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Alex Power

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  • Female, Luv 125
  • from lucan
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Anyone wana play legacurry??
Me, Myself, and I
Wow havin wrote on this in so long!!!
I live in Lucan best place ever, well kinda lol!!
I have brother n sister am oldest in family which has good n bads 2 it!
Im a Christian n go 2 LPC!
I love hanging out with my friends goin out or even stayin in for a wee chat!! :)
Doin stupid leaving this year so social life bit non existent atm :(

Ye well am quite boring so duno wat else to say but ye, leave me a comment, love yas xxxxxxxxx
ღ♥ღ♥Gotta Luv...♥ღ♥ღ♥
Laughing!! When the LC is over!!!! 6th year holidays :D GHDs! My girlies!
I dunno anything with someone hot in it!! I LOVE mean girls best film eva and the notebook cutest movie so sad :'( :) ! ALL disney movies espec the little mermaid!!!pretty women & how 2 loose a guy in 10days.dirty dancin, love actually, the godfather movies, scarface, xmen, wedding crashers, maid in manhatton!! N parent trap hehe cirs memories!!! I love musicals 2 though i kno swear am cool annie, bugsy malone, sound of music ect :) :) Oh yeah n shrek lol gota love them movies :) I need a hero :) AND I LOVE TWILIGHT!!! Edward Cullen=amazingness!!!
♥ღ♥ღ♥♥ღ♥Gotta hate♥ღ♥ღ♥♥ღ♥
Wen Karen hit me 3 times!! Feet!! Mushrooms!! People taking pictures of me!! Bitchiness!!!
Hmm atm loving Taylor Swift, Kate Nash, Lady Gaga... Hmmm my music changes all time!!
Heroes oh yeah!! Am CSI love tha show!! Murder she wrote wi cuppa n feel like a granny!! Home and away obv, lil bit eastenders sure why not!! And some charmed yes i know i am so cool!!
The Other Half Of Me
Kate Loves Gary Bearla

Kate Loves Gary Bearla

What a cool cat ;)

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  • Tears in heaven

    Tears In Heaven
    by Eric Clapton and Will Jennings
    Would you know my name
    If I saw you in heaven?
    Would it be the same
    If I saw you in heaven?

    I must be strong
    And carry on,
    'Cause I know I don't belong
    Here in heaven.

    Would you hold my hand
    If I saw you in heaven?
    Would you help me stand
    If I saw you in heaven?

    I'll find my way
    Through night and day,
    'Cause I know I just can't stay
    Here in heaven.

    Time can bring you down,
    Time can bend your knees.
    Time can break your heart,
    Have you begging please, begging please.

    Beyond the door,
    There's peace I'm sure,
    And I know there'll be no more
    Tears in heaven.

    Would you know my name
    If I saw you in heaven?
    Would it be the same
    If I saw you in heaven?

    I must be strong
    And carry on,
    'Cause I know I don't belong
    Here in heaven.

    1 Comment 375 weeks

  • Omg i love donnie darko it rox!!!

    Donnie: You are such a fuckass.
    Elizabeth: Did you just call me a fuckass? You can go suck a fuck.
    Donnie: Oh, please, tell me Elizabeth, how exactly does one suck a fuck?_____________________________
    Ronald Fisher: Hey Cherita, you want a cigarette?
    Cherita Chen: Chut up!
    Ronald Fisher: Chut up!
    Sean Smith: Go back to China, bitch!
    Donnie Darko: Just leave her alone

    Dr. Thurman: Do you still think about girls a lot?
    Donnie Darko: Yeah.
    Dr. Thurman: How are things going at school?
    Donnie Darko: I think about girls a lot.
    Dr. Thurman: I asked you about school, Donnie.
    Donnie Darko. I think about fucking a lot during school.
    Dr. Thurman: What else do you think about during school?
    Donnie Darko: Married with Children.
    Dr. Thurman: Do you think about your family?
    Donnie Darko: I just turn down the volume and think about fucking Christina Applegate.
    Dr. Thurman: I asked you about your family, Donnie.
    <Donnie starts to undo his trousers>
    Donnie Darko: No <laughs> I don’t think about fucking my family. That’s gross.

    3 Comments 378 weeks

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Claire: You're being so nice. I've never been so nice to you....I mean I have been nice but I could be nicer.
Zach: Then why don't you?
-Claire Bennet
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    OMG... this girl is topless on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on MingKornbautgcam@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Kate Curtis
    Kate Curtis

    moooooooooonday u all Excited? :P X

  • Kate Curtis
    Kate Curtis

    facebook sucks!! I cant use it. . Atall. .:( x

    8/14/09 via Mobile
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    Julie O'Shea

    gettin rele scared bout friday alex...few valium before mayb?! xx

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    Vicky Ferguson

    Alex craic.... miss me?? xXx

  • Ray Mondo
    luv Ray Mondo

    Lexi how goes it??

  • Nathan Morrow-Murtagh
    Nathan Morrow-Murtagh

    wen u bac gayface! u missed a legacurry trip....

  • luv Nicola Power

    Hi Alex, you looking forward to the weekend??? Should be a laugh, I'm going down after work on fri so see you sat

  • Kerri- Nicole
    Kerri- Nicole

    heya!!! im down to the last 24 in diva next door and now its online poll votes to find the final 12 calender girls. this means alot to me an i wud apreciate it so much if u cud vote for me http://www.bebo.com/PollView.jsp?Mem... kerri-nicole