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Stressin out to the max. March 2nd is on its way!!

2/10/09 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 90
  • from In his arms
  • I am In a Relationship
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... Hearts only stop beating when all your love is gone...
Me, Myself, and I
Here is my thoughts on life:

No one really knows what your capable of until your on the edge of a cliff
You can only be respondsible for yourself
Life has a way of giving back what you dish out
Your parents are the ones that mirror you
Love starts with a look
No one knows when life ends
You cant take it back once it has been said
Hearts can be broken so easily
Santa isnt real

Only GOD can judge me
I am who I say i am. I dont care what those little boys think of me, because they dont know who they are. I dont need simpathy because i have the love of my life with me. Be yourself, not things people think suit you.
Family is everything. I love those who have choosen to stick around and hate those who have left. I will remember them when they are 6 feet under.
Silverstien, Static Lullaby, Plus 44, Atreyu, Taking back Sunday, linkin park, funeral for a friend, lost profets, Hawthorn Heights, Kischasey, AFI, Hinder, The fray, Bullet for my Valentine, Papa roach, Underoath, Panic at the disco, Three days grace, The used, Emery, I killed the prom Queen, Parkway drive, red jumpsuit apparatus, As I lay dying, Behind crimson eyes, Ten second Epic, TImberland, TImberlake, Deepside, The veroicas, Faker, SKILLET
PeAce !
War, Losing, Being late for something, Failing exams and assignments, Retro colours, Fcked up afros, awkward situations, being put under the spotlight, oral assignments, having no money, cleaning up other peoples mess, people who think that they are always right, plastic chicks, flat coke, unfilled hot chip packets, Indian telly - marketers, Cold mornings, Bad hair days, Odd socks
My life
The thing I have realised, you never know what you have until its gone. You never see whats really in front of you untill its to far away. You only miss those things that you have had all your life. Dont be to proud to say you were wrong, to say your sorry and mean it. With all that happens to those who dont understand, leaving things the way they are, may ruin your chances of having evrything you want....
Happiest When
Im happiest when everything is cool and nothing is hectic!
When everyone says what they feel and dont bull shit or sugar coat it to make it sound better!!!
When the swell is awsome, and I am the only one on the break...
When Im listening to Music
When Im Hanging with friends and being our stuiped selves
Saddest when
People are mean to me....
lmaoNah to be honest with ya, i am saddest when my freinds are, i hate it when i have to see people sad. Dont get me wrong, i mean if ya puttin it on im not gonna be there for ya but if ya need a friend, and you honest enough, i wont leave!

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  • Dario Bartley-Brunt
    Dario Bartley-Brunt

    I profited $354 in a few hours doing simple tasks! I went to - http://x.co/KTCR You owe me one!

  • Seetoai


    7/29/09 via Mobile
  • Im The One U WereWarnedabout


    4/1/09 via Mobile
  • Eyetension

    yo wasup is dis ardina seeto !? i remembr da name 4rm primary skool. haha anyways yeah ma names Lhaney if yo remembr swt latah

  • Fiah Rockz Mhy Joxx
    luv Fiah Rockz Mhy Joxx

    hey yea we should juz get richard 2 hit us up! aite.. take it easy!! xox

  • Fiah Rockz Mhy Joxx
    Fiah Rockz Mhy Joxx

    hey dina yea i was real surprised wen i seen ur comment but it was good to hear 4rum yu.well ma hand ahh long story lols dnt wana tawk boutz it but besides dat im algwds. n ur self?? hope everythin goes well koz i no yu n ur a smart person n will succeed n anything yu do but yea good luck when yu start n god b wid yu. well im not 18 yet lols but yea im dwn 2 hang wid yu guyz netime juz get tammy or richard to call or txt me dey gotz me number! ahh i dnt no boutz da boiz i havent spoken 2 dem in long time ay accept able koz he lives next door lols bt his algwds.. but yea dats gwd yu n steve r still 2getha hopefully everything works out wid yu guyz, yu 2 make a gwd couple. i dnt fink i'l b in a relationship fo a while juz need sumtime 2 settle dwn about it dan mayb latah! lols but get back weneva k miss use both n take it easy! Love ya xox

  • La Jonté Iman
    luv La Jonté Iman

    hey baby :) ahhhh cant go this weekend.. my best friends 18th is on :O are you going out clubbing! dsjfsdjfadsj! DAMMIT! i soo miss you and soo wanted too see you! how are you? i hope your well

  • Fiah Rockz Mhy Joxx
    luv Fiah Rockz Mhy Joxx

    hey stranger LOLz i like cant type rite now koz i have a broken hand but yea i've been gwd as!! kinda miss bein around ya koz we kool guys 2gether!! na but im at tafe studyn a diploma ov sport! kool as man gotz heaps of new friends dat r juz like me!!LOLz but yea howz urself?? hopefully yu doin good n lookn aftah ma boy steven!! (i fink dats his name i 4got it) LOLz sowi man but howz uni goin?? well ima bounce now koz ma hand like hurts but take it easy n stay safe LOVE ya xo

  • La Jonté Iman
    luv La Jonté Iman

    awww LOL I'm good, just dieting n fitness, need to lose some weight n reading, LOL I'm a fitness nerd (: chyeea

    2/11/09 via Mobile
  • Joe Lolohea


  • Joe Lolohea


  • La Jonté Iman
    La Jonté Iman

    babyyyyy did i leavee myy shoess at ur house like month agooo

  • Tanika-Lee

    My phones been dead for a while. Cbf charging . No. LOL. mad op. hahahaha! Im going to tafe @ Southbank. Hangout soon?

  • La Jonté Iman
    luv La Jonté Iman

    miss you sooooooo much baby cuz, not doing to much, just chilling at home catching up on study, gonna go for my L's hopefully soon, fucckk i'm 18 and I got nothing to show for it What you been doing? Are u still in melb? Or home now? Looovve yooou Xoxoxoxoox

    12/17/08 via Mobile
  • La Jonté Iman
    La Jonté Iman

    hey shexxy lady ;)

    12/16/08 via Mobile
  • ROck R Star
    ROck R Star

    y are us fighting....

  • Chickie Babe

    Lol thanks hun mine is peelin a lot now yay Mine doesn't hurt at all Im jus layin in bed bored talkin 2 ppl. Yeah but thomas was bein an asshole, aj lol na he's borin he's no fun lol Na no random guys atm jus old mates.

    12/12/08 via Mobile