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Wal Mart.


8/31/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 106, Luv 50
  • from LDN
  • I am Single
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♥Tim Burton Films & Disney Films♥ Horror, Comedy, Romance, Thriller. To Sir, With Love- My Grandpa Was Nearly In Tha Film.
•Once upon a time there was a young person
who went by the name of Rebecca-Megan. She is my older cousin infact. First though i need to say sorry for drinking her paint-water when i was 2. She used to have tomato sauce on everything she ate, her mum would have to carry round like packets of ketchup for her. I love her, even though she can annoy me and ask me werid questions. If you hurt my becki-meggie i will throw things at you until you die. Much love to you x
Is Awfully Class. She"s A Hilarious Mayte, You All Have To Love Her because i do and i think tha is a good enough reason. She Is Number One In Me Top 16 Add Her. Im Well Happy Shes Finally t The Upper Site Of B.A. I See Her There About Everyday & She Always Has Nice Bags.She's Totally AMAZING, Love Her Loooooads
24th June 1973- 19th August 2004. Miss My Cousin.

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  • My Bebo Family!

    Mother= Lucinda
    Father= DON'T WANT ONE!
    Child/ren= Annie & Nicola
    Illegal Husband= Mikey Way
    Cousin= Rebecca-Megan [Actual Cousin]
    Auntie= Toni
    Uncle= Chin-Chin
    Freak= Stew & Tara
    Fellow Kerrang Reader= Tania & Tara
    Camera Whore= Rebecca-Megan
    American Bud= caitlin
    Ernesto Babe= Georgia
    Teddy-Bear= Travis [Miss Him]
    Toy-Boy= Stew Ooh Stewart! [Don"t Ask Mayte]
    Underpantee"s= Chin-Chin
    Secert Admirer= Justin Ooh Justin!
    P.E. Bud= Alissa
    Fellow Lover Of Mikey Way= Kazzi
    Spongebob Squarepants singalong song friend= Chin-Chin
    Mental Uncle Twice Removed= Beccah
    Pet Dog= Beccah
    Dark Side= Sania
    SuperHero KoolKid= Annie
    Eejit= Kei
    Stalker/ Person Who Wants To Be Me= Tania
    Nu Rave Kid=
    Wal*Mart Babe= Georgia

    Wha Would You Like To Be ?
    [If Wha You Want To Be Aint Here, Tell Me And I"ll Add It]

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  • K A Z Z I
    luv K A Z Z I

    Heyaaa! :L awwwh dammit those stupid emails!! YESYESYES! i have facebookkyy Kazzi Whitehead <---that's me name ;) yes it hasss :( :( :( man, we neeed to talkkk soon!! :O how was your GCSE'S bub? Youu luckyy thangg :P have fun in floridaa!!! how long you going for?? Not much really just partayingg, really gutted 'coz my best mate's moving away :( so i'm just tryna live it up as much as pos. && been into Ann Summers alot :L :L :L . ;) We really shouldd. Kazzzzi xxxxx

  • K A Z Z I
    luv K A Z Z I

    EMMMAAAA =] SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU HUUUN! Goshhh its beeen agessss! :O ohh okay! Damnn thatt pcccc :( But we shalll! I've beeen good thankss,How are youuu? YesYes Emaill!!! (: What you beeen UP TOOO?!?!! :D Love You Muchhhlyyy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lillian Carter

    hi Dagmar im new to your area and dont really know anyone i like movies, shopping, and just hanging out.. can u hit me back up on msn messengar my name there is jane25white@live.com

    7/18/08 via Mobile
  • Annie

    heyy aww, its no bother :) ive been good thanks, yourself? xxx

  • Annie

    oh no dont worry about it lol ive been gd thanks, not been up to much tbh yourself? how was your xmas? x

  • Tay

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  • K A Z Z I
    K A Z Z I

    Emmmaaaa! Omg hun! where've ya been? where've i' been? :( long time no speak. Howz you? hope ur greattt!:) wubu2? Hope u had a awesome xmas! and wishing u the best in 2008!! luff u xxxx

  • Annie

    been a while! iyaaz btw! xmas in 2 days buzzin for it :D been up to much? xxx

  • K A Z Z I
    K A Z Z I

    heya its okay!! i'm great thanks! but feeling a bit low:( :( same really!! cant wait till we break up on friday! :D u?? i know!!! OMG...emma like what do u wanttt its our first anniversaryy ((Being Friendsss!!)) ((NOT IN A GAY WAY!!))) :L ;L wooopp wooppP! 0oooohhh preetyyy! i need to put ma xmas tree up! :L gosh im so lazzyyy:P xxxx<3

  • K A Z Z I
    K A Z Z I

    heya hun YAYNESS!!!! XD glad ur bettterrr!!!! :D wubu2?? thats soo awesome!!!! damn that stupiddddd doggg!!!!!! im great thanks!!! but XMASSS SOONIESSS GOTA PUT THE XMAS TREE UPP AND SOME GOOD OLD MINCE PIES.......<

  • K A Z Z I
    K A Z Z I

    heya!!! :O :O :O :O gdgdd!!! awwww u okay now?? if not hope u get better soon!!! im gd right now thanks lol been ill meselfff horrible!! but im alll gd now thanks!! :D say Get Well Soon to your couzin for mee!!!! AND DAMN THAT DOG!!!!! Lufff uu xxxx