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The day after tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. That way you've always got a couple of days in hand.

6/20/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 225
  • from Frimmers, or blandly underwhelming as alex would say
  • I am Single
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About Me

play that funky music white boy.
Me, Myself, and I
 .. meh u know who i am, and i really cant be bothered to write a lot, if you dont actually know who i am then ask me =]

however i will say

my names Lewis/Lewish/allen or possibly lou lou >< grrr laurie annoying child

i play bass =] AND BANJO xD and a little accordion here and there- not a big accordion x]

the rioteerz are cool

i'm not a little drunk, im a big drunk.

the end (Y)

roots rock reggae, just the reggae music. Bob Marley \m/

oh and mods are us jacob x]

out of my brain on the train.
The Other Half Of Me
Matt Armes.

Matt Armes.

syrup cake.. with his OWN money :L good times

The who, Tenacious d, Hayseed dixie, muse. red hot chili peppers, pink floyd, motorhead, acdc, jimi hendrix, aerosmith, eric clapton, avenged sevenfold, Guns n roses, queen, the killers, kaiser chiefs, jamiroquai (great bass), lost prophets, razorlight, rolling stones, wolfmother, Velvet revolver, The Rioteerz o course, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Bob Marley, victor wooten, hot chip, herbie hancock, charles mingus, the hoosiers, reel big fish, madness, average white band, the hamsters, the jam, bela fleck, jack johnson, burning spear, pendulum, gogol bordello, anything mod x] JOHNNY CASH, R.E.M, foo fighters, BB king, Eagles, Bob dylan, John Lee Hooker, David Gilmour, the raconteurs, was not was
anything funny, austin powers, fun with dick and jane, oh and kung fu films, kung fu hustle lmao awesome film.. lord of war, shaun of the dead, hot fuzz, walk the line, star wars obviously x], deliverance, house of flying daggers, black hawk down, the simpsons movie =]
football, i support west ham, faithful as always x]
mm jazz
above all other musicians, i have more respect for jazz artists than any others.. not popular as rock and metal, but they still make a damn good noise xD
jazz artists need fans too you know =]

empirical, the blessing, soweto kinch, charles mingus, charlie parker, miles davis, john coltrane, thelonius monk, sonny rollins, weather report, jason moran, denys baptiste, herbie hancock, finn peters, polar bear, andy sheppard, tim garland, bill bruford, courtney pine.. look them up =] blues and funk are good too xD funk project :L
Happiest When
either eating (apparently) or talking to friends, playing bass in el bando the rioteerz or just at home.. going to guildford haha nandos x], at colony gate when there aren't any bugs.. -.-

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  • Matt Armes.
    luv Matt Armes.


  • Lauriee

    thought id say hiii=] cuz ive nothing else to do at 2 in the morning lols erm HI *waves frantically* byeee=]

  • Lisa

    Wow i got thought of (: Im so hungryyy! I've just texted you... See if you're still the texting lunatic you used to be (: haha Love xx

  • Näthälii Crash
    luv Näthälii Crash

    WE ARE THE BESTEST PEOPLE IN THE UNIVERSE EVERYONE LOVES US REALLY THEYRE JUST TOO AFRAID OF OUR AWESOMENESS TO COME AND WORSHIP US :D yeah. ....thats what she said. :L better a runny nose than a runny brain. you're stuck with me for life y'know. LOVELOVELOVE&HUGSHUGSHUGS this comment is totally not OTT. :D x x x x x x x x yeah, and another thing.....

  • Tom William Horatio Penfold

    dude i love the tune we gotta sort some lyrics out tho something that doesnt make me wana kill myself haha

  • Lisa
    luv Lisa

    Love from a stranger x

  • Harri H
    Harri H

    Not bad urself my fellow Python, my dad is the one 2 thank 4 me being a fan !!!

  • Tom William Horatio Penfold

    hey sexman lets get some ideas dude.

  • Lauriee
    luv Lauriee

    lewis=] its been too long lols hope yerrr okay :D

  • Matt Armes.
    luv Matt Armes.

    Allright Jewis Havent been on bebo in bare long love And yeash i didint go but apparently that gilrs house got totally owned and there was like £20 thousand pounds worth of damage :L priceless Ly x

  • Evil

    why thankyou :L ahhhh that made me laugh so much i read it and then just like closed it and thought maybe you'd sent it to the wrong person half an hour later it clicked :P id say hope you did as well but im guessing you did hehe xxx

  • Tashaa

    Fine i'l call you bungle

  • Lorry .
    luv Lorry .

    spanish homework? :| ... pffttt.. ill do that... at some point... :P omg i agreee :P i can understand it, i can read it, but i just dont know any vocabulary :P your better than me man, your fiiiiine :P

  • Lisa
    luv Lisa

    BAH Scary stuff (: Altho it's gotta be better than like- a killer squirrel shaped mole on my face- right Lewis? (: xxxxx