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liverpool are gay

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Me, Myself, and I
I had to delite the other one becouse some fagit liverpool suporter got into it and cept changing it.and all i have to say join if u hate liverpool as much as me.

L................/´¯ /
I..............,/¯ /
P...(`(...(...(.... ¯~/`..`)
O...`\`...\.......... _.·´

|_________________ |_| ____ |
|_(@'@)____________|_|(@)__ |
put this on youre homepage if u think liverpool are gay!!!

liverpooooollll succkkkk!! asssss!!

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liverpools season review.......lol

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  • every body who thinks liverpool are gay sign it!!!!!

    sign it plz!!!!!!

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  • more liverpool jokes

    Gerard Houllier: "Our new Winger cost five million. I call him our wonder player"
    Sir Alex Ferguson: "Why's that?"
    Gerard Houllier: "Everytime he plays I wonder why I bothered to buy him!"

    Q: How many Liverpool fans does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: Yeah, as if they have electricity in Liverpool...

    Q: What's is the differance between Pamela Anderson and the Liverpool goal?
    A: Pam's only got two tits in front of her

    Q: Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, an intelligent Liverpool supporter and an old drunk are walking down the street together when simultaneously they each spot a fifty quid note. Who gets it?
    A: The old drunk, of course - the other 3 are mythical creatures.

    Q: What do Pool Fans and sperm have in common?
    A: One in 2,000,000 has a chance of becoming a human being.

    Q: How can you tell a level headed Liverpool supporter?
    A: He dribbles from both sides of his mouth - at the same time.

    Q: What do you get if you cross a Liverpol fan with a pig?
    A: Thick bacon...

    A father and son were eating breakfast. The fathers newspaper had the headline "Van Gogh sold for £8 million".
    The son asked "is he worth it, Dad?", to which the father, surprised at his son's interest in fine art, replied "I suppose so, son. Why do you ask?"
    The son said "Well, Liverpool paid more than that for Stan Collymore, and he was crap"

    Newsflash: Thieves broke into the home of a Liverpool fan and stole two books. "The thing that upsets me", he said "is that I hadn't finished colouring them in yet!"

    Q: What do you get if you cross a Monkey with a Liverpudlian?
    A: Nothing. The monkeys are far too clever to screw a Liverpudlian.

    Q: What is the difference between a battery and a Scowser fan?
    A: A battery has a positive side.

    Q: Why do Sumo wrestlers shave their legs?
    A: So they ain't mistaken fur a Liverpudlian women.

    Q: Why did Beardsley never play in Scotland

    A: Cos he wiz afraid of the Bells

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  • liverpool jokes funny

    Three men, a Scouser, a Manc and a Rasta all in the maternity ward waiting for their partners to give birth. The midwife comes out and tells them congratulations, they're all fathers of beautiful healthy boys, however unfortunately they've run out of the name tags, and the babies have been mixed up, so if they could each go in and identify their sons from any family resemblance etc. The Manc wants to go first, so in he goes and comes out with a black baby The Rasta looks a bit confused, "excuse me", he said, "but don't you think he's likely to be mine ?" "Probably", said the Manc, "but one of them in there's a scouser, and I'm takin' no chances !!!!!"

    The navvies building the passenger access tunnel to Moorfields station were on piecework.... which is why the tunnel is about 20ft. too long, and they had to build the ticket office at first-floor level.

    Scouser walks into the D.S.S. and says :-

    "I've just been offered a Blow Job, If I take it will it affect my benefit claim?"

    Three Americans and three scousers are travelling by train. At the station, the three Americans each buy tickets and watch as the three scousers buy only a single ticket. "How are three people going to travel on only one ticket?" asked an American. "Watch" answers a scouser.

    They all board the train. The Americans take their respective seats but all three scousers cram into the toilet and close the door behind them.

    Shortly after the train departs, the conductor comes around collecting tickets. He knocks on the toilet door and says, "Ticket, please." The door opens just a crack and a single arm emerges with a ticket in hand. The conductor takes it and moves on. The Americans saw this and agreed it was quite a clever idea. So, on the return trip, the Americans decide to copy the scousers on the return trip and save some money. When they get to the station, they buy a single ticket for the return trip. To their astonishment, the scousers don't buy a ticket at all. "How are you going to travel without a ticket," asks one perplexed American. "Watch" says a scouser.

    When they board the train the three Americans cram into a toilet and the three scousers cram into another one nearby. The train departs. Shortly afterward, one of the scousers leaves his toilet and walks over to the toilet where the Americans are hiding. He knocks on the door and says, "Ticket, please".

    Bob Hope was on 'Surprise Surprise', and bragged that despite his 97 years of age, he could still have sex three times a night. After the show, Cilla said, "Bob, if I'm not being too forward, I'd love to have sex with an older man. Let's go back to my place." So they go back to her place and have great sex.

    Afterwards, Bob says, "If you think that was good, let me sleep for a half hour, and we can have even better sex. But while I'm sleeping, hold my testicles in your left hand and my penis in your right hand." Cilla looks a bit perplexed, but says, "Okay."

    He sleeps for half an hour,awakens, and they have even better sex. Then Bob says, " Cilla , that was wonderful. But if you let me sleep for an hour, we can have the best sex yet. But again, hold my testicles in your left hand, and my penis in your right hand."

    Cilla once again says, "Great Bob, but tell me, does my holding your testicles in my left hand and your penis in my right stimulate you while you're sleeping?"

    Bob replies, "No, the last time I slept with a Scouser, she stole my wallet!"

    Q: Define confusion
    A: Fathers day in Liverpool

    Liverpool's new signing, Rigobert Song from Cameroon, has just played his first game for the (once) 'Mighty Reds'. He dashes into the players lounge and phones his mother to tell her all about it. "Oh, Rigobert"...she squeals....."....I am so pleased and proud of you, at last you are playing for a great team......they may not be as great as they once were, but I hear they have won the European Cup four times. ....but, son.....things are not so

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  • RyanO

    look @ the retards tha think liverpool r worth supportin:L united all the way!8) .. ahur wha can they win at all this season?- scum o the year :L :L

  • Thug Life Motha Fucka
    Thug Life Motha Fucka

    man u are da best liverpool are shite

  • Graham Connolly

    liverpool are fucking shit :L

  • Kevo 8/14/09
  • Ethan

    micheal owen ur gay so is man.u ronaldo did write to leave so did tevez hahahahahahahahaha uus are shit

  • Melissa'Ox

    liverpool are the best ever and most people think so coz look at the amount of love yuuve had since 2006 :L :L

  • Ethan

    we will com back and bet chelsea like we did it to man.u:D :L

  • Miss Michael Doyle
    Miss Michael Doyle

    3-1 last night hahaha liverpool u ent gonna win the cup now cus u ave to play them at stamford bridge now and they ave 3 away goals soo haha i dont support man u btw but i hate liverpool

  • Ethan

    liverpoooool 5 times champains *****

  • Ethan

    man.u are pooooooooooooooo liverpool win 2-1 and 1-4 were to good well win the leauge and the chapains leauge were goin for the double

  • Ryan McCro
    Ryan McCro

    4-1 Ladds? :D

  • Chloe Lozzie Hunt X
    Chloe Lozzie Hunt X

    Fuck u liverpool u will always walk alone MAN U ARE DA BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shane To De Clarke Keed
    Shane To De Clarke Keed

    fuck liverpool ul always walk alone cum on united

  • Michael Jones .
    Michael Jones .

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