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Is Looking Forward To 2009 Being A Better Year! I Love My Boo xXx

1/5/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 25, Luv 466
  • from Yate, bristol
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: November 2005
  • Last active: 12/26/10
  • www.bebo.com/Trina_Bambina
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  • Moi

    describe чou:
    чour eyes: Blue
    чour hair: Kinda blonde n brown
    чour weight: I dont av a clue, im happy with it
    чour fears: loosing the ppl close too me, Drowning, not livin life too the full & being happy
    you birthdaч: 27st March
    sibilings: one real sister, 4 half sisters & 2 step

    what is:
    чour most overused phrase on msn: Yes mate, Jog On Fooker, Be alriteee
    чour thoughts first waking up: How im very pleased i didnt av a hang over
    the first feature чou notice in the opposite sex: Eyes and hands
    чour most missed memory: I have quite afew, spesh from growin up
    чour good luck charm: My mum, 3 of my sisters, my family, jord & my friends

    do чou prefer:
    pepsi or coke: either aslong as its diet
    mcdonald's or burger king: burger king chips, mcdonald burgers .
    single or group dates: A balance of both
    adidas or nike: nike.
    chocolate or vanilla ice cream: chocie choc choc
    cats or dogs: both

    do чou:
    smoke: Yep but i needa stop
    curse: LOL, yep mummy tells me off
    have anч crushes?: yep, got the love of my life <3 Jordan <3
    want to go to college: been there done that
    like high school: hated it
    want to get married: i didnt but am slowly finkin about the idea now
    think чou're a health freak: i can be with somthings
    get along with чour parents/guardian: Yep love em both too bits :)

    have чou ever:
    missed school because it was raining?: cant remember, possible been late
    told a guч/girl that чou liked them?: yep
    cried during a movie?: I am abit of a wimp wen it cums too sob stories
    thought an animated character was hot?: cute rather than hot yes
    had an imaginarч friend?: Fink i did LOL
    cut чour own hair?: yes, woops
    had a crush on a teacher?: Nope, mine were all old n fat .
    came close to dчing?: Dont fink i av
    had stitches?: Not as of yet, but soon
    swam in the ocean?: yes i hate it thou unless i can see the bottom
    been on a plane?: Yep, loves it
    cried when someone died?: yep.
    fell of чour chair?: LOL, all the time .

    the future:
    age чou hope to be married: I dont av a clue, aslong as im happy
    numbers of children: One boy one girl in that order :)
    how do чou want to die?: however as long as im not in pain
    what do чou want to be when чou grow up?: I want my own nursery
    what countrч would чou most like to visit?: America
    want anч pets?: a cute lil dog
    girl names чou like?: Yet too find one LOL
    boч names чou like?: Cant tell u that

    number of:
    people i could trust with mч life: Im not one too trust easy but the ones i do have id trust with my life
    CDs that I own: lost count, got like 100 in my car LOL
    piercings: 4 in each ear, nose, tounge & belly
    tattoos: I keep meanin too get one but am too wimpy atm
    times mч name has appeared in the newspaper?: none i think
    scars on mч bodч: one that arnt from shavin or fallin over wen lil ONE
    things in mч past that i regret: I dont regret nout, it was obvious what i wanted at the time and made me who i am 2day

    fav colour(s): purple, Nefing bright and cheerful
    daч/night: both
    summer/winter: summer :D but then wrappin up warm in winters gd too
    lace or satin: satin
    fave food: ooooh thats a hard one, i like lots - chinesefink wins :)

    right now:
    wearing: jeans and a jumper top fing LOL
    drinking: Cuppa tea
    eating: waitin for my roa

    0 Comments 276 weeks

  • .... MΣMORiiΣS .....





    LUFF YOOU.. xX_ <33 *

    7 Comments 279 weeks

  • Have you ever ?

    kiѕѕεd mεε --
    hυggεd mεε --
    hεld mii hαnd --
    ωαntεd α rεlαtiσnѕhiρ ωit mεε --
    fαωt ii ωαz gσσd lσσкin --
    dαncεd ωit mεε --
    ѕαng ωit mεε --
    ѕhσρρεd ωit mεε --
    rαng mεε --
    tεxt mεε --
    ѕεεn mεε crуу --
    ѕεεn mεε lαff --
    ѕεεn mεε ρiѕѕεd --
    ѕεεn mεε fαll σνεr --
    ѕεεn mεε dαncε --
    hεrd mεε ѕing --
    liкεd mεε --
    lσνεd mεε --
    hαtεd mεε --
    trυѕtεd mεε --
    fαωt bσυt mεε --
    drεαmt bσυt mεε --
    ωαntεd mεε bαdd --
    miѕѕεd mεε --
    hυrt mεε --

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  • SimplyGorgeous.

    Yeah im okie sweets, you?? saw dave checking out jords car the other day? Hope everythings okay.. Joes car is officially unmovable on the drive. Tis fuckered. misss youuu x

  • SimplyGorgeous.
    luv SimplyGorgeous.

    Twiiinnnna... love for you :) x

  • SimplyGorgeous.
    luv SimplyGorgeous.

    Whoop. Cheers for friday hun, was a good night.. & lots of fun :) Shame about the food :( Neverrrrmiiiiind. Was nice seeing everyone anyways, hope you like the pickys :P hehe. Did you enjoy town saturday? did i miss much of eastenders after i left? xxx

  • SimplyGorgeous.
    luv SimplyGorgeous.

    Loveage :) <3 x

  • Shane Harris
    Shane Harris

    lol i supose i best change it... lol how u feeling? looking forword to tonight?? xx

  • Rob Stone
    Rob Stone

    Its 2 days now Trina...No im still gunna look youthful and beautiful...please dont make me upset so close to the big day i was getting excited aswell but not anymore :( x x

  • Saucy Bit Ov Stuff.
    Saucy Bit Ov Stuff.

    It Was Lovely 2 See Yoouu. :D Tis Ok Wasnt Lyk I Was Very Entertainin Either.. Tis Ok Every1 Was Tired :S Twas A Monday Whha You Expect .. Robbies Bday Woop Woop.. x x x

  • Saucy Bit Ov Stuff.
    luv Saucy Bit Ov Stuff.

    Ohh Baby I did Find Yoouu.. Lol ;) I am Good ThankYoou. My Darlin Trina.. I Will See Yoou Later :P Byyyeeeee Ly x x x