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Julia Rumery

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  • Female, Luv 25
  • from United States
  • Profile views: 95
  • Member since: November 2005
  • Last active: 12/31/07
  • www.bebo.com/redheadvermonter
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
So yeah, Im Julia. I rock my own socks, I rock other people's socks, and other people rock my socks. YOU probably rock my socks. Hey...my socks don't match.
The Other Half Of Me


She completes me...lol

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  • luv Michaela

    lol not on here, but we were talking on facebook remember? sorry i got them confused! i don't have any of them for teachers, lol, so how am i supposed to know which one is which? yes. he needs a name. **thinks intently** what would you like his name to be?

  • luv Michaela

    JULIA-ULIA. it's been thirteen weeks since you last commented me on here. =[ so i'm commenting you. ily, my oxymoron whore!!

  • luv Michaela

    lol i love my piece of plastic.

  • luv Michaela

    happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, happy birthday to youuuuuu =]]!!! i would have done the same thing on facebook but somebody else already did it and i didn't wanna be a copycat =] 16!!!!!!! yahootie! oh yeah. got my license today =] but happy birthday! ily! ♥ wimpy purple dinosaur who misses her oxymoron whore more than it's possible to miss an oxymoron whore.

  • luv Michaela

    Julia-Ulia, I MISS YOU MORE. i feel like i've been torn in half since i don't get to see you at all =[ Love, Michaela-aela

  • luv Michaela

    i... forgot about it. [[gives julia-ulia a sheepish look]] it's SUMMER! i finished the book by the end of june, i just forgot to do the written parts, lmao. mucho love. the wimpy barney impersonator. haha. ♥

  • luv Michaela

    ooh, how are things going with the man in purple pants? lol. 21ish days until school!!! lol. so i sent my english assignment in today, it's gonna be late. woops. way to start the year off right, don'tchya think? aah well. alright, well keep me posted on the man with the purple and/or sparkly pants. lmao. ♥

  • luv Michaela

    the last comment you left me was a week ago =[ and there was no love with it =[ so i'm giving my love to you, because it's been way too long since i've given you any as well, lol. i miss my oxymoron whore =[ ♥ a wimpy purple dinosaur

  • luv Michaela

    lol wait'll you read my messages =] ♥

  • luv Michaela

    awwwwwww thanks, i feel so much more loved now =] and excuse me for being a big purple dinosaur with a low pain tolerance. @ least i'm not an oxymoron whore. ooh yes. i just went there. =]

  • luv Michaela

    i feel very neglected =[

  • Michaela

    you should feel incredibly priveledged, because you're the only person on the face of this earth that can get away with calling me a big purple dinosaur with a low pain tolerance. you oxymoron whore. =] i'd give you my love but i can't give it yet. damn. have this instead. ♥. p.s. i deff. <3 you > you <3 me. so there. =]

  • luv Michaela

    juliaaaaaaaaaaa-uliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! here's some love for you =] ♥

  • luv Michaela


  • luv Michaela

    lol ok. we need to talk about something different from the other 2. how about bananas? because that's what popped into my head first when i read your comment. and because they're yellow =] oh yeah, here's the love i owe you from yesterday =] ♥ me.

  • Michaela

    i completely agree.. but.. i'm ashamed to say.. i already gave my love for the day.. =[ i'm sorry.. other half can you please forgive me? ok. now i'm kind of half rhyming, so i'll stop lol. ♥ [[imagine that it's love]]

  • Taylor Drenzek
    luv Taylor Drenzek

    WOW U Gots Lots Of Comments From Michael A.!!!

  • luv Michaela

    yeah i know, i'm just that good lol. argh........ i'm being a pirate. lmao. k, i'll ttyl... lol. ♥ michaela