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Xx Jessibellica Xx

is thinking of someone special! x

4/9/08 | me too! | Reply

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♥ JESS ♥
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♥ LOVE CHARLEY - my one and only fabulous drinking partner!!!♥


The shit you hear about me, could be....True!
Then again…...It could be as fake as the bitch…
who told you!


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Things Happen For A Reason, So Just Get Over It!
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Not all scars show, not all wounds heal, sometimes you cant always see the pain someone feels.
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Miss Sale X

Miss Sale X

one of my bestest girls! love you lots bubs xxxxxx

ne thing realli! i like all music.... well not all but most!
i have loads of fav films! these r a few of my favs shes the man, save the last dance, cinderella story, mean girls, dirty dancing, love actually, the holiday, all girlie films!
Scared Of
scary things!
*Happiest When*
with my mates having a laugh, partying, having a gd drinking session! and winding my sister up!
i have known charley for 6 years now and she is one of my best mates! there has never been a time when i have hated her cos she is so lovely and she has a wicked personality and sense of humour! she is always there for me when ever i need her and she always knows exactly what to say! if im having a bad day il see charley and she will have me in stitches of laughter! i love partying with charley as we both get so drunk and like to spanish dance hahaha she really is the funniest girl i know she is one of a kind a special friend and also not forgetting how stunning she is! i love her soooo much and i dont know what i would do with out her love yoo xxxx
People come and go through life..You love..and you lose..but theres them few people..That mean tha world 2 u..and you know.. that no matter what happens..theyll stay in your heart forever...

We Were Given Two Hands To Hold, Two Legs To Walk, Two Eyes To See, Two Ears To Listen But We Were Only Given One Heart Because The Other One Was Given To Someone For Us To Find.

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  • do my blog please! x

    whats ur name?

    are we close?

    what do you think of me?

    would you kiss me?

    describe me in 3 words,

    if i was your's for 30 minutes what would you do with me?

    what was your first impression of me?

    do you still think the same?

    what reminds you of me?

    if you could give me anything what would it be?

    how well do you know me?

    what do you like best about me?

    ever wanted to tell me something you couldn't?

    could you ever love me?

    give me a nickname and explain why.

    have u told any of ure friends about me?

    To put it bluntly, wud u fuk me???

    are you gonna put this on your blog and see what i say about you?

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  • GIRLS!

    -----------are like apples-------------
    -------on trees. The best ones---------
    -----are at the top of the tree.-------
    ---The boys dont want to reach---------
    --for the good ones because they-------
    -r afraid of falling and getting hurt.-
    -Instead, they get the rotten apples---
    from the ground that arent as good, ---
    but easy. So the apples up top think---
    something wrong with them when in------
    -reality they're amazing. They just----
    ---have to wait for the right boy to---
    ---- come along, the one who's---------
    ----------- brave enough to------------
    ---------------climb all---------------
    ---------------the way-----------------
    --------------to the top---------------
    -------------of the tree.--------------

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  • plz put this on ur bebo if u know ne 1 hu died from cancer x

    ----///-\\\----Put This
    ---|||---|||---On Your
    ---|||---|||---Bebo If
    ---|||---|||---You Know
    -----\\///-----Who Died

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  • Lauren
    luv Lauren

    hey hey! friday was rather good eh? do u like my new profile pic?lol see u soon x lauren x

  • Barbara Alejo

    how r u whats going on babe!? I'm so hot and horny on cam right now, let me show you what i can do for you! hit me up on msn messenger: sonyohpo@hotmail.com ~*bye*~

    10/13/08 via Mobile
  • Leann Ball

    whats up Olivia This hot chick with huge tits is showing on cam! Hit up jane21hottie@live.com on msn messenger before she gets off. Shes crazy!

    7/22/08 via Mobile
  • .Ants Girl ForLife.
    luv .Ants Girl ForLife.

    Hi Jess! u ok? i jus got a phone call frm some london studios askin if i knew u n said that u came for a make over n stuff n got modelin pics taken n that u reccomened me to do it! but my bloody battery ran out wen the bloke was tlkin n he didnt give me the number to call n book it up! it sounds well gd! was it? n how much is it? do u have there number?? w.b xxxx

  • Chris. Brown.
    Chris. Brown.

    bonjour.. u alrite? Hope uv been finishing all ur work misses.. without getting too distracted lol. x

  • Pughy Bwoi
    luv Pughy Bwoi

    Na ur not a dik! Luv uuuuuuu reliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx x

  • Dan
    luv Dan

    i went dwn there 2 c my step sisters lol u gt msn its so easier to tlk ova that meetin wld b gd... rite laugh xx

  • Pughy Bwoi
    luv Pughy Bwoi

    Lol u dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Pughy Bwoi
    luv Pughy Bwoi

    Lol! x Yh ino i had a couple drinks the nyt before and woke up wiv sum fat headache! Y did yoo miss me? lol jkin! x x x x w/b x x x

  • Dan

    heya yh im gd fanx been workin and shit went out 2 basingstoke over the wknd n got fukin wrecked lol we have got to meet up soon haven't seen u in ages!!!! wb xxxx

  • Pughy Bwoi
    luv Pughy Bwoi

    Jelous about wat!!!!! xxlolxx Gd hope u get slapped up! lol jkin I cnt be fuked to wrk anymre its longgggggg!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Dan

    elo m8 hows it goin long tym no speak what you doin wiv urself? wb xxxx

  • Pughy Bwoi
    luv Pughy Bwoi

    Lol i fink i got about 2-3 ov emm! Trust me dossin around aint tht fun lol! well im wrkin 9:30-4:30! Longggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! Ur sister finks i fancy u! wta faggot! lol! x x w/b x x

  • Lucy Farrar
    luv Lucy Farrar

    hiya sexy!! u been chattin tom up ay jess!! haha luv ya sister friend!! BIATCH xxx

  • Pughy Bwoi
    luv Pughy Bwoi

    Alo Iv had loadz of them things before!! Na i jus been dossin around its been shit this half term reli! Wat time u wrkin saturday? x x x w/b x x xxxxxxx xxxxx xx x

  • Pughy Bwoi
    luv Pughy Bwoi

    Alo! Gd glad u feel betta! Wen do u finish wrkin at virgin? x x w/b x x

  • Pughy Bwoi
    luv Pughy Bwoi

    Alo gay!!!!! Hope you have fun at wrk! U virgin! lol x x w/b x x