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Yeshh Batman


2/24/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from W o o d l e y y ... = )
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About Me

yu gt mi blud? (:
Me, Myself, and I
Supppp MaaaaaN (:

:) + :) = :D

вяяαααрр Mancunion and WOT!
aree you dizzy Bru'v.. (:

  ♥: loves ;; Tiffany ,, the friends ;; the boyfriend ,, SKINS ;; facebook ,, booze ;; friday nights out ,, lazy days in ;; shoes ,, make-up ;; straightners (:

The only people that can hurt you
are the ones that you LOVE. 'cause if it wasn't love...
you wouldn't care

Shoutouts in the blog :D

peacee out (L)
The Other Half Of Me


i lovee this kidda + we're netto buddies (:

Lәаvә a coммәит
ii шill geт back тoo чoou↓↓
HannahBabiii ↓↓
Fifteen liike ↓↓
Red/Purple Hair (atm)↓↓
BrownEyes ↓↓
AlwaySmiling ↓↓
UpForALaugh ;; =D ↓↓
Lσαdίιиg.. !©.Cσpчяιιgнт2008
шиa ио мояэ? 

'.. aѕκ fон мѕи

ι doпт Bite..:)
Tiffany x
she is just tha best maytee i cud eva ask 4 nd she makes me smile wen all i wana do is cry , both bin thru so much shit tha past couple ov yrs bt we'll always b der 4 each ova nd she knows ill be der if she needs me : ) ilu xx J'ADORE TIFFANY GREEN
Maddy x
met each ova in yr 7 in form =] she's a star nd a no a can count on er ta b der wen a need err, ill always av er back : ) xx ilu

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Lemar - Weight Of The World (2008)

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  • read it (:

    Before yu decide hu i am read this ...

    fake ??
    because i wear hair extensions and (apparently) , "loooads of make-up" ??
    so i had my hair cut, didn't like it and it takes years to grow ?? i dont lyk ma skin and wearing make-up makes me feel more confident ! and wot.

    bitchy ??
    because i stick up for my mates and express my opinions ?? if someones made it blatantly obvious that they don't like me then i aint gona bee all friendly or try to make them lyk me. deal with it

    slutty ??
    because i wear a short dress and heals on the odd occasion doesn't mean i drop my knickers for every boy that crosses my path ! i have lots of guy friends doesn't mean am gettin in to them all !!

    Over dramatic??
    nooo not really
    i've been stabbed in the back
    and had my heart broken more then once
    so not trusting everyone doesn't make me a drama queen

    in love with myself ??
    good onee ! because i have alot of pictures of myself ?? yehh, problem?
    im a poser, and wot ??
    maybe i was bored
    or maybe !
    i just wanted to take a picture !


    noo i just know how to have FUN
    try it ;)
    cos 1 day ill bee a old fat and wrinkly mofo

    and i wont bee able to
    so may aswel make tha most ov it :D

    ohh and the best 1...


    av u not worn a pair ov trackies?
    yehh there cumfy maytee

    and seriously
    cos a say stuff lyk...

    yehh gt ova yurselfs

    i av maytees , dats y a hang around in gangs
    i drink, so does everyone else (:

    0 Comments 243 weeks

  • maytes :D

    *+# ; MyGIRLS mean shitloads to me.
    Tiffany Maddy Ursula Abbie Courtney Jess Ani Sigi Annie Kara Hannah ♥
    - Theres no particular order. BUT

    I need them the MOST right now.
    They'll always come first :D

    TIFFANY GREEN - my number 1 maytee (: lovee er lots,,
    FRANCIS BRYAN - BOYFRIEND,, BESTFRIEND,, overall a total amazin lad lovee youu lots xx
    *MADDY BOWE - lovee er loads,, av tha best lil chats eva ahha :L
    *NINA RICCI - well what can a say she was mint in primary and now she is the funist person ever haaha "ma fannys working what a sed hurting" lmao xx
    *TOMMY BROWN - this kidda is 1 bluddy ledge (:
    *ANDY HOARE - lyk a big bruva but beta ilu bbe x
    *URSULA HIGHAM - we av sum sik times and she is just the funiiest firl ever
    *LAURA MORRIS - dont c er much anymree but she's great
    *MARK WHITNEY - omg i lovee u, u r a star nd always no's wat ta say dont no were id b without u , probz dwn sum gutter sum were :L bt yanoo ino i can always count on you and you wil alwayz av me there by yur side,, cos wiv out this boy i wouldn't be me, he makes me well me haha lovess you (:
    *ABBIE ADAMS - dont c er much no-mre bt we'll always be best maytes
    *JESS RILEY just an amazin friend to have lovee you
    *COURTNEY ALLEN propa sik ed neva normal lovee you
    *ANNIE HULME by day superman by night, propa sik ed
    *ANNA HOLOWKO the funiest kida on the planet always makes me smile love you
    *SIGOURNEY BECK known er 4 ages from abersock :D mint girl
    *HANNAH GORST rare ed, always up for a laff
    *CLAUDIA BOLTON kool lil kidda (:
    *ANNIE PARSONS mint maytee
    *CHRIS WILD - this boy is an absolute star ,, lovee are lil chats u make me laff so much and yuh are 1 spud face ;) but yu are seriously great and special in both ways ;) nd yu well cheer me up :D yur a mint maytee lovee you (:
    *DANNY MILLWARD funeyy guy
    *DANNY AWCROFT known im for ages, soo great (:
    * CHARLOTTE LEARY ,, *AMY CODLING ,, *SOFIE MOORE < these 3 are mega mint especially in drama... haahaa i dont even fucking like you ;)

    tell mi if a forgot ya (:

    3 Comments 247 weeks

  • DEAR..x

    1:: Dear _______

    2:: You Have A Cute ______

    3:: You Make Me _____

    4:: You Should _______

    5:: Someday I Will ______

    6:: You + Me = ________

    7:: If I Saw You Naked Right Now I'd _________

    8:: I Would Build A _______ Just For You

    9:: I Would Get Your Name Tattooed On My ________

    10:: If I Could Sing You Any Song It Would Be _________

    11:: We Could __________ Under The Stars

    12:: My Love For You Is Like That Of __________


    P.S. ______________

    6 Comments 287 weeks

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    yoyoyo ;)

  • Will Royle
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    Love Ya

  • Will Royle 5/20/09
  • Will Royle
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    Love Babe

  • Chriiss
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    love youuu :D x

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    Have Love Babe

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    Mevin Kcintosh

    Hey how are you x

    4/28/09 via Mobile
  • Will Royle
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    HaveMaLove Hannah :)

  • Learyy-

    Nahh she wasnt botherd to he honest! :) She went and got it back for me. AFTER i smacked the sports hall wall and full on mashed up my knuckle lol x x Thankyou for speaking to him :) x LOVE YOU xxxxxxx

  • Tommy
    luv Tommy

    helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo u alryte darlin i got twatted in the face today :( wubu2 love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    And A 3rd For You ;)

  • Will Royle
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    An Another

  • Will Royle
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    Love Ya Hannah :P

  • Learyy-
    luv Learyy-

    Heyy Hannah, was just passing through and thought i would say thankyou for being there for me to cry on today. Means alot. Love you BARE kidda! :D

  • Will Royle
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    And Ma Last One Babe ;)

  • Will Royle
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    And More Love ;)

  • Will Royle
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    Love 4 Hannah ;)

  • Will Royle
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    And My Last Love 4 You :)