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Craig Rhind

Happily married man now, we area complete Rhind Family

8/16/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 31, Luv 35
  • from hamilton
  • I am Engaged
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
hey there ppls just a few words about me....
Im a qualified maintainance and diagnostics engineer,and very much into performance cars (as most guys are) um i have a wonderful fiance and a beautiful baby girl called Ella Anne Rhind that was born 17 Oct 2006. She's so cute! Check out my pics! ...And now as of the 13 july 2008 we now have a cute as baby boy named Fabian Jonathon Rhind,mum and baby doing realy well and now have a complete family. yay
The Other Half Of Me
Amy Rhind
dire straights, fleetwood mac, eagles, jack johnson, james blunt , The Blackseeds , elton john, u2, as well as many other bands but theres nothing like the old skool.
THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, TOO FAST TOO FURIOUS, FAST AND FURIOUS TOKYO DRIFT, driven, the high octaine series, gone in 60secs, i robot, whale rider, the worlds fastest indian, along came a spider, and many more but i HATE horrors they are sooooo boring.
clay target shooting, duck hunting, deer stalking, mtb biking, touch rugby, roller hockey, scuba diving, fishing .
Scared Of
PEAS !!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Happiest When
getting laid by the misus ( like most guys lol), spending time wif my girls and boy, i love driving my ka (my baby toyota supra mk3 fairly well modified) , going hunting or shooting or fishing.or doing any of the above mentioned activities, but cant forget one of the best drinking beer and having ppl over for bbq's.

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  • Ella on your go-kart!
    Ella on your go-kart!

    Haha .. This is you teaching Ella to ride your go-kart! Looks like she is about to run you over aye .. haha my drawing skills need quite alot of touching up. I did draw you to look rather nice though didnt I! lol.

    Amy Rhind 0 Replies
  • Love is in the air
    Love is in the air

    Hey hun,

    Just thought I'd let you know the obvious ... Me and Ella love you soo much and just wanted to do a drawing for you ... hope you have a good day .. smile it makes people wonder what you have been up to.

    Hugs and Kisses .... Amy and Ella Anne xxooxxoo

    Amy Rhind 0 Replies

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  • Melinda Martin
    luv Melinda Martin

    Hey dude, Good luck with the wedding it is an a fantastic day, one that you will never forget. Can't wait to see the photos. :)

  • Graham Fitzpatrick
    Graham Fitzpatrick

    Haha ah its easy den haha.. haha how did ya know by my typing style haha.. ah yes cappamore in limerick i know it.. oh is she haha.. have you ever been here b4.. ah cool man ya shud go ta d drifitn here.. we have sum class drifters here.. 1 lad dont drift here anymore cause he was just so good he went around europe and america and all. his name was darren mcnammera he had a turbo ae86 sr20det in her.. ah man thats some job that must be fair hard and all.. yeah man its crazy how dey spread 2 all over here.. they were really really expensive and still ar expensive now but the prices ar damaged now since this recession:( My brother was the first in ireland ta get a chaser man see how mad that is like the first ta have 1.. he imports a odd car here and there now.. haha oh the country is full still with these litle fiats and pugeots and all man with little 15s on em and tinted windows and a backbox thrown on man.. its terrible there just little hairdryers haha

  • Sarah Bain
    luv Sarah Bain

    how exciting not long to go now :)

  • Graham Fitzpatrick
    Graham Fitzpatrick

    Ah its in ireland man.. hw did ya know dat man haha

  • Graham Fitzpatrick
    Graham Fitzpatrick

    Ah its really gud condition man.. yeah thats d rite way man it b class.. cool man fair play 2 ya 4 bin able ta do all that man.. your doin sum mount 2 her man its goin ta be unreal man.. ah that v8 will be so cool.. they wud be nothin like it man

  • Graham Fitzpatrick
    Graham Fitzpatrick

    Yeah dey are man dey just a legend of a car.. i have a soarer 2 :D 1jz twin turbo soarer.. Ah d supra looks gr8 man.. d size of the front mount haha its massive haha.. fuck man it must look nice now man.. its sum car.. ah man caldinas ar class i love em.. sum fair quick wagon man.. omg that be class a v8 twin turbo lexus engine haha omg.. wats it out of???? haha jesus u have sum class stuff man.. id love ta have all ov em man.. i always wanted a kart man they ar so cool.. i love old school stuff man.. i have a 69 corolla ke10 here and im puttin a 20valve in it and all.. here it is

  • Graham Fitzpatrick
    Graham Fitzpatrick

    Hey man im gud man hw u?? Ah its got a 1jz but its heavily modified.. upgraded injectors and fukn loads done ta her.. ah ae86... class supra man i love em

  • Mike Adamson
    luv Mike Adamson

    Hey man. Yeah been busy. Meaning to come round. Will be over soon this next week or 2 lol. Thats awesome that you guys finally tying the knot :P . Id tell you to send the invitation out but guess what moving house again lol! so i guess ill pick it up when i come round? if there is an invitation lol im such a stranger :P

  • Shaarn Crosswell
    Shaarn Crosswell

    Hey man, sad thing is it's up for sale on TradeMe due to me wanting to find myself a nice manual and/or TT supra since the price would be too high for the conversion eh. So hopefully mine will sell before I get back home and I can find myself another. Na, was just going through Logan P's profile and trying to find more supra guys I can add to my Bebo, alway good to get to know more supra guys ;)

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D

    yea man what you done to ur supra now?

  • Corey
    luv Corey

    sup good ay. ohyeah its running pretty good. keen for a new car. rear wheel drive. what you been upto?

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D

    things are rather shit 4 me at the moment . yea celica is going but clutch has pact it in but its tuned to 10psi now and gose fuckn well

  • Roseanna Jeffries
    Roseanna Jeffries

    hay dude!!!!we are well nothing different still doing the mum thing lol!!!!thats awesome you were overseas lucky dude you beat me :L :L :L yes we should catch up sometime hardout. much love

  • Amy Rhind
    luv Amy Rhind

    Hey hunny. Just thought I'd send you a message incase you come on line. Hope your having a great time over there, be safe. Me. Ella and Fabian love you and miss you lots xoxoxo See you soon babe

  • Candice

    haaaaaaaaaaaaay chap!!!! :L :L :L jus chekin in ta see hows things wit u an th whanau of urz! xmas must hav been full of toys an wrapping papers everywhere at ur house ae??? :L :L :L mad fun! :L :L :L hows nan cuzzi??? much aroha to u , amy an th 2 x kids for a happi and amazing nu year!! love u heaps! xXxXxXx

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C

    Hey dude. Hope you are swell. Sucks about the old job? Where are you at now? Haven't heard from you for ages!

  • Conor Breathnach
    Conor Breathnach

    U'l ave 2find a run way 2test it properly! Wont be goin over for another 2years at least but ya def! I want a shot in dat kart! If ure ever over here give me a shout n i'll show u some proper forestry drivin!

    12/2/08 via Mobile
  • Conor Breathnach
    Conor Breathnach

    Hey man! Just checked out d pics der! Its lookin pretty cool! I'd say der is a sweet note off it 2 by d looks of d exhaust!!! U shud put up some vid's i'd love 2 c it doin rings!! How's jade keepin? Must bebo her but flat out wit work or my new project buildin a forrest destroyin ford sieara!!