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Helena Ryan

Beyonce= Perfection!

11/24/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 24, Luv 670
  • from Ballyp/ Churchtown, Dundrum.
  • Profile views: 14,442
  • Member since: October 2006
  • Last active: 4/23/10
  • www.bebo.com/ryan_malsh
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
<<<< K2..... Mack, moi n Moiisha

Me>>> d Malsh
My Life>> .......
And I>>> love wodka


Leeds........ Hhmmpphh :O
London baby........ I lik:D
Back to Dub.........:P :L :L
My 21st..............Woop woop:D
Beyonce.............Gonna b qual:)
Xmas..................Lovin it:) :)
Kings of Leon, Take That, J T, Rihanna, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Chris Brown, Killers, Coldplay, U2 "With or Without You", , Snow Patrol, The Frames, The Goo Goo Dolls, The Fray, Razorlight, Westlife, Celine Dion, Pink, The Police.... love al d 80's stuff.. Roxette is a favourite! Everthing n anything really!P Diddy- Il be missing you... is my song!
The Hangover = Quality!! Dirty Dancing is d favourite!
Hurling n Rugby
Scared Of
Happiest When
Partying wit my girls....Super sunday sessions wit d usual gang......winning.........

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  • 10 Reasons to date a nurse!!

    Reasons to date a nurse

    1.They know that lubricants are useful in any procedure.
    2.They know ur body inside out.
    3.They know mouth 2 mouth
    4.2 words…sponge bath.
    5.They know how 2 penetrate things.
    6.They don’t gag.
    7.They always have a rubber on hand.
    8.They have restraints and aren’t afraid 2 use them.
    9.They can go all night long.
    10.They’re always up for a good game of doctors and nurses

    0 Comments 302 weeks

  • Excess amts of alcohol!

    We have absolutely no idea where our pusre is...but for some reason, that's OK!! We believe that dancing with our arms overhead and wiggling our asses while shouting 'WHHOOOHHHOOOO!'(or whoop whoop!) is the sexiest dance move around. We've suddenly decided that we want to kick someones ass and honestly believe that we can do it! In our last trip to pee, we realise that we now look more like a homeless hooker than the goddess we started out as just 4 hrs ago! We start crying and declare to everyone we see(including ppl we dont know that well) that we love them 'SOOO MUCH!!' We get extremely excited and jump up and down everytime a new song comes on because...'OH MY GOD, I LOVE THIS SONG!!' We've suddenly taken up smoking and believe we are really good at it Our hugs begin to resemble wrestling take down moves. We are tired, but we are troopers, so instead of going home, we just sit down on the floor wherever we are standing and take a quick nap! We take our shoes off because they're ridiculously impractical..(but soooo pretty!) b)we really believe its the shoes fault that we cant walk straight. We feel oddly comfortable sitting on the toilet peeing while having a full scale conversation with each other. No matter what got broken, lost, stolen, or thrown up on, no matter who said what or who went home with who...we ALWAYS call each other the next day

    0 Comments 303 weeks

  • Housemates.... Crazy Biatches!! Leanne n Michelle's Crazy Blog!

    September 7th 06
    Our first meeting, on this bright sunny morning Michelle was very badly hung-over after a night in the student bar, Leanne was in the kitchen making tea when Michelle burst in the door and said I know you! We lovingly embraced each other (not in that way lads) this was the start of our beautiful relationship……..

    September 8th 06
    Our first encounter with the fire alarm- Following a heavy night out Michelle was happily sleeping in Bedford when suddenly Leanne stormed in and started violently shaking Michelle, “MICHELLE, MICHELLE- The fire alarms going off- What am I going to do?” For those who haven’t heard this alarm- It’s not exactly quiet! Michelle calmly analysed the situation (by staying in bed) and giving Leanne the best advice she’s had yet- “Leanne- just go back to bed!” Everytime she’s heard the firm alarm since, Leanne had treasured this advice- and stayed in bed!

    At approx 4pm we ventured down to the student bar(Louise’s fault) and to our disappointment we came face to face with a very drunken Aisling- we now knew it would be a very long night! We started lightly fat frogs all the way.8pm came whizzing by and we were joined by Leanne’s' bro Stephen nothing can be said for the period between this and closing time, however when the fresh air hit us we were ready to collect our souvenirs for the night. Leanne had the situation already sussed out and it wasn’t long until she hopped into the skip where our two cones and the heavier men at work sign for Stephen were waiting for us, these have since met a sad end but that’s a story for another day.

    September 18th 06
    Well… this day we were quite depressed and felt that some wine was well deserved. As we broke the bottle opener (God knows how, since it came out of the very expensive and wonderful home starter kit) we headed off in search of a new one. We made it as far as the neighbours where Leanne got slightly sidetracked with a play station, Michelle saw this as a wonderful opportunity to get slashed by guzzling the bottle of wine herself! Leanne soon headed back off to bed, whilst Michelle decided to look for some very respectable DVD’s of Philly (the neighbour), unsuccessful she headed off and she can’t really remember what happened between this and getting locked out at the outside door. Although she had a key, Michelle couldn’t quite master the art of using it, and so took a wee stroll round the back to Leanne’s window for some assistance! Leanne wasn’t best pleased it must be said- especially when she discovered that Michelle’s key actually did work! Michelle was in much need of her bed, where she slept like a baby- even when she was up talking to Brainin and Alicia and some random felas at the window, who were out conker hunting. No details of this conversation can be released, as they cannot be remembered!

    September 27th 06
    Our first encounter with tramco, Leanne Michelle and Brainin (one of our special guests who will appear later on) headed off, fuelled up and ready to go. It’s fair to say we christened Tramco in style and before long we were home with 3 4th year AG’s- (lads yas know who you are), for a sleepless night of watchin Killnaskully! OH GOD… The nightmares. Leanne was the fader of the night, headin off to bed at like 6am! What was she at?! Before long it was Breakfast time, Michelle had yet another of her bacon sandwich (with brown sauce) cravings and so off to the shop it was! They were quite yummy it has to be said!

    October 11th 06
    Things have been quiet lately…… A whole week to be precise! This had to be remedied and so off to the cultchie capital- COPPERS- it was! Leanne and Helena (the last of the originals) had a nurse exam and Leanne was high from her nurse injections which she received earlier that morning- these seemed to go straight to her head! Helena’s 18th also had to be celebrated this night- and it was, in style- ain’t that right

    0 Comments 349 weeks

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  • Bob Duff
    luv Bob Duff

    sorry malsh... my bad!!!! X X X X X X

  • Bob Duff
    Bob Duff

    Treat for ya now!!!! X x

  • Bob Duff
    luv Bob Duff

    ill give the xbox a rest for this evenin so!!!! wat will i do instead tho???

  • Niamh Kinane 10/7/09
  • luv Sheedy

    sum love in return for the breakfast sunday mornin!!!

  • Miss Cox
    luv Miss Cox

    Hey girly hope ya had a class birthday!!really sorry I cudnt make it down....was lookin at the fotos of it there....it looked like mad craic n ya looked class!!:) We defo all ave t get a nite out soon t continue the celebrations :D x.x.x.x

  • Mark Gennery

    yes im soft leave me alone! house party yup

  • Miss Cox
    Miss Cox

    Yeah shelly was sayin bout that...defo on 4 goin down t good aulf Tip 4 that :L Frankypants is the best....i txt leanne der..dont have ur number :( ...if u wanna call ovr t Glenomena 4 some drinkin b4hand ur more than welcome :) x.x.x

  • Miss Cox
    luv Miss Cox

    Hello girly :) how ya keepin....saw doctors 2nite? wats d craic neway....how ya gettin on...cant believe we all havnt met up since we've came bk...we ave t get dat sorted out :L :L x.x.x

  • Mark Gennery

    the grog will come second me and food like that;)

  • Mark Gennery

    The food better be up 2 my standard;)

  • luv Mark Gennery

    young ryan im there and we are not going home ;)