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Judy Otter Moses

My baby Willie Richard Moses WasBorn On My Bday March31,2010 Saaah What A Bday Present Naaaah!!!!! I'm So Happy

4/15/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Waswanipi
  • I am Married
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
My Name Is Judy Rita Otter Moses, I Got 4 Kids, And a Husband Derek Moses, Harry is 13 years old, Keana is 8, and Khayden is 7, and Lazarus is a newborn born on October 13, 2008 weighting 6 lbs 11 oz I'm happy Now Very Happy.... I Live In Eastmain... I Work There To Sometimes...Almost All my Kids Are Going To School here In Eastmain....Just Khayden who lives with my parents for now until we get a new house here in Eastmain. My Parents are Ronnie Otter and Mary-Ann Kitchen Otter who live in Waswanipi and Almost Forgot I Got 3 Lovely Sisters they are Baby Marlena who still lives with our parents that party girl she is, and the one who Lives in chisasibi is Jessica otter Sam lol...and The Older Sister Leonda who also lives in Waswanipi and My Only Big Bro Jacko the computer expert who also lives in Waswanipi....

My Email: otter_judy@hotmail.com
The Other Half Of Me
Derek Moses

Derek Moses

My Husband

Nickel Back, Life House, Enrique, Shaggy, 1st Lady, James Blunt, Bon Jovi, Metallica Etc..............
Steven Segal, porn, porn, porn, pornporn, porn,
 porno Movie lol j/k, Action movies , I Dont Like War Movies , Soap Days of Our Lives Of course #1, Maury, Montel and Judge Judy Thats Me...lol......etc.....
Hockey , BaseBall , Tennis , Mini Golf, Floor hockey , Basket-ball, Fishing, Bicyclying....Ect.....
Happiest When
I'm With My Kids , My Husband And With My family Go On Camping Like Bush Camp or Going Out For A Fishing or A Family Trip All Together

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  • To my dad

    For my Dad with all my Love...
    Your little girl is all grown up
    and has found a love so true,
    but a special place in my heart
    will always belong to you.

    Judy Otter Moses 0 Replies
  • I love you so Much

    I love looking back to where we began,
    seeing us as we were at the beginning,
    then slowly leafing through the memories
    we've made together to bring us
    to where we are today...
    I love anticipating the days ahead of us,
    wondering what we'll find in each other,
    in ourselves, before another y...

    Derek Moses 0 Replies
  • Hi! Sista

    I just wanted to Say Im really Happy for you that your getting married with Derek.When you showed me your ring,I was just kidding what i said.Im sorry if i hurted your feelings in anyway.I didnt know how to take this my sister getting married n all.I was kind of scared & sad at the same time.I j...

    Leonda Otter 0 Replies

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  • Judy Otter Moses
    Judy Otter Moses

    Wow!!! I Had Great Time In The Bush, I Has There For 17 Days ....Only lol

  • Patrick Dixon
    Patrick Dixon

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    Gwen Shecapio

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    Deborah Matoush

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    Judy Trapper

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    Jack Cooper

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  • luv GertieTomatuk

    random friend luv mak

  • luv Stephanie S.Diamond

    Hey Hey Judy it's Logn Time Since We See Each Other,Maybe Since that Conference In Montreal Aye.... I Did Your Wedding Pix Before.. And Just Wanna Say To You... Wow You Look Great & Pretty On Ur Wedding Pictures! So, You Just Had baby Bot? Jabuwaa Congrats,Am Lookign Forward For The baby Pix :D ..Anyways Just Wanna say Hi And Wanted to Leave My Mark here For & Sharign My bebo Heart you & Yoru Famzz ___ By The Way Am Expecting as will :) it's a boy,I'll be induce by jan 3rd :D Anyways share it back bebo luv :D Xoxox stef

  • Veronica Gilpin

    hey judy Congrats on the birth of your baby boy V~G*

  • Brandy-Lee
    luv Brandy-Lee

    Hey you , I called you this evening Derek told me you left town:( ....l0l My babysitter left me:L sharoun keyia love aouksh Give Judy Otter Moses your luv for today. "Free luv, it didn't do anything" bLa

  • Renee Blacksmith
    luv Renee Blacksmith

    "Random friend":D u get a heart from me today!:D Hope u appreciate it!

  • Doris

    Just dropped by to wish you and Derek a HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY AND MANY MORE TO COME. Take good care of each for the rest of your lives. We at 163 Shabow are sharing the luv to you guys.

  • Doris
    luv Doris

    Happy first anniversary to you and Derek, AND MANY MORE TO COME from all of us here at 163 Shabow. Sharing some luv to you guys from all of us here.. Take care of each other..

  • Shannon Mayappo
    Shannon Mayappo

    (¯`v´¯;) .`•.¸.•´ ¸.•´¸.•´&u  ml;) ¸.•*¨;) HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY