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My Name Aint Paul

Loving my wee car!!

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  • Male, 27, Luv 73
  • from Kirkcaldy
  • I am Down for Whatever
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I is be moving back to the glasgow! Beautiful flat, a masters in sound design - recipe for a good if not a little stressful year... mmm
The Other Half Of Me
Alison Nicol

Alison Nicol

she ate a cat, she pooped sherbet for a week

Beck, Clor, Japancakes, Motormark, Frank Zappa, Cut Copy, Enon, Calexico, Super Furry Animals, Frightened Rabbit, Bonnie Prince Billy, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Femi Kuti, Fela Kuti, At The Drive-In, King Creosote, PLUS-TECH SQUEEZE BOX, Sufjan Stevens...
melodicas, saxophones, guitars, synths and various percussion instruments.
keeps you on your toes, and makes you carry 27.5kg rucksacks on subways and air-o-planes while sweating profusely
Oak, Maple, Beech & Indian Redwood. (and scaffolding for making tables.)
Quote of the milisecond:
"I'd be a lot better if you were all dead, yeah, i'd be a lot better off if you were all dead"

- San Francisco 'screamer' at 1am. Unsettling.

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Halloween Cream Scream!

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  • I got locked in the Belgian underground.

    The unfortunate circumstances:

    As if getting locked in a bus was not enough, this happened. Yes, while in Brussels, Alison and myself attempted to get the subway back to our hotel rather late at night... After discovering that we had missed the last train, a slight confusion came over us when we realised the underground should have been closed.

    At the moment of said realisation, an 'interesting' noise sounded and the gates to all the exits suddenly slammed shut. We ran to every exit and started to become a bit terrified of having to spend the night in there with ravenous, homeless belgians. After running about a bit, some whistling in the distance was followed by a security guard who then let us out. Thank christ. Public transport doesn't like me (or Alison now!).

    We also ran away from a chinese restaurant without paying because they served us raw chicken, but that's another story for another day.

    Belgium was nice!

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  • A banjo, bought at the banjo emporium

    I'm very excited about my new banjo. I feel an urge to flee for the hills and become a redneck god (the kind that lords over the other rednecks). You're all jealous, you just can't admit it.

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  • I got locked in a bus.

    Yeah, that's right... laugh it up. I got locked in a bus.

    The lowdown:

    Upon travelling back to Glasgow from Kirkcaldy, i was unaware of a changeover that was apparently supposed to take place at Dunfermline. Because i was so unaware (not drunk or sleeping, no), the bus emptied, the driver turned off all the lights, didn't check anyone was still on the bus and then locked the door. I thought they were changing drivers.

    What did i do? Hot wired the bus and drove to mexico where i started a mariachi band under the name of "trapotero el busse terrifico"

    What did i actually do? Waited patiently for about 5 minutes, considered leaving a 'present' on the driver's seat, banged on the windows a few times and then eventually used the emergency exit handle and legged it (then phoned my mum and she picked me up.)

    I am such a HERO!

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  • Joanna Graham
    luv Joanna Graham

    Joannaling misses Paulness (enter leet sad face here)


    Shopping at Ashleys next event will be at the YWCA on commercial street on the 25th March (this thursday) between 6-8pm free entry and refreshments. Be there or be square &-)

  • Crighton
    luv Crighton

    PAULLLY!!!!!!! :) I miss you! lol. btw. your girlfriends sister is soo nice. i was serving her at one of my other jobs when she was at her mates wedding. how are you? x

  • Chris Ferguson
    luv Chris Ferguson

    just to let you know! nobody hates you!!! have my love

  • Jeff B

    Its all canny kiddo , all canny. Bloody customers eh , half them are just in for a heat. Ill catch you next time though , serving a punter or not ill barge in !

  • Jeff B

    FURY !!

  • Chris Ferguson
    luv Chris Ferguson

    in that particular interview she'd been drinking camomile tea and gargling honey to make her sound more feminine! she is a trucker!! meant say have a good holiday man oh & i've lost your my inspiration quote, don't suppose you could send me it again sorry man

  • Carrie Shand
    Carrie Shand

    Yeah i did need some extra pennies! I didnt see u! Where were u hiding? I didnt realise i was playing hide and go peek! LOL Do you think I could take Ali..its a thought! Howz you anyways apart from being most upset and not seeing me?

  • Carrie Shand
    Carrie Shand

    Im a sessional playfriend with Enable. They are a charity for disabled people. I'll be working in the out of school clubs. So I should be starting at the begining of the Easter Hols. Throuwn right in at the deep end! Just the way I like it! haha Aw bless, Im sure its more than accepting/tolerating u! Ive not seen sean since I left.....I need to come in and annoy him one day! xx

  • Carrie Shand
    Carrie Shand

    Hi! Ok i believe that u werent hiding. Im just about to start my new job, just waiting on my contract to come through. Should start next week. YAY! Yeah I was supposed to come out but when I went to the bank it laughed at me! So I had to be a no show...I didnt mean to make u cry. lol howz life stocking cds? Do u feel like ur part of the HMV family yet? xx

  • Carrie Shand
    Carrie Shand

    BOO! There is no hiding from me now Paul....stand by for random comments at....erm...random intervals..... xx

  • Katie
    luv Katie

    hey ! how are you grubby tap? what are you doing with yourself? are you still traveling? Im still at the hop!! its even more dire straights than before if thats possible! Im still dominating vanilla galliano.. polished off nearly two bottles with some friends at toast on my birthday haha.. moving back to australia in march, then want to visit ireland and scotland! cant wait. hope your well x

  • Joanna Graham
    luv Joanna Graham

    hahaha! Yes I'm a dark and dangerous elf lady, grrraaarrrr...

  • Joanna Graham
    Joanna Graham

    Heewwwoooww!!! Hell I missed u! How was Jupiter? I went to Pluto recently but it was quite rubbish, all my flights were affected cause they changed its status from planet to some sort of universal gubbins. V confusing. Well I'm working in a hotel lol!! In golf and i bloody hate golf :> I emailed Don wee while ago and he's still totally up for it. Unsure of Billjames but we can ask?? Drinks must be done. Done. DONE i tell you!!!!!!!!!!