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ii hardly evah cme on diis siite dese days lolss..u can fiind meh on facebook..

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aGe...sdiL yUng nOw LEGAL[moon] lolz
lOcatiOn'sz...tOO fahh frOm hOme:( :P
mUsic... lOve awL JAMZ!! mellOw tO gangs to old skOol tO sUm teknOo shy'z

silly dah mind HAPPY dahh bOdy:L :L


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    ...THEN && NOW

    When Lunchtime Was Too Short And Life Was Too Long..
    Remember When Right Was Right And Wrong Was Wrong..
    Remember When Bad Things Happend.. Only Grazed Knees Brought Tears..
    Remember When We Kried Because Bedtime Was Near..
    Remember When the Only Buzz Was Sugar..
    Remember When Drugs Meant'Cough Mixture'..
    Remember When What You Wore Didnt Matter..
    Remember When Arguments Only Lasted A Lunchtime..
    Remember When Goodbyes Only Meant Till Tomorow
    Remember When Decisions Were Sold By 'Eni Meni Miny Moe'
    Remember When Boys Were Germy And Girls Were Pwetty
    Remember When Your Clothes Didnt Need Too Match . .
    Remember When LOVE Was Nothing..
    Remember When The Broken Heart You Had Was When You Got A Hiding And Mummy Never Said Sorry...

    Life Is Too Short And fear Freezes The Atmosphere.
    Now Fighting Is Right And Talking Is Wrong..
    Now Little Things Bring Tears And Grazed Knees Bring Ugli Legs..
    Now We Are Happy Bedtime Is Near Because Its The Only Peace We Get..
    Now A 'Buzz' Means Weed, Drugs And Alchohol..
    Now Drugs Are The Most Important Thing..
    Now What You Wear Is Slutty Or Skanky..
    Now Arguments Last Days And Happiness Lasts Seconds
    Now Goodbye Is For Ages And Hello Is Nothing
    Now Decisions Are Solved By Fighting And Arguing
    Now Boys Are Players And Girls Are Hoes
    Now Your Clothes Need To Match Or Your Ugly
    Now Broken Hearts Hurt Like Hell And 'I Love You' Hurts Even More...

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  • Jamanez Teakaz Mommy
    luv Jamanez Teakaz Mommy

    Hae mai pweetyful unty lolz sum foto ov baby muwah

    4/11/11 via Mobile
  • Big Mama
    Big Mama

    hey sky hi how are u..?

  • DoNna
    luv DoNna

    hae sky im gud wat bowt u??? yeahr i no bowt all mah bruthas hehe well hope uze had a gud xmas n have a gud new years take care

  • Sky'Rah-Lee


    12/28/10 via Mobile
  • Jamanez Teakaz Mommy
    luv Jamanez Teakaz Mommy

    Hey unty sky lolz howz u n mai kwaezi unkal clif...yea ive onli got 8 moa weekz 2 go no pain no nafink juz Pwetty.Hot.And.Tempting huh phat lolz...n etz a boy 2 so yea

    11/28/10 via Mobile
  • Big Mama
    luv Big Mama

    heya sky how are u whats new with u hows life? how mean has the weather been hehehe.. hope u are well say hi to cliff ciao mami.. xox

  • FYnest Of Fynest
    luv FYnest Of Fynest


  • DadDysz Gaal
    DadDysz Gaal

    - suhp kuz ? Shuxsz wahsz qud? Daym lnq dyme no hea ?!x

    10/18/10 via Mobile
  • Jamanez Teakaz Mommy
    Jamanez Teakaz Mommy

    Etz umm tuiariki jamane addem teekerz lolz nli 3 moa mnthz 2 go n etz killn me

    10/18/10 via Mobile
  • Jamanez Teakaz Mommy
    Jamanez Teakaz Mommy

    Ae ya etz a BOY muj lolz anada hardhead

    10/2/10 via Mobile
  • Kaykay
    luv Kaykay

    Hey my birthday was algood. Just had a lil get together at my house.Hows all the fams?? Miss you guys man.

  • Prince Tuiteka
    Prince Tuiteka

    Peeka boo hu lovez u? I du i du yew wil alwaez b da best unti i kuld eva ave since mai unkalz a bitch lolz al gud he cnt hate me koz he lovez ez lil bitchin neaz haha juz lyk em muj love me,tui n da babyz

    9/22/10 via Mobile
  • Big Mama
    luv Big Mama

    Hey gurl yeah me not back yet still heheheh no long now to go hehehehe... dont be akwards hehehhee u know me... the past is the past move on.. hehhe dont worry be happy.... hehhe much love see u soon mwah xoxoxo

  • Big Mama
    luv Big Mama

    Hey sky how are you... hows tha hand ? jazz was telling me .. must have been a good night aye hehehe... well not sure if u got ma text before i left but i got urs all good babe.. just be happy aye.. enjoy life and dont take anythign to serious we only get one chance at it .much love gurl see u when i return mwah zxooxox

  • Prince Tuiteka
    luv Prince Tuiteka

    Nah nt yet nxt monf wil noe ba hopin etz a boy dou lolz...so hwz u n unkal clifton?getn kingky r we hahaha lolz i noe da goss so dnt wrrie b appy

    9/4/10 via Mobile
  • .Larissa.Tekii.

    hey sky.. myh son and ii are both good fanks..and ursouf?? fah u must b liiviing iit up ae??..an wat chu mea myh mumz commentz??? lolss..iif u mean d ones below hea den nah dats myh dad..hes ovah iin briizzy liiviing...neways yeh iim stiill iin tok ...ii liive wiid myh partner and son..as for ur kuzz sarah nah ii aiint seen her round town for ages..last ii heard she got iinto sum deep shiit..

  • Senituli Latu
    Senituli Latu

    around 11clocks tomorrow any way any girl there???

    8/26/10 via Mobile
  • Senituli Latu
    Senituli Latu

    hey wat time p2ana bday?? Hey how's work.....

    8/26/10 via Mobile
  • Senituli Latu
    luv Senituli Latu

    hey I'm comeing tomorrow morning??

    8/26/10 via Mobile
  • C H R I Z
    luv C H R I Z

    yea sme biin awkuds ae fnkin owf kumin 2 aus lols yaaah in nz>>>????