch :L xoxo

  • William Armstrong
    luv William Armstrong

    hey! you said you wanted love and here it is!! lol! :P

  • Michael Audley
    Michael Audley

    did it not feel weird tho bein round people who were drinkin? Yeah i did Do u no y woody was tryin to aggrevate mee last nyte?

  • Michael Audley
    Michael Audley

    so u dnt drink but u went to a pub? o yeah yeah yeah, did u go to the youth club they had?

  • Michael Audley
    Michael Audley

    yeah i thought it was gd as well, just a pity everyoone else was drunk lol, btw u didnt seem drunk, but i think woody made it appear that u were lol. u didnt go to kilmaine did u?